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Monday, February 19, 2018

Russia has recovered and is ready to move forward

The citizens truly believe in themselves and in their country. The number of people who consider Russia a superpower or powerful player on the international stage, is more urgent than ever. Phenomenally high and the power rating. Meanwhile, it should not be a reason for pride. This should be a motive to action.

All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion published the results of another survey according to which the share of citizens highly evaluate the successes of Russia in the international arena has grown substantially. In 2016, it stated 75% of Russians, in 2017 – is already 86%. This is the highest figure for all years of measurements, stresses the polls. The share of skeptics over the same period fell by almost half – from 18% to 10%.

“The main thing in this situation is to avoid the “dizzy with success” which warned of Soviet citizens to Joseph Stalin”

It should be clarified that the more pessimistic among those citizens who support the non-parliamentary parties (16%), and assesses their financial situation as bad or very bad (19%).

Sociologists say that in three years hope for the achievement of our country’s great power status has grown in the confidence that Russia already is. So, in 2014, 54% of the respondents believed that in the coming 15-20 years Russia will become one of the leading countries in the world. Now 57% say that it is one of them, and about another third (31%) believe that it will happen within a few decades. Pessimists slightly – 10%.

At the same time, the majority of respondents do not feel the threat of military attack on our country – about its existence say 42%, and more than half hold the opposite opinion. The verdict of the polls is: “a Feeling of military threat, especially the efforts in the community in early 2015, gradually reduced.” “Gradually” is more than a third in two years – from 68 to 42%.

The main threat respondents believe the United States 43% of those who noted the existence of a threat. Another 21% see the danger from the Ukraine.

“The self-esteem of Russians continues to grow, and it self-esteem is associated primarily with the active role and important position of Russia as a player in world politics,” sums up study of the General Director of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov.

Really, the main thing, as evidenced by this survey – our country has finally managed to overcome that period of national humiliation, which began in the late ‘ 80s, and continued (while actively coltivirus) throughout the 90s.

All of these numerous calls to “repent” for everything, starting with Ivan the terrible, all these humorous and not so statements about “Upper Volta with missiles”, “a genetic inability to development” and “life behind the civilized world” had a specific goal: to provide the citizens of Russia inescapable national inferiority complex.

Any psychologist will confirm that a person with an inferiority complex is not capable of major achievements. The same applies to the States. Serious national humiliation almost always lead to a halt in the development or, as in Weimar Germany, transformirovalsya in aggression against neighbors, and to their own citizens. Rapid recovery and development of Germany after the Second world war was made possible due to the fact that the Germans did not poke his nose into the crimes of their former leaders and are not required to repent for the crusaders. On the contrary, much has been done to the Germans back to normal life – and this applies both to the GDR, which helped the Soviet Union and Germany, which became part of the Marshall Plan.

Therefore sociologists in this case play the role of doctors who have concluded the recovery of the patient, shake his hand and give a certificate of rehabilitation. Russia is healthy and about the same evidence most firmly confident in the absence of a military threat.

The main thing in this situation is to avoid the “dizzy with success” which warned of Soviet citizens to Joseph Stalin in his famous article. In itself, the recovery is not synonymous with prosperity. A healthy person is not necessarily successful and rich. Just healthy, of course, more chances to achieve a decent life for themselves and their families.

Russian citizens mostly believe our country is successful in international Affairs and appreciate the work of all branches of government (the approval rating of the state Duma has recently passed 50%, the approval rating of the government is at about 60%, the approval rating of the President is firmly entrenched at the level of above 80%). But this is just the Foundation or, as the Marxist, the basis for further work.

We must not forget that there are feelings and there are specific figures, which Russia still lags behind the United States, Western Europe and some Asian countries. It and GDP per capita, average salary and pension levels, and the quality of medicine, and infrastructure development. The pride of the country and the high level of government support can’t last long without improvement in the material situation of citizens.

In fact, it is hoped that in Washington, when he introduced sanctions against our country and was persuaded to do this the EU. They say, now the standard of living will fall – and the citizens of Russia or take to the streets to protest, or choose politicians offering to “disarm” the West and “return” Crimea to Ukraine.

They made a mistake. The degree of strength of Russia was much higher than expected American intelligence, when he wrote for Barack Obama’s rousing speech about “torn to shreds” the Russian economy. Moreover, grocery antisanktsii helped re-create in Russia a whole range of food production, from cheese-making and ending with the cultivation of oysters.

The potential and opportunities for economic growth in our country. But you need to act. Perhaps before the presidential elections, drastic steps in the economy would be made – this is the basics of governance for any country. But to delay the adoption of measures to stimulate economic growth (the development of small and medium business, attracting investors in infrastructure projects, support knowledge-intensive production) cannot.

Confident in themselves and their abilities people are always easier to achieve success. The confidence we have – time to move to success.


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