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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The army of South Ossetia will become part of the Russian

The army of South Ossetia in the near future become part of the Russian armed forces. The project of participation of its units in the army of Russia approved by the Russian Cabinet of Ministers and sent for signature to President Vladimir Putin.

photo: morguefile.com

In the document it is noted that after a number of South Ossetian units will be the Russian establishment, the military of South Ossetia is waiting for the gradual increase of money allowances, as well as the purpose of each, laid them under Russian legislation, payments. In addition, following the example of other representatives of the CIS countries, citizens of South Ossetia will be able to serve in the Russian army under the contract. However, what military units will join the Russian army, and when this happens, the text of the document is not clear.

Recall: South Ossetia is still considered an unrecognized Republic. His government is recognized only by Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, Tuvalu and Russia. All the other countries of the international community consider it Georgian territory.

There is no doubt that the agreement on the unification of the military potentials of Russia and South Ossetia has become one of the steps towards the final accession of this southern Republic in Russia, as well as possible its imminent reunification with North Ossetia.

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Most likely, this decision will cause a new political scandal and another threat of sanctions pressure on Russia. However — and this is already recognized in the West — the possibility of adopting a new no painful for Russia sanctions is highly doubtful. Sanctions topic has long been exhausted, as not yielded the desired result. The severance of diplomatic relations with Georgia, Russia is also not threatened, because this relationship is the already broken — it happened right after Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia.

But from a military point of view, the President of the Institute for strategic assessments Alexander Konovalov, the decision to combine the fighting capabilities of the two armies for Russia can be advantageous. According to him, it “allows Russia to ensure the security of its southern borders at the expense of the armed forces of South Ossetia”. According to him, this will deal with those, “who, first, live there, and secondly, would do so well.”

Another military expert, member of the Expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, reserve Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky on the contrary, considers that the enterprises of Russia will be “neither hot nor cold”. Here’s how to “MK”, he justified his position:

-If to speak about the military component of the South Ossetia, this force is negligible — there in service is only about one reinforced battalion. Given that we’ve already placed a military base in the mechanized infantry brigade, coming from joining us neither hot nor cold. Our team there has been, and will remain. In its capabilities, it is quite adequate to the situation. We are solving the tasks of military security in the region, not too rely on capabilities of the forces of South Ossetia, and it is able to provide a solution to all issues on their own. So in this Union, I see more of a political component. Significant role in military terms, this decision is not playing.


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