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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Presidential elections of the 18th of the year in Russia again will be “online”

Senators Andrei Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov has made amendments to legalize the status of broadcasts in the Network from each plot for upcoming presidential elections. For the first time, the country watched a live stream last vote in 2012, but until now it was not mandatory. This and other amendments will help to strengthen the transparency and openness of elections at all levels.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas Senator Anatoly Shirokov on Friday submitted to the state Duma a package of amendments to laws “On elections of President of the Russian Federation”, “On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation” and the Code about administrative offences. The amendments are aimed, in particular, to increase the transparency of the elections, the simplification of the approach to the appointment of observers and improving the accessibility of voting stations.

“The more observers, the more opportunities to monitor the voting, counting votes”

So, the bills are intended to simplify the requirements for collecting signatures in support of a candidate, to impose additional safeguards to ensure the publicity of activities of election commissions, as well as additional rights observers. As reported Klishas, the projects are agreed upon with the Central election Commission.

Russians vote where it’s convenient for them

Amendments to the law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights of citizens”, developed Clisham, in particular, provide for the cancellation of absentee ballots in the presidential elections, as well as on the most important elections at other levels. “I don’t think absentee ballots are the mechanism of falsification, but in our society had the impression that this is so. Elections should be more transparent, the risks, if any, should be taken into account, even if these concerns are unnecessary,” – said Klishas, RIA “Novosti”.

To consolidate the presumption of trust to the voters

According to the Senator, who is not at the place of registration, citizens will be able not later than three days before a vote by phone or email to apply for voting at the place of stay to the processing Centre hits that is created by the Central election Commission. In case of receipt from a citizen of more than one application, all repeated are rejected. After receiving a citizen, he is entitled to come to the precinct electoral Commission for inclusion in the voter list.

Klishas said that the bill establishes a presumption of trust to the voters, however, introduces administrative liability for abuse of the right to vote not in a registration place. In particular, for the repeated voting of the same persons, as well as the results is already a citizen of the filled ballot to increase the penalties from 3.5 thousand to 30 thousand rubles. For repeated such violations, the penalty will be 50 thousand rubles.

A web camera is raised to the level of the law

Made Clisham the bills provide for the abolition of the procedure of compulsory registration of observers at polling stations. “They don’t have in advance, as provided now by law, to register three days in the specific area, they can move from site to site,” – said the Senator.

According to him, this will significantly increase the number of observers and to ensure maximum openness and transparency of work of election commissions. “The more observers, the more opportunities to monitor the voting, counting of votes”, – said the head of the Committee.

The bills provide for the introduction of a mandatory requirement to broadcast with the help of web cameras in polling stations on voting day. Now this norm is not enshrined in legislation, although this stream is already carried out in the last elections to the state Duma. The exception noted Klishas, will be made only for the far North and other remote regions, where there is no technical possibility.

Provides now mandatory storage of video. Exceptions can be made only for precincts formed in hospitals, jail, military units, ships that will be in day of voting in swimming. Moreover, the planned introduction of modern technologies, such as QR codes. When voting with electronic voting would be used henceforth e-newsletter.

Expanding opportunities for the press and observers

At all meetings of the election commissions, and the counting of votes may attend and media representatives. With the exception of the meeting of the election Commission when they establish the results of voting. However, members of the media should have working experience in office is not less than two months.

Sets out the rights of journalists of accredited media to be in the room on the day of the vote, in early voting days, as well as to conduct photo and video, if they notify the electoral Commission. The bill also streamlines in the electoral field activities of online media.

Observers are entitled to monitor continuously and in their freely selectable time intervals during the observation period, they provide free access to the premises where the voting and counting of votes.

The employer, a representative of the employer, the commander of the military unit is obliged under the statement, the report of a registered candidate to release him from work, service, military training, lessons on the observation time.

Number of polling stations may be doubled

The bills provide for the disaggregation of polling stations and, accordingly, the increase in their number. “This will make areas as accessible as possible for voters to avoid long lines,” explained the Senator. With this aim, it removes the requirement for a five year period of education sites by reducing the maximum number of voters in the area to 1,5 thousand people, which is twice less than it is today.

According to Klishas, a refinement of the list of polling stations will be before the start of the election campaign, but in exceptional cases it may be made no later than 70 days before the vote. As noted by the head of the Committee, the amendments are aimed at expanding opportunities for implementing the active electoral right of citizens. “Bills aimed at increasing the variability of implementation of this right. It is necessary to move towards a greater confidence in the voters and the CEC agree with that completely,” said Klishas.

“When a person tied to the plot – it’s archaic”

The amendment was welcomed by the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova. “Cancel absentee ballots must empower people to vote, – said Pamfilova to “Kommersant”. – We must not lose a single one of the groups of people who want to vote. And to go over the absentee ballots is a time and money.” The challenge before the election, “to remove these barriers”.

In turn, the political scientist Oleg Matveychev said that for a long time there are automated systems, a single database of voters, and “a feudal conditional right, when a person tied to the plot – it’s archaic”.

“It is reasonable to make a citizen could vote wherever it is, whether it be Vladivostok or somewhere else. He came, find him in a single database, especially if he called in advance. Everything is now done online, without any extra paperwork. It was identified by the passport number, gave him the ballot, people voted, and the system is taken into account,” – said Matveychev portal “Antimaydan”. Moreover, it is suggested to dispense with pre-orders. “Senators want to make a good and useful thing, but then talking about some new unnecessary complications. The voting process should be much easier,” concluded the analyst.

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