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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Legless dancer Evgeny Smirnov performed the break in the Public chamber

Dancer Evgeny Smirnov, became famous throughout Russia after a brilliant performance in the show “Minute of fame” and the scandal with participation of jury members. Litvina and Vladimir Pozner, held in the Public chamber of the creative meeting “the Man with unlimited possibilities.” It was organized by the Union “Officers of Russia”. So in the hall, and then flashed the military form, and the first rows were occupied by the cadets, or rather, cadette in uniforms with epaulets and the enormous bows in the hair.

A screenshot of the transfer Moment of glory

No secret: the meeting was organized in defiance of the degrading comments of some members of the jury, publicized in the media and vzbalamutil all of society. But the most important was not this is hardly the Jack on crutches entered the hall as everyone stood up. “It is a true hero of our time,” said someone.

Communication with the audience was held in the form of questions and answers.

The first thing asked — how did you manage to find the strength to build a new life after losing his legs in a car accident. It turned out that the main thing — “make the bed of the river where you threw, and try not to return to his former life, if this is not possible. Besides, it is necessary to return good for good”.

Not spared, of course, and the incident on the television competition dancing.

— Will you forgive these people, and how I was able to shake their hand? — asked hall. — But I have a feeling that we have not punishable people!

– I shook hands with only one person, — said Eugene. The man I knew and respected for his professional activities. This is a very smart man, and besides, an adult much older than me. So shrugged. But I’m sorry I fired the other person — the one that started it all in the air. I, of course, all this was unpleasant. But if he didn’t, nobody never would know. Of course, I wish the TV worked only honest people. But it’s probably impossible… But maybe possible.

A similar situation — only this time with the participation of Ukrainian authorities now exists with the singer in a wheelchair, which will represent Russia at the contest “Eurovision” in Kiev, said the participants of the meeting.

– I hope that Julia chose not to due to the reaction of people to what happened to me, and not for political reasons, and as a fine singer. And I’m very supportive of her, ‘ replied Jack.

Read our interview with Evgeny Smirnov on the participation of Yulia Samoilova in the Eurovision song contest

In line with Ukrainian themes the representative of the rebellious South-East of Ukraine invited Eugene to come “with a lecture in the LC and the DNI. “It is true, then for some time you will not be able to visit the state of Ukraine, — he continued. — But I think for a while.”

Personal plans Smirnova creation of an inclusive centre of sporting dance, first in his native Krasnodar, and then in other regions of Russia. (Now he is gratuitously engaged in the physical training of children with severe physical trauma — in his group of about 30 people.)

Soon as, in fact, wanted the odious members of a television jury, Genis will have a chance to dance on two legs: the Public chamber gave him a certificate for a free acquisition of a sleeve for attaching a prosthesis anywhere in the world. He, however, to wait for this moment and dance your a tremendous break as it is, right in the hall of the Public chamber.


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