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Friday, February 23, 2018

“NATO report on KVN” should be taken seriously

Analysts from the border with Russia, the NATO countries ranked game of KVN to publicity and promotion arms. In response, Russia joked. This is a natural reaction to the insane abstract, but the abstracts of these more sad than funny – like intellectual collapse in the West do not Bode well for us.

“Club of cheerful and resourceful” has been around for 56 years. A lot happened in history, but such a brilliant humoresques, which for the money of the Ministry of defence wrote to located in Riga “the Center of strategic communication NATO Stratcom”. To recognize her unique hampered only by the fact that earlier in neighboring Lithuania was already released an analytical report on the fight against “Russian propaganda”, from which it follows that KVN “is a show with encoded political messages.”

“Wonderful people came up with the WHC as a weapon against NATO, and now, thank God perfected”

The current report is called “Stratcom laughs: in search of analytical network”. However, the following facts are given in the document at all without humor, on the contrary, things in all seriousness. KVN is described as a business model that “is made possible and grows” thanks to the “special relationship” brand owner “KVN” with the Kremlin. “Drink machine”, NATO say the researchers, gives the Kremlin “access to specific, strategic audience, ready to serve the regime.”

Therefore, further study of the phenomenon of KVN must be on the perception of various audiences, “to determine the effectiveness of this type of strategic political communication”.

This “discovery” really caused the Russian audience laughter. One of the founders and first players, and now a permanent member of the jury KVN Yuli Gusman said that “the way it was conceived 56 years ago, “Wonderful people came up with the WHC as a weapon against NATO – and so much time it was perfected, and now, thank God perfected”.

However, he added that “now such times that there will soon be to blame, and children’s Voice, saying, “they are specifically singing children’s voices”.

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook: “do Not be surprised if in the depths of this dimension Galustyan and Revva named information-strategic demolition”.

Galustyan, by the way, after the recent travesty of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian opposition really has accused that he intentionally “whitewash” the image of the head of Chechnya and pre-agreed his speech with the object of the parody.

In turn, the permanent mission of Russia to NATO asked the question, how much cost this study. “Hurrah! Finally figured out the most terrible weapon of Russia. I wonder how much time and money it took?” reads Twitter of the permanent mission.

At first glance, this research really only causes the desire to laugh it off. KVN and humor in General as a strategic weapon – how to such you can think of? But there is nothing fundamentally new in such “studies,” no. During the cold war, with both sides regularly appeared “analytical reports”, in which the “weapon” was declared and anecdotes, and Comedy, and satire, and drama.

So America in Riga have not opened. Just went back to the already time-tested myths and cliches. And this is unlikely to have serious consequences. Ukraine bans and purely entertainment products from Russia, but thanks to the Internet no problems with access to modern Russian cinema and television as the people of this country do not have. And even if the “research” Stratcom someone in the Baltic States come to mind to forbid the broadcast KVN – well, people will just watch it on the Internet.

Sadly another. “Weapon of the Kremlin” in the last call, almost all coming from Russia, including the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”. Again, this is painfully reminiscent of the days when anything coming from the US – from jazz to jeans in the USSR were perceived as state propaganda of Washington. But convincing the population of the “harmfulness” only overseas, the political elite and especially their children, love to use “zapresheno”.

In comparing the ideology of the modern countries of NATO, too late nothing new, but this is not a comparison, but a direct analogy. If the information that the children and grandchildren of the Baltic and Polish leaders – fans of KVN and “Masha and Bear”, it will not cause any astonishment.

Perhaps the only thing that quiets a relatively intellectual level analysts for NATO, is that Riga centre Stratcom in fact impostors. This social structure was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland and the three Baltic countries. Officially any relations to NATO, it does not have what is bold is stated in the section “About the project” on the website of the centre. But the name and the symbolism of Stratcom, the word “NATO” is used often in the manner of one like Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are often placed next to his flag, the flag of the European Union.

As the Latvian politician Vladimir Linderman, “Center for strategic communication NATO” sounds very threatening and ominous, but it’s actually a three-storey mansion in Riga, in the past, there were the military registration and enlistment office of the Leningrad district… In the mansion operates a dozen cynical young men and women who for a good salary write to NATO “strategic analytical researches”. There are two at work, one another: “yesterday I Looked KVN at Russian TV, pretty funny…” – “Eureka! About the KVN we have not written. Let’s? They say, Putin’s secret weapon and all that…” And the boss eats this nonsense”.

Located in the Riga Russian-language edition of “Medusa” reassures its readers: do not worry, Stratcom is not NATO, do not think that the Alliance went crazy.

But the problem is that the rights Linderman, not “Medusa”. Stratcom formally is not part of NATO, but Western analysts from the policy and create, by themselves and gladly consume a complete nonsense – look at the recent CNN film about Vladimir Putin, where highly intelligent revelations were given revelations freaks, which even Russian liberals contemptuously call “demshiza”.

But low, to put it bluntly – is negative, the level of NATO intelligence on Russian themes – this is not a reason for optimism. Insane enemy far more dangerous sane. And when the analyst give the kids “horror stories”, about the sanity to speak of.

Until then while Russia will not start to study instead of Russia to frighten, to talk about fully-fledged, efficient and productive dialogue with NATO is not necessary. And here not to jokes.


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