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Monday, February 19, 2018

Makarevich and took To rock a pose

“Beautiful view here, there is no free space”, — cheerfully said Andrei Makarevich from the stage of the six-thousandth hall. The sight did not disappoint the rock legend. In the hall was really full, and the tickets ran out a few weeks before the concert. Judging by the joyful hum, which the audience met the famous performers, the view from the hall to the stage was also promising.

Photo: press service of the group

As it looked

Simple, but not sparingly. Seven people on the stage, who with a dozen guitars on different occasions, three of the synthesizer, drum set. In the role of scenery — a very impressive screen. Now this is hardly a surprise, but unlike many fellow heroes of the evening, a large TV was used not as a way to emphasize the solvency and the desire to keep his nose to the wind.

The video that came up for each song, one can hardly accuse of excessive conceptuality but in some moments live audio and video merged into a powerful tandem. Last fall, the “Time Machine” for the first time in many years, released the video. Very simple black-and-white video shot for “One day” from last year’s album, “You”, helped turn a quiet sad song very emotional room. On the screen the famous rock Quartet trying to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. But if the Beatles in their time was doing something similar easy and carefree, the Russian rockers push ourselves hard the piano, apparently denoting a special mission rock-n-roll in local conditions.

Another videopolis of the action is the media support of the famous hit “Who do You Want to Surprise”. On the screen burning fires and flashed old photos, which depicted the happy hippie and compelling rock stars. Classic rock-Thriller “the Time Machine” does not want to grow old. Noisy guitars, disturbing keys — all of this you can still shake even the stadium.

The audience quickly got involved in the exchange of emotions. The first lanterns were lit during a performance of “Fire”, and the beginning of non-stop hits from the folk hall was like a sea of lights. “For Those Who In the Sea” and “Rotate” sounded like a powerful karaoke rooms, after which the public strongly demanded bytovki. For dessert was “Sunny Island” (the song, according to the Makarevich, the group has a hundred years not playing), “One day the World will SAG Under Us” and “While the Candle Burns”, and hundreds of happy faces of the audience shown on the screen.


It is not excluded that in the life of the famed rock group begins a kind of new phase. Disgusting harassment, arranged Makarevich, after the musician commented on several sensitive issues, suddenly became the unhappiness that eventually helped. And if recently over the “machinists” often joked, calling them razdobrevshaya musicalisation, businessmen with guitars and authors that have long been articulated all that I could, but now such irony in the past. Bykovatye assaults of those who refers to themselves as “patriots” helped the musicians to Express themselves best. They say little, but in the case, able to defend his position and dropped if unnecessary secular train. And the less “Time Machine” on TV, the more valuable they become to the public as live musicians. All night around the room like sparks were flying, what happens not so often in places where the public are large comfortable chairs.


We have become accustomed to the fact that concerts have been calculated including and respectable people often are in the mode of acoustic comfort. But if we are talking about rock-n-roll, that comfort zone just want to leave. That would sound the same, but two times louder.

Phrase party

“It’s time to take rock pose,” — said Andrei Makarevich, changing the guitar. Then he, however, explained: the heroic gestures have to make an ancient tool, which has a fairly long strap. But if you do not take this into consideration, we can say that the rock poses, at least in the mental sense, Andrei Vadimovich still succeed.


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