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Monday, March 19, 2018

The remnants of the Ukrainian Navy will rot in the Crimea

“Ukrainian Admiral lies”. Such words in Russia commented on the statement by commander of the Ukrainian Navy that the Russian sailors allegedly dismantled for parts Ukrainian ship left in Crimea. In any case, Ukraine is clearly not in the state that currently qualify for the return of this once part of the Soviet black sea fleet.

The story of the commander of Ukrainian Navy Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko sounded on Monday in the air of the Fifth channel of the Ukrainian television.

“These Ukrainian officers as he fled from the Crimea, abandoning everything, including the ships”

“The Ukrainian ships are separately earmarked as a technique of a foreign state, but, to our knowledge, they are there as donors,has told the Vice-Admiral about the fate of the ships of the once of naval forces of Ukraine to the journalist of local TV channel.And that is our “Konstantin Olshansky” (…) it will be used as the vehicle donor. The same “Ternopil”, “Lutsk” are used for their small anti-submarine ships, those who now bear, as they say, watch in the heart of our gas fields. And I am sure that the diplomatic efforts of the international community we will achieve any solution to this problemor compensation in cash or the return of the ships, but in this part where they were”.

Voronchenko during the Crimean events of 2014 held the position of Deputy commander of the Navy coastal defense, and in fact he commanded a regiment of the Ukrainian national guard in Crimea. He refused to go into the service in Russia, and after he recalled that he proposed to introduce in Simferopol tanks and shoot the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea. However, recognizing that at the time at the disposal of Ukrainian tank battalion had only six groups of batteries and, accordingly, of the four dozen cars could have only six. The reason for returning the Peninsula to Russia he had seen in insufficient Ukrainization of the local population. What kind of and started, spreading the Ukrainian authorities in the Luhansk region, where he commanded the forces of the so-called ATO.

After the controversial dismissal of Admiral Sergei Haiduk, was charged with corruption, multi-million dollar embezzlement, nepotism, impeding the reform of the naval forces and, as usual in the modern Ukraine, relations with the FSB, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, was appointed Voronchenko. Ukrainian naval community embraced his candidacy critical, since the appointment to such a place of the graduate of the Tashkent tank school did not meet the established Maritime traditions. In the eyes of the new commander and to this day I prefer to be called “tank”.

In response to the escapade of the Vice-Admiral about the ships belonging to the Ukrainian Navy, the Deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Belik in an interview with RIA “Novosti” suggested that behind this statement Voronchenko.

“Ukrainian Admiral fibbed. He has no idea that a large landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky” since 2013 were in need of serious repair. Corvettes are at the piers Bay South in 2014, they carried a watch, in the sea they do not leave,has told to Agency of the people’s choice.Black sea fleet gets new parts for ships and does not need the Ukrainian ships-donors. Commander of the Ukrainian Navy thus covertly asks the West to provide decommissioned corvettes for replenishment of the Ukrainian Navy, in the spirit of “send us your trash, we’ll fix and we will proudly carry the Ukrainian flag in the Black sea”.

In turn, the commander of the black sea fleet of the Russian Navy in 1998-2002, the former Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Komoyedov, in conversation with the newspaper VIEW suggested that Voronchenko such statements just shows a flurry of activity.

“They are always wrong. An example would be the situation when, at the Nikolaev shipyard were two of the ship – the cruiser “Admiral of fleet Lobov”, later renamed “Ukraine” and the missile cruiser “Moskva”, which was made to order for Russia. So the first is still rotting away in the shipyard, they wanted to sell it to us, then to someone else, and a Russian ship carries out fighting tasks,gave the example of Komoedov. – If you’re the commander and plead for his technique, he must bear the responsibility for each cog. And then three years passed – remembered. Could through the foreign Ministry for a long time to negotiate, to arrive with the tow and collect, but the statements do, of course, much easier”.

The chief of staff of Russian black sea fleet in 19921997 Vice-Admiral Peter Svyatashov, on the contrary, expressed the OPINION opinion that all the ships that are now in the Crimea, no relation to Ukraine no longer have.

“Olshansky” was launched in the Soviet era, went to Ukraine as part of the overall fleet, now back as the Peninsula in Russia,says the expert. These Ukrainian officers as he fled from the Crimea, abandoning everything, including ships. Well, the black sea fleet had to wait until they deign to take back? You can imagine that in the Donbass after the retreat of the APU, the militia return to the abandoned equipment?”

A similar view in conversation with the newspaper OPINION was expressed by doctor of military Sciences, captain Konstantin Sivkov:

“As far as I’m aware, the major ships of the Russian Navy inherited from the Ukrainian didn’t get. And a lot of people were unfit to go to sea. But why keep on the pier the ship that is not on the go, if you can put a normal ship? Keep him on the team only to have it not taken away? Perhaps some details of these machines are used for other vehicles, and perhaps they are used to upgrade and enter into the black sea fleet. In any case, these ships are now Russian, and only we can decide what to do with them”.

However, both the military expert not quite right. In 2014, after the return of Crimea to Russia, Vladimir Putin gave the order to give Ukraine remaining on the Peninsula belonging to its armed forces equipment, including ships and aircraft. It was agreed the plan for the return of ships of the Ukrainian Navy, but the process was suspended after the war in the Donbass. Subsequently, in July 2016, ex-commander of the Navy of Russia Igor Kasatonov said that the ships will be returned, but only after the restoration of “normal relations” between Kiev and Moscow.


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