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Sunday, February 18, 2018

GITIS celebrate at the Bolshoi theatre, the 70th anniversary of the Department of choreography

On Sunday at the Historic Bolshoi theater will host a gala evening dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Department of choreography of the Russian Institute of theatre art (GITIS). Exactly 70 years ago, in the autumn of 1946, at the directing Department of GITIS (and was head of the directing Department of the then famous theater Director Yuri Zavadsky) has been created by this Department. Founded and headed by Rostislav Zakharov, one of the founders of this direction in the Soviet choreographic art as a “dance drama” the Prime supporter and theorist of this direction, choreographer and Creator of such ballets as “the fountain of Bakhchisarai”, “Lost illusions”, “Cinderella”, “Red poppy”, “the bronze horseman”…

Head of the Department of GITIS, the national actor of the USSR, artistic Director of the troupe “Russian ballet” Vyacheslav Gordeyev. Frame transmission channel “Russian Culture”.

Actually the idea of the organization of higher choreographic education on the basis of the Bolshoi theatre emerged in the first years after the revolution of 1917 the Director of ballet of the Bolshoi theatre Alexander Gorsky. However, it had not been established and embodied in the life of only 30 years. Zakharov was invited to cooperate with such masters of choreography Leonid Lavrovsky (at that time the chief choreographer of the Bolshoi theatre), Nikolai Tarasov (then artistic Director of the Moscow choreographic school), Yuri Bakhrushin and others who actually laid the foundations of higher choreographic education and released the first “chartered choreographers”. Another 12 years later in 1958, the Department opened a new specialization – a teacher-choreographer. For the first time in the world and domestic practice began the training of teachers of a wide profile, classic, folk stage, duet, historical-household dance and figure skating…

– Our Department has studied almost all the most outstanding in the field of ballet people: Vladimir Vasilyev, and Alexander Bogatyrev and Yuri Kondratov and Marina Kondratieva, and Svetlana Adyrkhaeva and Boris Akimov. That is almost all people’s artists of Russia and the former Soviet Union they all went to GITIS. And I do not say that in all the republics of the former Soviet Union are now working our graduates tells me the new (appointed in the summer of 2016) head of the choreography Department of GITIS, artistic Director of the ballet master faculty, people’s artist of USSR, Professor Vyacheslav Gordeev, who told me about the upcoming celebration, the Director who he is…

– Very much about what and whom you could tell on this night. Of course we will not be able to do it, but I was prepared, if you can call it, retrospective play about the life and history of our Department. There is a big page of course dedicated to Zakharov, the founder of our Department…Leonid Lavrovsky, Yuri Grigorovich, is the largest of our choreographers. Of course there will be mention of our other graduates. About Vladimir Vasiliev – is a big page about Oleg Vinogradov, Mikhail Lavrovsky. Because, as you know we even studied and worked representatives of entire dynasties. In particular, the dynasty is Lavrovsky – Leonid, then to Mikhail Leonidovich, then Leonid, Jr., the son of Mikhail Leonidovich, who is also now working in our Department. Or dynasty Valakinek: Eugene p. Valukin to me directed for 20 years the Department, now the Department continues to work his son Maksim Evgenevich. There are those who work almost from the first days of Foundation of the Department is Olga Georgievna Tarasova and Yaroslav Danilovich SEH. They convey their skill to students, and now many of their students, in turn, also teach in the Department. That is, there is a continuity of generations. So I built the evening as the concert consists of 2 parts. The first is actually about Theatre and people who worked there, our outstanding creative figures, which I already did. The second part is the concert-congratulation: will be performing artists that are relevant to the Theatre… Or are they we studied, or their teachers in the theatre are those who have graduated from GITIS. But the concert would be very unusual. Students of the Moscow Academy of choreography and the St. Petersburg Vaganova Academy of course will dance classics. Still, as students of GITIS create their original nothing on a similar product, then the second branch will be mainly built of these contemporary choreographic works.

– Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, your Department is known for the fact that produces “the choreographers.” And whether it is possible to learn to be a choreographer? Isn’t that a gift?

– You know, in order to create something, one must have some information. And information in a variety of ways. For example, the writer… of Course they can write how they feel, but for this we must first simply learn to write: just as the letters in the word folding. Then, that they felt the beauty of the words, it is necessary to give to them to read the works of other masters, where they will find such colors that they might not be able to Express in words before they read these books. And so on… we Have choreographers are also related professions. Someone does classical heritage, and someone who deals with contemporary ballet. But that is another should know everything to understand well and to Express what they are interested in deeper. The same among teachers. You know, there are slightly different systems: the system for example Balanchine and Vaganova system, and others. But when man knows all this and it is easier on your own system to navigate. Because, as Zhvanetsky spoke, “if you’ve never seen the Italian boot, and its kind of good.” In fact there are some points of reference. Here at GITIS this and teach.

As for the subject of “the Art of choreographer”, you know how they say in Russia, do no harm. Because when you meet a strong personality, probably, the main task of the teacher is to see and can’t stop that. Another thing is that these individuals are sometimes still do not understand what they are doing. And here they need help. To give, for example, some knowledge of the artist. After all, if you come up with a beautiful combination, this is not the ballet. This should be taught.


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