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Sunday, February 18, 2018

American tactics APU again has not justified itself

The armed forces of Ukraine attempted offensive throughout the so-called svetlodarsk arc in the General direction of debaltseve. All attacks were repulsed with heavy losses for the APU, but it was probably the largest offensive of the Ukrainian direction which became for them fatal. While their actions clearly traced the American lessons.

Sunday, Mat advanced reinforced company groups in the direction of Logvinovo and Kalinovka on the already beaten track. As if it was a summer night, the 54th brigade spent earlier scheme tried to approach the advanced position of the BCH according to the open countryside. The offensive was preceded by active artillery preparation, which was heard not only in Uglegorsk and Debaltsevo. After that the APU is brought to the position several armored personnel carriers to suppress or at least “bend” the defense of BCH and machine gun fire, and discovered the weaknesses of the start of the assault team. These groups were taken to the front on the BMP that has ruined them: BCH did not lay down in the trenches, and met the attack with rocket-propelled grenades, which led to large losses of the attacking side.

“The tactics of fire suppression is an obvious influence of American training, not too creatively moved to the Donbas realities”

According to the evening of the same day put forward by the Ukrainian BTR has been destroyed, and the assault team came under fire from the defense. After this attempt to break the suffocated in a natural way, as laid in the trench fighters of new Russia failed.

Confusion with the definition of the event in the media (where something is a new building, somewhere in Kalynivka) occurred due to the fact that source of information was made by the press service of the LC. In the area of responsibility of Luhansk is locality new building, located near the checkpoint “Almazovo”, which, according to the latest agreements, is expected to turn into a demilitarized zone. According to Lugansk, fighting in their area of responsibility continues, but the defense in Debaltsevo in the area of responsibility of the LC does not fall – it is a conversation about DNR. A DNR is valid censorship of military information, which was to put an end to performances of the previous two years. Because official information about the fighting on “the arc svetlodarsk” has not been entered and communications on behalf of the national police LNR were the only source other than the panic of the Ukrainian screaming about the next zrade.

Now in the Donbass very cold in the area of Debalcevo by the evening the temperature dropped to minus 18 degrees, in such circumstances, the Ukrainian troops in the attack do not usually go. But on Sunday the battle was introduced reinforcements of the 54th brigade of Donetsk, and Luhansk attacked Kalinova Popasnaya. Pressure on Lugansk area – this is also something new in the Ukrainian tactics. Obviously, they are trying to divert some of the forces under Debaltsevo on the left flank, which until then was considered a minor and relatively quiet area. In this context, the attempt to move in the forehead to Lohvynove – Kalynivka looks like reconnaissance, but the clash at Luhansk new building – a much more serious test.

Militia LNR are not always koordiniruyutsya with Donetsk parts at the junction of their responsibility, because the direction of Popasnaya and Tryokhizbenka were constantly sagging, but until December 18, the APU does not put too much pressure on the area. Constant problems with “neutral” in the area of Popasnaya was common practice. Now it became clear that attempts in the forehead to break through the defense on “the arc svetlodarsk” APU will support attempts to push the defense of Luhansk and around the position of the BCH at Sanzharovka from the flank.

The loss of the 54th brigade was so large that the attack was quickly curtailed. 19.00 APU retreated to their former positions to Svetlodarsk and Lugansk from mortar fortified area on the banks of svetlodarsk reservoir (the name of the village Lugansk, too, should not be confused – it is the responsibility of the DNI). We can talk about a few dozen dead soldiers of the 54th brigade, as it was burned three infantry fighting vehicles, marching in attack formation. The offensive through fire suppression again has not justified itself even with the active work of artillery. Yes, the Ukrainian side has used all kinds of artillery from 122 to 152 gauge, and forget about the details of the cease-fire. Return fire was opened, since there was no choice.

In General, the tactics of fire suppression is an obvious influence of American training, not too creatively moved to the Donbas realities. It is assumed that some vehicles have to force the enemy to freeze in the trenches by machine-gun rain at least half an hour, after which the area sent the infantry in the BMP that it is delivered to the front from the rear. It really worked in the early 90-ies of the Caucasus, when to suppress and one APC was the problem – he could stand on the nearest hill and water the city lead, you won’t. But now in the Donbas is pretty dumb.

Sending to the front the infantry is not “feet”, and BMP (as would be the analogue of “Bradley”) from the same Opera – initially, the entire American tactical scheme of attack was based on “Bradley”, which was supposed to deliver the infantry to the front. In Donetsk, the reality is suicide, because “natalena” defense will not meekly wait for the BMP will drive the so-called assault groups. They simply burned, which is what happened.

If you try to extend the tactical idea of the Ukrainian command, they explicitly come to the idea of increasing the “suppression fire”, which automatically bring them out of the agreement on a cease-fire. They need RZSO missiles and heavy that winter, incidentally, is not as productive as it seems.

On the other hand, Kiev may pretend that nothing happened, and hid for a while. Bringing reinforcements of the 54th brigade on the front line can be explained by rotation, although this long-suffering team, in the end, not rubber. And so it is spread over quite a large front and carries the unwarranted loss of, performing including not peculiar to her patrol functions in the city the industrial zone. And all these “reconnaissance” and probing the defense VSN only weaken the team, with nothing to replace combat schedule APU is designed so that on the front lines is almost impossible now to make real and not paper rotation parts.

Another such “zrada” – from positions on the “the arc svetlodarsk” just nothing left. Except, of course, defensive positions with mortar district, which does not move, because he can not. To cut the branch on which you sit, is also a feature of the APU. A woodpecker is the mascot.


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