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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The President of Korea issued the impeachment for friendship with the fortune teller

The Parliament of South Korea listened to the street. After the news that the President in his policy focuses on the advice of a friend fortune-tellers, on the protest rallies came out millions of people. On Friday deputies made the head of state impeachment, ending thus, “the sovereignty of the Korean Rasputin.” But this amazing story doesn’t end there.

The intrigue surrounding the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye ended. The deputies of the ruling saenuri party (New horizons), which belongs to herself, Park Geun-Hye, joined the opposition Democratic party, who initiated the resignation of the President. In the end, a resolution of impeachment scored 234 votes with a minimum of 200 (two thirds of the total number of deputies). The vote was secret, parliamentarians put “Yes” or “no” ballots in private booths and dropped them in a sealed box.

“He jumped off the Owl cliff on mount Ponghwasan, one of the attractions of Seoul. Suicide note read: “I made life too many people”

Thus, Pak (in Korean tradition, the last name goes in the beginning, not the end, as in the West) cease to exercise his powers today – the power goes to the Prime Minister Hwang Kyo Anu. Impeachment must approve another constitutional court of South Korea, the hearing will take no more than 180 days.

Recall that in 2004, the Parliament voted for the impeachment of President Roh Moo-Hyun, but after two months of speculation, the constitutional court refused to approve the decision, in the result, But held the post until 2008. At this time, the judge will likely support the MPs so great dissatisfaction with President Park.

According to “Interfax”, the Prime Minister Hwang already called the Minister of defense Han Min GU, and ordered to strengthen the combat readiness of the troops for fear of possible provocations from Pyongyang.

At first the outcome looked not so clear. Pak expressed their willingness to resign, but not now, but in April. The leaders of the ruling saenuri party was not sure that the resignation of the President under the current foreign hands – the right decision. Looks like they convinced the results of a sociological survey of Gallup Korea, according to which the current rating of Park Geun-Hye is comparable to the level of people’s support to its Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko – 4%.

Pack on the decision of deputies has already reacted: “I strongly accept the voice of the Parliament and the people of the country and wish to end the current chaos.”

Anyway, Park Geun-Hye became the second woman President, removed from power through impeachment in 2016. The first was Brazilian Dilma Rousseff.

Both ruined a friendship and respect for the elders that are incompatible, according to prosecutors, deputies and a significant number of voters with the status of the first persons of the state.

Rousseff tried to help the ex-President of Lula da Silva, whom she by and large owes its successful career. When da Silva started an anti-corruption investigation, Rousseff appointed him as his chief of staff, thus making an inviolable (in Brazil, unlike Russia, the immunity extends not only to the President and members and other representatives of the authorities). It was then launched impeachment proceedings.

Park Geun-Hye was friends with Choi sun-SIL (her name also transcribing as Choi, but Choi to readers as a native) and had great respect for her father, Choi Tae Mine. As noted by South Korean media, Choi Sr. received the impact on the Park Geun-Hye after 1974 was killed by her mother, Yuk young-soo. The killer was aiming at his father Pak, President Park Chung-Hee, but missed. The head of state did not even bother to interrupt his speech because of the fatally injured spouse.

Pak-senior was the head of South Korea from 1961 to 1979. He came to power in a military coup, and the first two years, his position was called “Secretary General of the Supreme Council of national reorganization”. Is Park Chung-Hee considered the Creator of the “economic miracle”, in which South Korea became one of the richest countries in South-East Asia. He survived many assassination attempts and was killed in 1979 by the Director of the Central intelligence Agency of South Korea’s Kim Jae-Gyu.

Park Geun-Hye lost her mother at 22 years old, father 27 years old, and all follow-up time was heavily influenced by first Choi Tae the Mine, and then his daughter Choi sung-SIL. By the way, Park Geun-Hye never married, has no children have.

The rise of political career, Park Geun-Hye began in 1998 when she first became the MP from the “Party of the great country”. In 2004-2006, the daughter of the legendary President led the party, and in 2011 initiated the name change to “Senuri” – “Party of new horizons” – and was re-elected as leader. In 2012, the party under her leadership won the parliamentary elections, and on 19 December of the same year, Park Geun-Hye became the first female President in Korean history. Of course, the vote of the South Koreans appreciated not only her own accomplishments but also the achievements of her legendary father.

Before the current scandal that led to the impeachment, no issues, no law enforcement, nor the voters, the friendship of the President with the fortune teller was not called – this was considered as her private affair. The popularity of Park Geun-Hye was quite high. Just a day before the story of Choi sung-SIL have hit the media, the President proposed to amend the Constitution to extend the term of office of the President. While the President can remain in power only one term of five years.

At first, the Park Geun-Hye underestimated the scale of the scandal. After the first accusations that she consults with a friend in the government decision-making and gives her read his speech, Park made a statement in which he admitted that in the past in preparation for various performances really consulted with his companion. “During the election campaign of Choi sung-SIL expressed a personal opinion about its progress and also helped with writing speeches and public relations,” added Pak. According to her, this contact ceased after the state of new presidential administration was fully staffed. The President also expressed regret over the fact that her actions were “the cause of suspicion and accusations, stirred up the public” and brought in that regard, sorry.

According to TASS, the President’s statement did not satisfy either the voters or the supporters of the party. “A simple apology is not enough here,” – said the President “Senuri” Lee Jung Hyun.

In the future, a scandal rattled on the rise. Choi sung-SIL began to accuse not only illegal participation in the presidential public relations and speechwriting, but also that a large South Korean corporations have made multimillion-dollar contributions to two related Fund – Mir and K-Sports. Several media outlets claim that using them was donations received from 53 companies in a total amount of 80 billion won (more than 4.5 billion rubles).

No judgements on all of these suspicions yet, but they were enough for impeachment.

Soon after the vote in Parliament in Seoul hosted a meeting of the national security Council. The main task of Hwang Gyo Ana – to prevent the aggravation of the situation on the border with North Korea and to organize a presidential election. The fact that the constitutional court approves the results of the impeachment, no doubt, again, a little.

The Western media have already begun to assess the probable contenders for the presidency, is called the Hwang, and the leader of the Democratic party, moon Jae In, and departing from his post on 31 December of the UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon and mayors of Seoul and the satellite city of the capital of seongnam-si.

Apparently, the first woman President of South Korea will become the first leader of the country, dismissed as a result of impeachment. But if after retirement against her will be prosecuted, it will not be a novelty: two ex-President, Roh Tae Woo and Chun Doo-hwan was convicted (and later pardoned) for corruption, bribery and other crimes.

It is hoped that the Park Geun-Hye a stronger nervous system than its predecessor Roh Moo-Hyun. He, as we previously noted, managed to survive the attempted impeachment, but in 2009, after the resignation, But accused of receiving a bribe of 6 million dollars from the textile company. On may 23, he jumped off the Owl cliff on mount Ponghwasan, one of the attractions of Seoul. Suicide note read:

“I’m going through a hard time. I complicate the lives of too many people.”


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