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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The opposition of Macedonia is ready to hand over to the Albanians

Triggered by EU and US government crisis in Macedonia has acquired an ethnic connotation. The Albanian minority is hoping for a gradual albanization the whole of Macedonia, the interception inside the country and turning it into a “second Kosovo”. Such a scenario could lead to the termination of the existence of the Macedonian state as such.

Government crisis in Macedonia continues to grow and threatens to escalate into a new conflict in the Balkans. The country’s President Georgi Ivanov has refused to give the mandate for forming the new Cabinet leader of the opposition “Social democratic Union of Macedonia” (SDSM) Zoran Zaev. Zaev has enlisted the support of deputies from Polanski parties to get enough votes for endorsement of his candidacy by the Parliament. This course Ivanov gets the internal political situation in Macedonia to a standstill.

“Radical Albanian leaders are not prepared to accept the fact that there are Republic of Macedonia, not willing to admit it was a legitimate right of the Macedonian people to their own state”

Zaev accuses the President of attempted “coup”. In support of the opposition leader immediately addressed the West. EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini stated that it “destroys the spirit of democracy, violates basic democratic principles.” She has appealed to the Macedonian head of state with an appeal to reverse its decision.

However, Georgi Ivanov is a reason I went on such a sharp political move. He argues that all pre-thought out, talked to by Sevim and even consulted with lawyers. What so alarmed the President of Macedonia? To garner support Polanski parties, the leader of the SDSM agreed to go out on the signing of the so-called Albanian platform. Thus, we can say that for the sake of power lost the election Zaev has agreed to take the country by Albanian radicals.

“Common platform of all the Albanian parties was signed by all leaders of the ethnic Albanian politobedineniya of Macedonia under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama to December 20, 2016, – said the newspaper VIEW expert at the international relations and a specialist on the Balkans Maria Tretyakova. – This platform is the first official political document, in which openly proclaimed Albanian national interests, which are to reform the Republic of Macedonia into a Binational state.”

According to the expert, in addition, the document includes the requirements of the formalization of the Albanian language as the second state, the reflection in the Macedonian coat of arms, anthem and flag symbols of Albania and the division of the budget on the ethnic principle. In addition, the Macedonian Parliament should adopt a resolution condemning the “genocide of the Albanian people in Macedonia in the period 1912-1956 years.” “This thesis is contrary to history and common sense,” – emphasizes Maria Tretyakova.

President Ivanov said that played by Sevim to feed the West “Albanian card” may destroy the country. In this regard, he did not intend to give the mandate to those who support “a platform that undermines the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Macedonia.” His position is logical, because, giving the opportunity to form a government with forces that supported such a document, it is, in fact, will sign the death sentence of the Macedonian state. In these circumstances, the only thing he can expect is the implementation of a new early parliamentary elections.

Government crisis in Macedonia, as already wrote the newspaper VIEW, started with massive protests in the country in the spring of 2015. The protests were directed against the Cabinet of ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE and closest ally of President Ivanov. The protesters accused the Prime Minister in wiretapping, and more than 20 thousand people, especially the opposition. In the end, with the active assistance of US and EU opposition, led by Zoran by Sevim managed to achieve the resignation Gruevski. After only the third attempt 11 December 2016 were held early parliamentary elections. The results of the vote won by the ruling VMRO-DPMNE, however, it failed to achieve absolute majority in Parliament needed to form a government (it received 51 and opposition SDSM – 49 seats out of 120). To seize the initiative in getting the Prime Minister’s mandate, the leader of SDSM Zaev and made a deal with provanskiy forces.

“The country is in deep political crisis. It was expected that the elections will lead to the normalization of the situation, but the situation is heating up every day, says Maria Tretyakova. – In all cities organized a major protest. Participate even those who are sympathetic SDSM, frustrated that the party agreed to sign the platform, which expresses the interests of a foreign state”.

The US and the EU continue to support zaeva. In General, the whole situation with the resignation Gruevski and conduct of elections to bring to power the opposition was originally created under the control of European and American NGOs, including those affiliated with the American billionaire George Soros. A significant role in this process was played also US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Bailey, reports the Washington Times. Western community openly advocates for the delivery of power to the opposition, indicates Maria Tretyakova. While it does not bother the fact of signing of the Albanian platform.

The concern of the President Ivanov in the future of the country is shared by only Russia. Moscow insists that the Western countries are the Albanian minority are trying to bring to power in Macedonia is the victim defeat the opposition needs to stop external interference.

In these circumstances, there is a serious risk of escalating the Macedonian crisis in geopolitical. The intensification of Albanian forces and promoted their priorities provoke new ethnic conflict in the Balkans. In this case, the existence of Macedonia can be at risk. The Albanians will never be approaching the realization of the idea of a unified “greater Albania”, because the two Albanian States in the Balkans is already there, and now not far off, and the third.

“Radical Albanian leaders in Albania and Kosovo are simply not ready to accept the fact that Republic of Macedonia is not ready to recognize the right of the Macedonian people to their own state”, – says Maria Tretyakova. “They hope to albanization the whole of Macedonia, the interception inside the country and its gradual transformation into a “second Kosovo”.

If the crisis in Macedonia will continue to flare up, then it will inevitably be drawn not only to the United States and the European Union, and the Russian Federation. Years later, the interests of Russia and the West face once again in the Balkans. And once again Western countries are lobbying for the interests of the Albanian minority and provoke a bloody ethno-religious conflict. The source of instability is getting closer to the EU.


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