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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Futurologists said that awaits humanity in a hundred years

World government, telepathy, and nanorobots in the bloodstream of people – only part of the forecasts of futurologists.Scientists-futurologists Ian Pearson and Patrick Tucker told what the future may await humanity in 2112. Part of their projections coincide with the opinion of the American engineer, John Watkins Alfreda, which also tried to predict the future a hundred years ahead in 1900. Many of his seemingly fantastic predictions came true, as evidenced by the room The Ladies’ Home Journal.

All three scientists were unanimous in the opinion that in the next century will be those with an unusually high level of intelligence. In addition, the transfer of thoughts at a distance will become a daily occurrence, futurists believe. However, Patrick Tucker and Ian Pearson doesn’t agree John Watkins about immortality – according to them, his people will not be able to achieve in a hundred years.

The main source of energy of mankind will be fusion power, scientists believe. Moreover, such facilities could be available by 2050.

Gay marriage legalized everywhere, scientists believe. This will also increase the number of artificial insemination. Experts suggest that in the future will develop a system of annual marriage contracts, which will replace the ordinary. Experts explain this assumption is that the number of divorces in the world every year.

Greatly step forward the medicine. American engineer suggested that in the future humans will “fix” the special nanobots. Modern futurists agreed with him, but stressed that such a technology would be invented later 2112.

John Watkins suggested that all the Nations of the world will disappear together into a single world government. However, his colleagues did not agree with this assumption.

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