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Monday, February 19, 2018

To escape from mass zhivoderstva dogs of Dagestan decided to put

The authorities of Makhachkala immediately opened the kennel for stray dogs, trying to save them from the knackers, staged a massive hunt for the streets of the capital of Dagestan. Over the past two weeks, the victims of the shooting there were thousands of homeless people and even some dogs. The local press laments that animals Dagestan was like being back in medieval times.

As reported on Wednesday the newspaper “Youth of Dagestan”, in the suburbs of Makhachkala in record time, built a specialized kennel for stray dogs. The first Vice-mayor of Makhachkala, Abdulmumin Ibrahimov noted that the shelter is designed for 40-50 animals and seeks to save them from mass destruction. However, the municipality recognized that the majority of citizens insist on shooting of stray dogs.

“In the morning came the man in white “Kalina” and shoot dogs with a rifle. I saw it when I was a child in kindergarten. Here near the school”

The first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber (OP) Russia on support of youth initiatives, the Sultan Khamzayev on Tuesday urged Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to deal with the mass slaughter of animals in Makhachkala. “I beg you to give order thoroughly to understand the situation of criminal negligence of city officials related to the death of girls, and to give a legal assessment of the actions of the perpetrators of the shooting of dogs, and inaction of law enforcement bodies”, – is spoken in the message published on the website of OP.

Recall, February 19 in the street of Peter the great in Makhachkala, was found the body of girl students with marks allegedly dog bites. The investigative Committee in Dagestan opened a criminal case under article “Negligence, entailed on imprudence death of the person”. A consequence of the suspects of the negligence of the management of housing and communal services of Makhachkala, which is obliged to catch stray animals. The head is already removed. The Prosecutor’s office of Dagestan also checks. This episode was not the first last month in Russia. 5 February in the Urals found the body of a seven year old girl with traces of animal teeth. Three days before dogs killed a woman in Moscow.

Back in June of last year in the state Duma was introduced a bill introducing criminal liability for hunters, providing for imprisonment up to two years. A bill introduced in the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. Earlier, the Chairman of the security Commission of the Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov invited the mayor to create the city topoliniy that will protect citizens from aggressive stray animals and animals from cruel owners and hunters.

Too compassionate a city

Meanwhile, the death of the girls literally blew Makhachkala: now driving around the city the hunters. The brother of the deceased girl openly raising men for the RAID, saying that will not rest until the slaughter in the city all the dogs, writes portal “Free press”. Killed, wounded, crippled thousands of animals, a social network littered with images of corpses and even video clips of the killings. The local press laments that Dagestan seemed to be back in the middle ages. Dogs the townspeople throw stones, shoot from different weapons – from trauma, from a pneumatic – like hunting, poditive to them on the machines. Many owners of pet dogs also are afraid to walk their Pets, because they also have become a target.

On the website Change.org there was a petition with a demand to stop the shooting of stray dogs in Dagestan, which garnered more than 2,000 signatures. However, it is unclear to whom it is addressed, as the authorities of the city and country also demand to stop the illegal killing of animals.

A resident of Makhachkala, journalist Robert Kurbanov in an interview with VZGLYAD newspaper reported that in recent weeks he rarely meets the stray dogs. “In Dagestan it is customary to feed stray animals, and even if you need to get rid of stale bread, people do not throw it away, and leave homeless animals. Partly due to this love of Dagestanis to animals in the city and divorced such a number of flocks”, he said.

However, according to Kurbanov, in a greater degree in the death of the girl is to blame city services, he did not see that someone was engaged in sterilization or culling of animals. “In General, I can’t say that walking through the streets of Makhachkala was very dangerous because of stray animals. Dogs do it a lot, but they were fed,” – said the citizen.

Kurbanov said that a few months ago he also was attacked by a flock in the Park and in the city centre, just a hundred meters from the government House. “I’m not a defenceless victim to the bites is not reached, but it was unpleasant. Arriving home, I called into the sanitary service of the city, I promised to investigate, however, a few weeks ago, I saw the same pack in the same Park. They probably are not sterilized”, he said.

“I’m not bloodthirsty, but I think that people have no other choice. If it came to the murder of a girl, then the situation really became critical. And I very much understand and sympathize with the relatives of the dead girl. Honestly, I do not know what he would do if you were in their place,” – says the citizen. According to Kurbanov, now the authorities have, if not totally rid the city of stray packs, then certainly to bring the situation under control, to limit the growth and reproduction of the packs.

Legalization zhivoderstva in the country

According to a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, expert on the Caucasus Nadany Fridrihson, the number of animal attacks on people in the Caucasus and in Russia in General, are greatly exaggerated. “Monstrous, if attacked the child and killed. The problem should be solved. But we don’t live in the forest and no mass attack,” she told the newspaper VIEW. “There are shelters, there are volunteers. They need to provide maximum support. People today do what you can – donate money, help with medications, trying to find a solution. Inhumans – worn weapons, arrange shootings and revel in the blood,” she said.

“In Volgograd at the site of public procurement has been placed an application from the “utilities traktorozavodskogo district of Volgograd.” The utility wanted to find someone who will catch in the Northern area of the city 105 homeless animals for 248 500,35 of the ruble. Is this savagery is the norm for modern Russia? No one is embarrassed that in the 21st century the streets running into people who kill defenceless animals and leave their bloodied corpses. People walk past children, I see it!” – says the expert.

Coincidentally on January 25, three weeks before the tragic episode in Makhachkala, Russia’s Supreme court decided to abolish the practice of issue of stray animals in natural habitat after sterilization. On March 1, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, state Duma Deputy, former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, supporting this decision, he also called to kill stray dogs if they are not picked up from shelters.

Fridrihson is sure: the Supreme court’s decision is in fact the legalization zhivoderstva. “In our country a huge number of people oppose shooting, she said. – In fact, encouraged to sleep, as suggested Gennady Onishchenko, and it looks more humane method, because the second option is a shooting, a massacre, as it is today in Dagestan”.

However, the verdict of the Supreme court may in turn, be null and void with the adoption of the new law. On Monday, Vladimir Panov, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection, expressed the hope that before the end of the spring session passed the bill “About responsible treatment of animals” to sustain the recommendation of the world health organization (who). “The who has identified effective way: it is the catching of neglected animals in the places of residence of people, their vaccination, sterilization and return to the environment – in that case, if the animal is healthy, – said Panov to the newspaper “the Version”. – No shooting, as it was before, does not: it does not solve the problem.”

Meanwhile, mass shooting of the animals seems to have spread to other North Caucasus republics. On Monday, the newspaper “Region online” (Kabardino-Balkaria) reported that in Nalchik in the quarter on the street Vatutina the whole day, the square was strewn with the corpses of dogs and only in the evening they were removed.

As said the publication of one of the residents: “in the Morning came the man in white “Kalina” and shoot dogs with a rifle. I saw it when I was a child in kindergarten. Here near the school.” However, later it turned out that the shooting was quite formal – a group of residents she has applied, fearing a repeat of the tragedy that occurred in Makhachkala.


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