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Friday, March 16, 2018

The participants of the blockade of Donbass: “Over coal the third week no one comes”

Blockade of Donbass threatens to become a new Maidan. In any case, the organizers of the blockade more does not discuss the war and the self-proclaimed Republic, and the corruption of their own government in Kiev, and demands are made mainly to her. Our reporter visited on Sunday one of the “redoubts” blockers in the Donbas.

photo: Dmitry Durnev

“Stop!” eight men in camouflage ran out of the fences with barbed wire and stop my car. “What kind of binoculars you were and what you were watching?!” – the first question on the redoubt “Nightingale” on the blockade of the breakaway republics was not easy.

I arrived in the Greek village of Bugas in the guests to the blockade. This weekend there on rotation arrived “Defense of Mariupol” and I agreed with one of your friends that can come and talk to “blocker”.

An attempt to photograph the “redoubt” from the highway to Donetsk on trivial phone consequences had the most unexpected. And photos of desert highway did not work and the bored soldiers entertained unexpected command: “Alarm!”

The redoubt is a large army tent, kitchen behind it, a fence made of logs and barbed wire inside the fence – bus and boards with hammered edges up nails. In total there is about 30 people. Next post tethered goat healthy. “Gift local!” – explain to me sparingly.

Weapons in sight does not hold, individuals basically do not hide. Immediately asked to photograph not only people from Mariupol, some of them working for the same metallurgical enterprises, for which the blockade closed, the delivery of coking coal.

I applied to the commander – his name is Igor, call “the Spaniard” he is from Zaporozhye.

“I’m on the blockade of the third week, says the Spaniard. – Started with the third redoubt in Shcherbinovka, since that attack. Now in command here, are monitoring, record all goods, no one is detained yet, who are we to stop the trucks?”.

The road through the desert Bugas, the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian centre has stopped its work in Donetsk on February 28. “Track” only trucks with metal carrying their “pencils” (as the locals call long square metal ingots) of Kurakhovo Ukrainian in the Ukrainian Mariupol.

photo: Dmitry Durnev

“We talk local, I have an idea that electrometallurgical plant in Kurakhovo so much does not produce, then how much he carries, maybe there “Donetsk” metal is?” says the Spaniard.

The people to agitate about the dangers of the blockade useless. “There, under the Shcherbinovka on the third redoubt composition with three thousand tons of coal worth – and no it’s no, no home for three weeks “to talk” showed up once. So, aggressive aunts used to swear, we have them with the aid of sausage slapped on and away they went. Close. Them boarding a van “Audi-8” and “Lexus” have been normal guys. So with sausage and drove off!”

Spaniard Victor interrupts with a call sign of “Makar,” he pokes me a phone with pictures of individual fragments of cars – there are signs of Russian Railways, “Perm”, “Saint Petersburg”.

“This situation of endless war and trade zadolbal all. In 2014, the fighting was afraid, as it is not traded much, in 2015 mobile groups smuggling struggled, and now sells trains. While these flows have increased, power has turned on them and now we are told that trade is good for Ukraine”, – explains the “Spaniard”.

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“In Donetsk, has started a revolutionary situation: Ukraine is deprived of the DNI connection”


Meanwhile, on the evening of 4 March, one of the leader of the blockade of the breakaway DNI and LC, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko said that, in addition to stretches on the frontline radicals also blocked the commodity will dance in Konotop Sumy region. In confirmation of his words, he posted a video, which depicted several Russian trains loaded with coal. According to the politician, in the future it can carry from Donbass to go around the blockade, so soon the radicals gathered to block all eight border crossings for trains from Russia. Your redoubt in Konotop they have named after Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of Western Germany after its partition at the end of the Second world war.

According to Semenchenko, the camp pulled together the police, however, to storm the security forces did not go. Rather, their task is to protect the radicals from the locals. Earlier on the stretch of the Curve end in the Donetsk region, people have tried to get rid of the radicals on their own, but they help the police arrived, who arrested the 37 attackers and none of the participants of the blockade, which has stood the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that because of the blockade that has been deployed in the Donbass, the Republic may lose $ 3.5 billion, and 75 thousand people remain without work. In this 4 March, the IMF agreed to discuss with Kiev the allocation of another tranche of one billion dollars by the end of March, but in the current environment, the money will likely only lead to increase in public debt.


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