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Friday, February 16, 2018

Known acrobat Andrey Koltsov spoke about the crisis of the Russian circus

…In the finals of the acclaimed “the Princess of circus” at the Theatre of musical bow to the audience are two Mr. X — the actual actor, X played and sang, and acrobat Andrey Koltsov, performing (as a backup in the mask) is a complex-equilibrium on a high stack of chairs. And who of those two gets more applause — another question. Koltsov started out as a gymnast in professional sports, and then, after a serious injury, found himself in a new way and 20 years have successfully served in the canadian circus as a contortionist.

Today, he is staying in great shape as an artist (who loves to tickle nerves to themselves and others), extends the environment into a circus ideologues: feeling the taste, a matter of the circus on it (staying in the shade canadian Director of Soldevila) lay the whole circus concept in “the Princess”, he selected and prepared artists, put taste the bar — in the shadows-he is in the shade, and remains the most popular creative person in the formulation of complex projects in Russia and abroad.

Koltsov loves to tickle on “the circus Princess”, climbing on chairs under the grate. Photo: teamuz.ru

Without detracting from its merits, I will say that I wish one thing: that of Koltovich in the Russian circus — be counted on the fingers of one hand… and why is it so — we decided to discuss with him after the next rehearsal.

“Only through the pain can come something new”

— Andrew, in Europe, actors, acrobats, puppeteers, artists absolutely do not stop start career from the street, do not stop doing theatre or circus “on the run”, in street, basement, room a reality. Why our youth prefers to go Torno questionable roads is relatively comfortable but creatively flawed, underground generally there as a phenomenon?

Is sick and the big question. He torments me constantly. The more advanced canadian circus company started out as street projects. Alas, in Russia there is no culture of street theater at all… for some reason it is not perceived neither the audience nor the artists. But the hunger people have to be creative. This hunger is born of something sensible- new directions, new genres.

— That is, someone has to start.

— Of course. But the problem is that a lot of talented people went abroad and settled there. And those who were… deterred purely logistical things to do, where to do, what the viewer. I think the demand for talent will always be. View — hundreds of people are strolling on the streets of European cities any musician, clown, illusionist, and where in Moscow the musicians?

Their “Parking” is strictly regulated. But the water wears away the stone. If these quasi — “the wandering troupe” would have made their way as sprouts, and the power with its regulations sooner or later caved in.

— Again (as Steve jobs said) — you have to be hungry to work. Since you chose this profession. We have to live it. Look for any means possible to find their audience; and even one person looking at you is already a viewer. And you have to fully surrender to him. It is very unfortunate that we have political reasons you can’t just go out and start working, you twist. And instead of hungry… produced the guys from art schools, who immediately behave like famous stars. And you need to be afraid of a soft little bed. You need to raise your creativity with sex. To sleep on the mats. Instead of thinking that you graduated as an artist — and this is born talent. No Mat if you sleep. People need to feel the smell of sweat. I come here on every project, and I want to catch this smell, a lot of work, then it is valuable. But if all you gently, and the result will be the same anywhere… Must not sleep, do not eat, drink, and flour to go on to something new.

— We have an actor Nikolaev drunk driving, rude in the circus, so what? This does not undermine his reputation: six months is not out of the news top, king of the Internet.

— Light glory. Distorting mirror, alas. But don’t it be to everyone else.

And for a creative person, the money should not be an incentive?

— Yes, the world has become too material, but money is the main motivator, money is just a representation of how successful your project is, they are absolutely secondary. As soon as you start thinking about profit — it all ends, well, what are you the artist? Like without fire? Without fire does not burn. But oxygen does not burn: it is necessary to create the proper motivation, that is, the environment of existence.

And to someone can seem that in the West all the pragmatic…

— The founder of Cirque Du Soleil was a fakir, stilt went on to open his tent. Initially there was no desire to make money, he saw, foresaw, wanted to make a new circus as a phenomenon. They wanted to change the world and engaged in the incarnation of the idea. Money do agents, managers, and the Creator must create.

— Maybe it’s the Russian mentality?

— In Canada what is the mentality? 20 years ago there was no circus, and now is the circus capital of the world. So what exactly young street performers give something of their own, can not be confined to “official capacity”. Although many will scare weather (we’re not Spain, where year-round to work on the street), we have available places to rehearse for those who have very limited funds. But the desire of the young must somehow be encouraged. But if there is the will to shoot, must shoot, at least in the apartment, even in a communal apartment, anywhere!

— You say — be encouraged. But today — and this is annoying — at first attention is paid to the management: great achievements are the maintenance of buildings and large salaries of actors…

And it’s not quite right because lost living tissue. There is a substitution of concepts — a big salary can be a consequence, not a cause. It is a question of vocation. There are people who wanted to show off the actors, and did not come into the profession at the call of the soul. Status they are interested in. As one famous Director — “few artists, a lot of solvents.” The artists go beyond the beautiful to appear on the screen to write about it in the Newspapers, not because he has something to say. You know with what reverence I go out on stage? I see how young people go on stage during rehearsals — and a rare notice that they tread with the utmost respect to the scene. Alas. It’s either in you or no.

Andrew came to circus from sports gymnastics. Photo: teamuz.ru

“50% ballast the Unique need to get rid of”

— Yes, and “official art” is not in the best quality: there are plenty of theaters as buildings, but the whole problem is to put the artistic Director, to create a new vector…

— Staffing the depletion is obvious. Take the circus field: I have great respect for the old school, to the great people who made the Russian circus, but the car behind — it is necessary to give an opportunity to young and talented, not to destroy them! Young blood needs to push.

— The Russian state circus company recently appointed a very respected in the circus community Dmitry Ivanov…

— He’s hamstrung by terrible! The company was in crazy debt. I don’t know how he will cope. Sure there is a way. I hope he will correct the situation. Very sad to watch everything going on, my heart bleeds. Rosgostsirk should bring billions to the budget and on the development itself. The Cirque Du Soleil 19 circuses, and we have 40. Company Du Soleil worth $ 2 billion, and we have debts. Anger takes. How well you can run? How could you possibly kill this truck?

— What to do?

— All sat. Should come right people. Look at the marketing decisions! As was 30 years ago, these wild posters animals with open jaws, so it remains. Where’s the new ideas? They sell tickets from the same technology that had sold them 30 years ago. But the world has changed! Well, not in the 80-ies we live in. The same Hippo with a big mouth you can imagine creative. But we have no creative teams — Directors, marketers, talented choreographers, PR. All these people are, but somehow they do not work in the Russian state circus company. Ivanov should immediately assemble a creative team in all areas, ranging from artists and ending with the PR. To carry out unpopular decisions, the same recertification as the police. If I will announce it, I will hate. But 50% of the ballast need to get rid of them: many people sitting on the “forced downtime”. With sadness in my heart. Sorry, folks, but we need to grow. And you do not work. And the complete rebranding.

— Well decided Mikhail Shvydkoi to take the risk to start a circus performance, to invite Canadians as Directors…

— That’s it! What prevents the Russian state circus company to invite talented Directors? Who they have doing the program? Why do they advertise a separate number? They are such a thing as experience (a rough translation experience), have you heard? This is when the circus envelops you with its magic and the atmosphere before entering the tent.

— And the fact that the tent is only the domes on the cake…

— Of course, in itself shows you just before the end finishes off their creativity. But the main thing going on before entering the tent when you’re intrigued when you live a lifetime TO see these torches in the street, walking on the red carpet, an uncommon form of decoration, beautiful couple in evening dresses…

— We have the experience starts with another “weekend dad” with a whole brood of children can not Park the car, all already on the nerves, wound up going to look at what he is personally the gift is not necessary…

— That’s the fact of the matter is we need to create the logistics of the circus, creative gradual integration of the viewer into the show that it lasted so long that it would not pay even attention taken away by a tow car, his experience would be worth the sacrifice! And media environment, of course, is of great importance — you know that one of the most popular TV shows in France — Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde that Patrick Sebastian is already twenty years? There the circus was elevated to the rank of great quality art — Yes, they invited artists from all over the world, but it is very tasty served…

— We have the genre of cabaret-variety show is not, in principle, it is either a nightclub or a concert, intermediates no. It is believed that cabaret can emerge only in a free society, when everyone — whoever he was — feels like a free person and is not afraid that will include uncle policeman and say, “you Know, you’re under arrest.” “Why?” “Yes there is”.

Right, because that environment is not. Should be the first thing to return to the elite (our own!), which went abroad. They need to pull back here, they create the environment. And they all would like to go. On their name and talent to foreign companies earn millions and millions of dollars. Why we can’t? Let people develop.

— No, well, there’s a flimsy attempt to introduce a “creative” — put the same one time Polunina at the circus on Fontanka…

— A circus. Where Slava Polunin and where’s the circus? The glory of the great, talented, but engaged in other art forms. It’s like I have to put in the Pushkin Museum. It was not his place was. He is, I think, understood this. So, when we talk about the revival of the Russian state circus company, no half measures can not be. It’s time to make unpopular decisions and be condemned by most of the circus community. Just shake! Even one hint of what will be a complete rebranding of the company, will shake all those who are on the ballast sits that will start to rehearse, suits itself to change, to begin the search of new forms of… Clowns will come up with talented Reprise — not just a “bee, bee, give me honey!” (which is still somehow popular), it is possible to correctly calculate your way to draw it.

— But the CEO needs to lead people?

— A must! To say, “okay, guys, the rules are changing! What else is there Canada is the capital of circus art? What do you mean, crazy? Wake up! We do change the world!” I say this, and I have goosebumps… phew! The time has passed when the General Director of Russian state circus company was satisfied with the position, take into account the people — “all for me go to the bow,” no, put on shoes, run around town, look for sponsors!

“Chinese circus now 50 heads above the other”

— I love watching the audience at a circus show. The Edgard zapashnogo was an unusual performance of “Mr. Tiger” — live animals it was not, but all the actors — the plot — was in animal masks. And here in the children in the audience this led to much more fancy than just would be tigers — “tigers and tigers,” it would not have created in the minds of mnogohodovki, soil for ideas…

— Great. And correctly. You have to understand that the modern circus opens up a whole other human valves. The viewer is not enough triple flip drumbeat. Well, you can not always stay in the past and boast that “the Soviet circus is the best”. It is impossible to stop. As for the concept — a circus with animals or without, is a very controversial issue. Take a ride with elephants Kornilov — the same song! Sam Andrew is a talented guy, t — terrific, they took the famous choreographer Miguel and made a good product, not ashamed to show it! But for the most part all these endless dog is poorly made bad taste. And all these people are employed and are the face of circus… Circus needs to be high art, here people life at risk.

Because often think — “Oh, it’s not going, it’s not for our audience!”.

And it is not necessary for the viewer to decide! A strange audience you came up with yourself! A quality product will always find a buyer. Here’s “the circus Princess” made safely and efficiently, which is why I enjoy working here. Where is the courage — there is drive, there is a fervor, sweaty tank top, continuous 24-hour creative. You have no idea how we practiced — here sparks! It must be so always and everywhere. Creativity has to be, otherwise the most brilliant risky room is killed, it’s like a great painting can kill the wrong frame. It is necessary to look for different opportunities to combine incompatible, to do joint projects with athletes, Opera singers, or we have amazing companies that make 3D light-mapping is interested to supply to them an incredible performance in the three thousandth room? Talented guys there, look at our artists — they can be in exploring! Sick — not sick-willed, you still say “I’m in the ranks!”. And where they work?

— You worked in all the major circuses of the world, which could say about Chinese tradition, when they do huge arenas, halls for 4,000 people? After all, the circus was born as a chamber art?

— China is gigantic. There are billions of dollars in investment. He is now in an incredible heyday — every city is built instantly newest hospital. Of course, there is the circus develops quite differently- pictures. Soloists in Russia, France, Canada — no. There are 50 people create a synchronous picture — dancing, stunts. Well, it’s their vision, at the same time attracts talented Directors… Chinese circus ahead of the rest, although more from a technical point of view: this is not people, and strange creatures, they are not just head and shoulders above, but on 50 goals! And I don’t know where the Shoe pinches. Constant training. Super-strong, is inaccessible (I’m talking about power trick, its quality). They always have three acrobats and 15 dancers…

But often, to European eyes there is a moment of monotony from these synchronies — drama…

— They have no drama. Purely visual: synchronous, constant smiles of the performers, no matter what they did. But still they have room, which went down in history. Remember, we did an interesting project — “Swan lake,” but with circus performers. And here was a pair that does a new genre discovered: girl-upper is on point with his lower hand, on the shoulder, on the head, such beauty things takes! Ballet went crazy, crying, even though she’s an acrobat. Here is the China. Others, too, would like to do it, but I can’t.

— Andrey, it is clear that you are constantly invited to build a concept in a particular show, you — idea generator, but I think you have something to deliver to Russia.

I can do it. It is hard. The more I think on this subject, the more angry and the more you want… don’t even want, but just understand that it is necessary! I can not do! At the very least, infect my friends are talented on this idea. “Well, they went into battle?” “Come!” And all without words.


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