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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DPRK ready for nuclear attack

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN ordered strategic forces of the country to be prepared for military action at any time. Another North Korean threat came at the time of deployment in South Korea, the U.S. missile defense system THAAD. Early transfer of U.S. arms to the South of the Korean Peninsula due to the protection from the “threat number one”, which is now officially the DPRK. In Moscow and Beijing, however, believe otherwise.

The strategic forces of the DPRK received orders of readiness for nuclear strikes. The order gave the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, led on the eve of the missile test (aimed at testing the missile strikes by the United States objects to Japan). Now strategic forces “And” must maintain a high level of readiness, take up your positions and strike at the enemy as soon as the order of the “center party”.

“Under the guise of the North Korean threat if you do not want to close the ring around Russia, at least, to impose her”

USA Tuesday morning began placing missile defence systems THAAD in South Korea. The States delivered the missiles components for military base in Osan, part of the THAAD system arrived on a military transport aircraft Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. It is expected that work on the deployment of US missile defense systems will be fully completed within one to two months. Initially, the placement of THAAD in South Korea was planned for the summer, but the process it was decided to accelerate in light of recent actions by North Korea.

Scale airlift to South Korea of the ABM can be compared with the operation in October last year conducted the Russian defense Ministry. We will remind, then in Syria by videoconferencing was deployed defense system s-300VM. In contrast to the current us operation delivery of Russian air defense system pursued preventive-defensive end: this was done to protect the Russian facilities and to prevent attacks of us cruise missiles at Syrian airfields.

Meanwhile, according to the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, the placement of US missile defense system in South Korea – “this is another challenge to Russia”, while in the past North Korea testing ballistic missiles are just a pretext to deploy a new us missile defense system. “Under the guise of the North Korean threat if they want to close the ring around Russia, at least, to impose its West and East,” the Senator said Ozerov RIA “Novosti”.

However, we should not forget that the President of the United States Donald trump to name North Korea as the number one threat. In addition, as recently reported by The Wall Street Journal, Washington does not rule out a strike at the DPRK.

As before noted the newspaper VIEW, China in turn regards the appearance of missile defense systems THAAD in South Korea as a threat to their own security, which has already led to a sharp deterioration of relations between Beijing and Seoul.

The prolongation of the East Asian political-military site is complicated by the scandal in relations between the DPRK and Malaysia, which began after that country killed a senior half-brother, Kim Jong-UN – Kim Jong-Nam. Last weekend, Malaysian authorities have declared the North Korean Ambassador persona non grata, Pyongyang banned the citizens of Malaysia to leave the DPRK, and on Tuesday, Malaysian police cordoned off the building of the Embassy of the DPRK.

But the most alarming signals are coming from the Korean Peninsula.

“Military action, with unpredictable consequences”

The day before, North Korea launched into the sea of Japan four Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Three of them fell into the sea in the economic zone of Japan. USA, South Korea and Japan have demanded the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on DPRK. Together with the United States and South Korea, the Japanese government is ready to respond to Pyongyang’s actions, said the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

North Korean shooting took place in parallel with large-scale us-South Korean Foal Eagle maneuvers. Under the statement of Pyongyang’s maneuvers “are accompanied by a transfer to the South of the Korean Peninsula and in the adjacent areas of American nuclear strike means, can lead to military action, with unpredictable consequences.”

These exercises can “lead to war, and therefore the situation is on the brink of nuclear war”, threatened the permanent representative of the DPRK at the UN Cha Sleep Us. This is not the first statement of its kind in recent time: 4 March, the representative of the DPRK foreign Ministry said that the actions of Washington and Seoul “is able to plunge the Korean Peninsula and other parts of northeast Asia into a nuclear catastrophe.” Should take seriously these threats?


“Unequal forces”

Leading researcher of the Center for Korean studies Institute of the Far East Eugene Kim commenting on the newspaper LOOK the latest statement, Kim Jong-UN, said that Pyongyang is now really afraid of military strikes from the United States. “For several days there have been joint exercises of the Republic of Korea and the United States, during these exercises already worked out the landing on the territory of the DPRK, the destruction of the North Korean missile bases.

In addition, the American media was leaked, stating that the administration is considering trump as one of the options for a military operation against the DPRK, and the overthrow of the North Korean regime,” – said the expert.

However, according to the interlocutor, the Pyongyang first to attack anyone not going. “Military spending DPRK are no more than $ 6 billion, but this figure is not comparable to military spending in the US. The forces are unequal. Another thing is that Pyongyang declares that is ready to respond to aggression, but this is quite normal,” added Kim.

As for South Korea, but now, according to Kim, the country, it is crucial to translate public discontent with the political situation outside, and he is interested in provocations. “By the end of this week it is expected that the constitutional court of South Korea will make a decision on the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye. If the judges approve the decision of the Parliament on impeachment, no later than 60 days presidential elections will take place. This means that, most likely, win the election left the candidate. Now right-wing forces in South Korea and the United States is very advantageous to make a “mess” on the Northern border, to shift attention”, – said the orientalist. However, he did not think that it comes to strikes, likely to be limited to local skirmishes.

The interviewee believes to be reasonable concerns of the Chinese authorities, who consider that the us missile defense in South Korea is not directed against North Korea and against China. Missile complex THAAD is designed to shoot down Intercontinental ballistic missiles, said Kim. “This is too serious a system for those missiles that the DPRK is experiencing. Such missiles are in addition to the US, only Russia and China. China has followed a rather sharp reaction,” he said. Indicative, according to Kim, that the area where in June will be dorazvedku the THAAD missile complex, was previously owned by a commercial firm Lotte Group. “In China, the population requires active boycott of the company, gave their property to host us missile defense in South Korea, the territory of this country. About 30 shopping centers owned by this company, ceased its business in China”, – said the orientalist.

The probability of collision is somewhat higher

Fellow, Center for Korean studies Institute of Far Eastern studies Konstantin Asmolov, conversing with the newspaper LOOK, said: “the Northerners write that he “gave strategic forces of the DPRK in order to maintain a high level of readiness, given the current situation”. There is some difference between “to observe the willingness in a situation where a war may break out” and “be ready to launch a nuclear strike.” The distortion seems to be small, and the meaning changes quite strongly,” explained orientalist.

According to Asmolov, in the current series of mutual threats are nothing new, but, says the source, this year on a combination of factors has increased the likelihood that the recriminations escalate into real military clashes. “Offhand, usually every spring if this probability is 10-15%, now it jumped up to about 25%. This affects the election of Donald trump and the political crisis in South Korea, and a number of smaller factors that also rock the boat,” – said Asmolov. Diplomatic crisis in relations North Korea and Malaysia is not associated with the situation around the US, South Korea and North Korea, but in the course of “both sides have already made quite tough statements,” said the source.


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