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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The moral character of American Marines were under threat

Us Marines, so proud of Hollywood and the American society, turned out to be a bunch of perverts, not able to restrain their sexual instincts and primitive aggression. At least that is what follows from a Grand scandal, which is now investigating the Pentagon. What happens to sexual behavior of the American military?

In the U.S., another scandal erupted associated with the moral character of American soldiers. But it didn’t originate somewhere, and one of the most elite types of troops – the marine Corps. Command the body to begin the investigation on the case of spreading in social networks by military personnel and veterans of the marine corps Nude photos of their female colleagues, as reported by CNN. It remains unclear how many people might be involved in illegal activity, however, it seems that this number will be measured in the hundreds.

“The USS Acadia, which was the first ship with a mixed team of men and women called “love boat” after 36 female sailors get pregnant”

The Marines shared a photo of his naked colleagues serving in the corps, and retired without their knowledge in a secret group of Marines United (United Marines) on Facebook. This group had about 30,000 subscribers, most of whom are active military personnel and veterans Corps of the US marine corps and Royal Marines of the UK. According to some reports, the panel has been removed, and the other group with the same name tries to divert suspicion from himself, claiming that has nothing to do with the scandal. Files (estimated at a few thousand photos) was stored in the cloud storage service Google Drive, which after the start of the investigation was removed at the request of the military. However, even then the photos continued to appear.

The materials included pictures of naked women, sex acts and was accompanied by their names, surnames, titles, posts, and also screenshots of their profiles in social networks. The photos were made by Marines, podgljadyvanie colleagues when they changed clothes or took a shower or was stolen from the girls electronic equipment (computers, smartphones) and their accounts on the Internet and social networks.

What could account for such behaviour of military personnel? “High testosterone, young healthy guys in the closed group. Why wouldn’t they spy on the girls? The period of curiosity can last up to 50 years and even longer, – said the newspaper VIEW, the doctor-sexologist, researcher at Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, candidate of medical Sciences Yury Prokopenko. In curiosity there is nothing pathological if it does not go beyond acceptable norms, if it is not voyeurism. The problem here is that they published these pictures. It’s just stupid, and by the military it is somehow unreasonable”. Another interesting question is, according to the sexologist, whether girls or their lawyers to present their claims, based on the fact that they are girls and they need the special approach even in the army, or within the coveted gender equality they will not focus on their gender. “This is a very important precedent that could be created”, – stressed Yury Prokopenko.

About the scandal became known thanks to Thomas Brennan, a retired marine, a veteran of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, who reported it to the command of the marine Corps, as well as on its website. After he did, some of the subscribers of the group of Marines United openly called torture or to kill Brennan and rape his wife. They also launched a hunt for photos of his daughter.

The most incredible thing that such appeals are heard not from the lips of notorious criminals and bandits, and soldiers from elite units of the U.S. Armed forces. “What happened to honor?” – asking themselves American veterans. There is a complete degradation of moral principles and practices. This behavior destroys morale, undermines confidence and is a disgrace of a man, says captain Ryan Elvis, a spokesman for the marine Corps. However, the corps commander, General Robert Neller said: “to all those who decide to turn to our Marines, online or otherwise, in an inappropriate manner that may offend or lack of respect, I expect every marine will demonstrate high cohesion and loyalty to his comrades always and everywhere, on duty, off duty and online.”

At the same time, this is not the first scandal that undermines the moral character of the U.S. armed forces. In 1991, at the Tailhook Association Symposium in Las Vegas the soldiers of the marine Corps was molested and raped 83 women and seven men. The USS Acadia, which was the first ship with a mixed team of men and women called “love boat” after 36 female sailors became pregnant. In 2013, one of the cadets of the military Academy of West point, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the United States gave covert filming cadets girls bathrooms and showers. It is worth noting that cases of sexual violence in the Academy quite often (only in 2011-2012 there were about 80). In 2014, 12 sailors of the submarine “Wyoming” secretly photographed and transmitted using smartphones a few videos of their colleagues-women, undress in the shower. This is not the remembering of torture the U.S. military personnel of prisoners at Iraqi prisons in 2003, multiple trials of high-ranking officers in cases of sexual crimes and the constant complaints of the “tricks” of U.S. military authorities from countries that have deployed military bases of the United States (recurring cases of vandalism, riot and sexual violence).

The moral character of the American armed forces in recent years, more and more poor. And the liberal transformation of the situation did not improve, but rather worsened. Because ever since women began to serve on the same conditions or with men (as part of the total crew, in particular), the number of sexual offenses in the US army only increased. This figure is even more increased, as WND notes, after permission to serve in the army to gays and lesbians. This significantly increased the number of male rape victims.

Recent (fall 2016) the lifting of the ban to serve “open” transgender people are also unlikely to improve the situation in the armed forces of the United States. This innovation is particularly strange given the fact that, according to official statistics, as of 2015, about 15 thousand transgender people and so he served in the U.S. armed forces, just not revealing himself. Not to mention the fact that the previous ban was due to the often complex psycho-physiological condition of people of this category and need special medical services, which is now U.S. forces must ensure that until the fall of 2017. But military service requires good physical and mental health. By the way, it is ridiculous in this context looks the continued ban for those who have observed “exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other sexual perversions”. Or their “legalization” is also not far off?

Army – not the best ground for political action. After all, the legalization of marijuana in some States has not resulted in the lifting of the ban on the enlistment of smokers pot and drug addicts. But populist moves on the lifting of the ban for military service for sexual minorities – obviously not what you need of the U.S. armed forces amid recurring scandals around them.


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