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Friday, February 16, 2018

Different versions of the death of Tu-154 near Sochi all the more contradictory

The expert community is agog with new versions of the reasons of the death of Tu-154 in the Black sea in December, prozvuchali of mouth sources in the investigation team. Different informants with varying degree of validity expressed conflicting versions. Some experts see Parallels with a number of other high-profile accidents.

Aviaexperts community on Tuesday were thrilled with the new version the December the Tu-154 crash in the Black sea, which was made by the newspaper “Kommersant”. Chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky has already said on this occasion that the investigators to definitive conclusions has not yet come. “When there are findings, then we will talk,” he said simply for this reason, adding: “the Fact that today published – there, I think, more guessing.”

“When they came in to land in Sochi, these “dances” would have happened”

Recall that the Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense fell into the Black sea on December 25. Priority version was called a crew error. According to “Kommersant”, the technical part of the investigation has been completed, and his conclusion reads as follows: Tu-154 fell, and landed on the water in a controlled mode under control of the commander of Roman Volkov. Instead, to gain altitude after takeoff, wolves, according to the publication, by contrast, turned the car in the Seating mode. The reason he called disorientation of the pilot, probably due to strong fatigue.

However, who wished to remain anonymous expert of the newspaper VIEW considers a version of the “Kommersant” information spreading that “experts in uniform” – most likely, high-ranking military officials – started to dump all the blame on the crew. Especially amazing was his statement that the pilot in the first seconds after takeoff lost – where the top where the bottom – because of the stars reflected in the sea water. In fact, in Sochi on the morning of 25 December were a solid cloud, to be precise – 5 degrees, cloudy, Northwest wind 3 m/s. in addition, the source believes that wolves could not fail to notice that it is falling, since, according to the system of objective control (ASC), the plane “landed” with a height of 250 meters in 10 seconds, which means the vertical velocity of 25 m/sec. The interviewee believes that the public is someone is trying to mislead, and the cause of the crash was a technical failure.

In addition, for those familiar with the records JUICE experts are already apparent poor training of the crew who died in Sochi of the liner in the negotiations in the cockpit does not sound any team, any report, which at least approximately correspond to the standard phraseology and instructions in the interaction of the crew. The impression of a “reckless” attitude to work, industry experts say.

Flaps are not to blame

But the President of the Foundation for the development of air transport infrastructure “Partner of civil aviation,” honored pilot of the USSR Oleg Smirnov fully trust the version of “Kommersant”. He believes that the restoration of the airplane for computer 3D-model shallow a lot of assumptions, including the technical fault. “There were offers on the errors of the crew when cleaning the flaps. Is swept aside, it worked fine,” – said Smirnov. He is convinced that the crew really “lost spatial orientation with all the ensuing consequences.”

At the same time, another familiar with the investigation, the source said on Tuesday the newspaper VIEW that the JUICE had fallen in Sochi liner recorded data, almost identical to the famous “dancing bodies” – the same Tu-154, which nearly collapsed April 29, 2011 near Moscow Chkalovsky airfield. Moreover, as found immediately after the accident, the TV channel “REN TV”, the crew of both aircraft was the same pilot – Navigator, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Petukhov. Thus, we are talking about the same regiment, the same type of aircraft and even the same pilot. And it is possible that the same people prepared the aircraft for departure in both cases.

The second “dancing bird”?

As already wrote six years ago, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, in “the dancing bird” automatic onboard control system (ABSU) was faulty. After repair it was tangled wires, from-for what the plane was doing the opposite. For example, when the pilot turns right, the plane was turning left and so on.

Smirnov in this version, doubts, and, in large measure, his doubts are understandable. We will remind that from Moscow to Sochi, the aircraft flew normally, and if he had problems with “reverse running”, they would become even after the first flight. “When they came in to land in Sochi, these “dances” would be manifested. No complaints of “dancing” the plane was not” – said the expert.

“If you remember, back in 2011, was reversed two plug wires “roll” and “course”. That is was incorrectly attached the ABS to the electrical supply, – said on this occasion the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the Commission of the IAC on scientific and technical support of air accident investigation Victor Cowards. A similar case occurred 22 years ago in China – their pilot also didn’t turn off the steering unit RA-56 system ABSU. It turned out, the pilot asked one movement, and the plane was flying in the other direction. Then it ended in a disaster.”

Recall that the crash of Tu-154 China airlines China Northwest Airlines that occurred on 6 June 1994, under the XI’an (China), killing 160 people. As the resource Aviation-safety.net according to the results of the investigation, on the eve of the staff of airport XI’an held a technical service, which erroneously reversed the rudder channel and the control channel roll. In the end, because of the pressure that arose after the climb when you turn on the autopilot was having increasing vibrations which simply destroyed the fuselage.

Trusau believes a mere coincidence the fact that on Board, “dancing bodies” turned out to be the same Navigator Alexander Petukhov. “First, not the Navigator landed the plane. Secondly, the tragic coincidences do happen. That’s just what I talked with colleagues from Kazakhstan, where the crashed helicopter, whose pilot, shortly before it also got into an accident. Now, unfortunately, it too is no longer alive. So I do not see any similarities. In the near future, I think, will be published conclusions, and all will become clear”, – he believes.

Flight engineer “forgot to turn the fuel”

An expert on civil aviation, the Director of the international programs Advisory-analytical Agency “Safety of flights” Victor Galenko also sure that crashed near Sochi on Tu-154 was not the same problem that “dancing bodies”. Junction box with ABS can be serviced only during the overhaul interval or interval of inspections in Sochi, the plane was just fueled.

“Sources close to the investigation, still there is a version error of the flight engineer, who did not include automatic fuel delivery, and the aircraft “flew” into the supply tank, which stopped the work of all three engines,” said Galenko newspaper VIEW. “This story has touched the honor of the uniform of so many people, so the military will deny all the problems associated with the human factor, trying to imagine the cause of the tragedy a technical problem. This all would be arranged and explained the loss of the aircraft, without raising sensitive issues with a small annual bloom from pilots,” – said the expert.

Galenko emphasized that the Tu-154 is a very complex plane, equipped with a large number of devices and switches, “switching that the crew should be in automatic mode, what happens when a good skill”. “Good skill only occurs with regular flights. Aircraft such military units fly irregularly. They RAID 200 hours a year is the norm (in the transport aviation of the air force plaque is small, they don’t need to fly with such intensity as flying civil aircraft),” he concluded.


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