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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Obama put on antithrombosis protests your brand

Statement of Donald trump about the involvement of the team of Barack Obama to a series of leaks to the media secrets from the White house and the organization of street protests is not unfounded, experts say. It is unlikely the ex-President has a direct relationship to the persecution of the new leader, but even disliked trump Newspapers admit that the alleged organizer of the harassment – Fund Organizing for Action (OFA) – do has a direct relationship to the entourage of Obama.

Donald trump has accused Obama that he is behind the smear campaign launched against the new President of the United States. “I think that President Obama is behind this, because his men are definitely behind this – said trump, speaking in the program of Fox News channel Fox & Friends. Some of the leaks probably come from this group”, – said the head of the American state.

“Both Obama and Clinton openly urged people not to give up, not to stop and not to stop the protests”

Trump believes Obama’s behavior a violation of the unwritten code of the presidential in which the former leaders of the United States (traditionally retains the official “title” of the President) refrain from direct comment on the actions of their successors.

Trump mentioned the nonprofit organization Organizing for Action (OFA), which was established by the former campaign Manager of Obama Jim Messina in 2013, after Obama’s re-election by the President. In comments to CNN admits that ОFA “has 14 professional organizers who, for example, participate in training of local activists to effectively oppose the main items on the agenda of the Republican party”.

We will note that earlier the portal the Washington Free Beacon reported: Obama supporters are against the leaks that led to the first victim in the team trump the resignation of presidential adviser for national security Michael Flynn (which, recall, resigned because of the scandal associated with contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak). Obama supporters feared the publication of the Flynn data about the nuclear deal with Iran concluded in 2015 by the Obama administration, and conducted a campaign aimed at discrediting the official. In particular, the campaign to discredit Flynn’s had people from his predecessor, the assistant to the President on national security Ben Rhodes.

“There is no evidence!”

American, followed by British media hastened to refute the assertion trump about the involvement of his predecessor to the campaign to discredit. So, the publication emphasizes ABC News: no evidence of direct involvement of the former President to the diversion. Mentioned by trump structure Organizing for Action really grew out of the presidential campaign, Obama acknowledged London’s The Guardian.

“The agenda OFA is constructed in accord with the Democratic party and holds all key positions of Obama’s policy”, – the publication adds. But as a rebuttal to British newspaper uses the following argument: because the OFA is “a nonprofit organization, it could not support any political candidate.” “There is no evidence that the former President (Obama) personally participates in the work of the organization”, – says the publication The Guardian.

The newspaper reminds that the Republicans and right wing media accused Obama that he is not only for leaks but also for the numerous protests, which, we recall, began with the inauguration of the trump 20 Jan and engulfed various cities of the country.

Obama and his “banksters”

Americanist, Professor HSE Alexander Domrin believes that the ex-US President Barack Obama is actually behind the organization of protests against trump. However, the expert does not believe that the ex-President of self-Finance these performances, and that, from the point of view of the expert, the more important question – who is already behind Obama.

“Not all of the protesters, by the way, take part in demonstrations antithrombotic disinterested,” – said the source. Domrin recalled that more than half the population of Washington – blacks (50.7 per cent – according to the 2010 census), many of whom are unemployed. “One of the ways of earning for these people is to participate in these paid protests. The largest concentration of African Americans in Washington, by the way, is observed in the areas directly adjacent to the Capitol,” said the americanist newspaper VIEW.

At the same time Domrin doubt that Obama spends on funding demonstrations of his Nobel prize, in its opinion, it can give money in the first place “banksters” of the financial sector of the American economy, the globalists openly making a bet on Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

In addition, Domrin said that Barack Obama himself from politics is not going away and didn’t hide it. “Obama is now on the time left in the shade, but I think he will figure out what to do, just as Hillary already declared intention to run for mayor of new York. It’s from the beginning had a political project. Those who stood behind him during his election campaign, this project is unlikely to collapse,” predicts Domrin.

Scandals at town halls

The relationship of the former American President with protest campaign against trump did not cause anybody surprise, said in comments the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki.

“Both Obama and Hillary Clinton openly urged people not to give up, not to stop and not to stop the protests – recalled the source. – Moreover, in recent years the protests were linked to the town hall – public meetings held by Republicans in different regions of the United States. At these meetings, the left-liberal wing activists tried to occupy the majority of seats in the halls, not to speak of the Republican congressmen, governors and politicians, in every way trying to disrupt their performance,” – said the expert.

Most likely, directly by the company of shares and control over the “stuffing” in the media are more than narrow specialists, said the source. However, for Travnickova it is obvious that the old leaders who lost the election to Hillary Clinton and end-of-life Barack Obama – do not want to abandon the political struggle. “I guess the question is that the Democrats, due to a severe personnel crisis, not ready to let go of the rest neither one nor the other. And they, as disciplined party members, put your brand on antithrombosis the protests,” he explained.

Waiting for new leaks and fakes

Trump, in his speech live on Fox News said that the leak as part of the campaign waged against him will continue.

Meanwhile, CNN sources claim that the President personally allowed to check the phones of employees of its administration in search of the sources of the “leak”. Before that, CNN reported that a spokesman for the White house Sean Spicer at one of the meetings asked them to hand over their phones to check.

Earlier, trump refused to participate on April 29 in a traditional dinner of the Association of correspondents accredited to the White house. It was a new round of conflict between the President and the media. Before that, Sean Spicer announced the holding of regular briefing “no cameras”, which was excluded from the event, a number of large media.

Association of reporters at the White house that expressed “strong protest.” Trump has already stated that CNN and the New York Times spread fake news intentionally and represent a great danger for the United States.

As if to confirm the words of trump’s New York Times on Tuesday published a report, which indicated: Russia allegedly wants to take advantage of turbulence in the White house, which created the trump, and thereby increase its global influence. To confirm this thesis, the publication tried to use the opinion of Russian experts.

“It’s great that he (trump) has created internal turbulence, as we wanted, and now he is focused on their internal problems, and thus we have more freedom to maneuver. Let them solve their problems. There, not in Ukraine. There, not in the middle East. There, but not in NATO. Now here are all of thought”, – quotes The New York Times editor-in-chief of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov.


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