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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kiev is powerless before the organizers of the blockade of Donbass

The government of Ukraine generates flows exotic ideas for the lifting of the blockade of Donbass. MIA requests that the order to disperse the “blockers” he was given the allied SBU, chief of the national guard requests that such an instruction would have given him a trial. The Prime Minister even called the factory Directors to deal with “blockers” on their own. Meanwhile, the “redoubts” the participants of the blockade is already trying to storm.

A crowd of unarmed people, including an elderly woman, attempted on Tuesday afternoon to lift the blockade of the railway station Krivoi Torets in Donbas to resume coal supply, announced in the so-called headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers.

Kolomoisky, sitting in Switzerland, and from there orchestrates his people participate in the blockade. It was him dangle Lyashko’s instructions. It is unlikely the allies Poroshenko

“Right now is the storming of the redoubt blockade in a crooked side”, – stated in the message of “staff” in Facebook. Attempts to unblock the railway was taken including pensioner. “Trying to capture the locomotives with coal and destroy the redoubt”. Later in the “headquarters” reported that “the first two attempts to assault were repulsed, aunts moved and blocked the approaches and entrances to the redoubt”.

The report reveals that in an attempt to unblock the railway connection with Donbas attended by the employees of the Ukrainian police.

Later the “headquarters” reported that another attempt to break the blockade happened at the station Bakhmut. Staff regarded the attack on their redoubts on Tuesday as a provocation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine and the police of the Donetsk region to force the garrisons to use weapons for protection, after which to obtain the moral right to force acceleration.

Appeared victims. “As a result of attempt of capture of the redoubt and trains blocked on the rails, three veterans of the war of independence received injuries of varying severity (stab wound, a broken leg and traumatic brain injury)”,reported to “headquarters”.

As writes “Interfax”, the “headquarters” claims that the attackers were armed. Some time later, the chief of the Donetsk police Vyacheslav Abroskin announced the arrest of 37 attackers. In turn, the police confirmed the information about the three victims of conflict, but note that the part of the participants of the blockade of their only two, and one victimattackers.

“All of these events occurred simultaneously with the meeting of the Cabinet where the Minister of the interior Avakov demanded for himself the authority for the armed dispersal of the participants of the blockade”,stated in the message. “Headquarters” believes that the provocations arranged by the team of “aggressor”.

The police recalled that a railway track at the crossing of station Krivoi Torets blocked from February 10, also locks the captured electric locomotives with 47 cars. On these facts the investigative office Tureckogo police Department began a preliminary investigation.

The chief of the interior Ministry do not have the authority

Indeed, Avakov at this time were in the government, complaining a lack of authority to restore order. Avakov argument boils down to the fact that the blockade occurs in the “zone ATO”, and then the team gives the so-called anti-terrorist center (ATC). The lead Agency of the ATC is considered to be SBU, but awkowska the interior Ministry also included in its composition.

As said the head of the interior Ministry, “the liberalism of our government knows no bounds. The month of our liberal policies, and your liberal talks with the initiators of the blockade… to no avail. You need to make a decision”,quoted Avakov, RIA “Novosti”.

Groisman said dryly that he is “ready to agree” with the “theses” Avakov, but did not specify whether the Minister’s proposal, and then the subject turned. Before that, Groisman actually suggested that the heads of large industrial enterprises themselves to negotiate with the organizers of the blockade. “I ask all the leaders of the blockade to visit all the businesses that have huge problems and on the brink of destruction,”said Groisman.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction of the Poroshenko Bloc Dmitry Andrievsky predicts that the crackdown likely will not. “I am confident that in the near future will be found correct, positive for Ukraine is the political solution. Also, I think that the legal pursuit of one of the participants of the blockade will not be subjected to”,the MP said the newspaper VIEW,

Most likely, according to Andrievsky, agreement is reached about the end of the embargo and adopted a relevant legislative basis.

Poroshenko best blockade of Donbass

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin recalls that in a decent country ultimately responsible for everything the President. “Unfortunately, Ukraine has not learned the state enough to answer for their actions. There, in the fashion of shifting responsibility from one to the other. And from this point of view, the position publicly stated by the President, forcing him to some action. If further action is not followed, then even children will be clear that he is not master of the situation and does not correspond to its status,”said Zatulin newspaper VIEW.

What would you choose in this situation of Poroshenko – will continue to pretend that nothing is happening, or still try to apply power – “this question has no absolute positive or negative response”. “It is obvious that so long the blockade continues because Poroshenko is afraid to use force or not interested to apply it”,the Deputy believes.

Zatulin is sure that Poroshenko wants to benefit from the situation above all in its relations with other oligarchs, “trying to something to force”. “Today, the demonstration of shock battalions and standing behind them Avakov indicate that in this matter the Ukrainian elite is not United. Then obviously there are all sorts of underlying interests. Not for the first time noticed that Kolomoisky, sitting in Switzerland, and from there conducts his people are involved in the blockade. It was him dangle Lyashko’s instructions. It is unlikely the allies Poroshenko in this situation. But lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. They divide Ukraine. And people are experiencing real problems at this time”,said Konstantin Zatulin.

Waiting for instructions to disperse

However, Kiev experts believe that security forces will soon begin to act – may, on Wednesday. The head of the Institute of Ukrainian politics Konstantin Bondarenko Avakov described the statement as a request for sanctions the Prime Minister on a military operation. “Those who are today blocking the railroad tracks, in violation of the penal code. So it is only necessary to give effect to the law, it is necessary to implement the legislation”,he said.

However, many security officials, like the commander of the national guard Yuriy Allerona, still afraid to take responsibility, reminded the analyst. “After the events of 2014, many military and law enforcement officers in the line of duty was in the dock. Today, many bitter experience want to play it safe. They need someone to give the order, then they could absolve themselves of responsibility”,explained the expert.

We will remind, on the eve of Alleron suggested that the reference to the forceful dispersal of gave the court. “Should have been accepted the court’s decision to release”,said Alleron edition of “New time”. However, the commander did not specify that courts should render such verdicts – whether the district Donetsk and Lugansk courts, whether the Supreme court in Kiev, and who will be the plaintiff and who is defendant. Prevailing in Ukraine, anarchy does not fit into legal rules.

Meanwhile, as reported Tuesday by the newspaper VIEW, in Donetsk militia occupied the office of the holding DTEK, controlled by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. It is reported that employees were allowed to retrieve personal belongings from the offices. It is also alleged that in the neighbouring LC also introduced temporary administration in the largest companies owned by Akhmetov.


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