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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Found the remains of an ancient giant penguin

An international group of scientists from Germany and New Zealand have discovered and described fossil remains of penguins that lived 61 million years ago. The growth of the animal was 1.5 meters, which makes it almost 30 inches above the Emperor penguin. The article was published in the journal the Science of Nature.

The fossils were discovered on the banks of the Waipara river in the Canterbury region, New Zealand. In this area, scientists have found the remains of birds that lived after the dinosaurs by several million years, including the skeleton of the Wyman — another ancient penguin.

A new kind of more of their fossils and modern relatives, except lived 45 million years ago, Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi, whose height reached 1.8 meters. At the moment, the bird with the Waipara river is the oldest known member of the family penguin.

Scientists believe that the animal found was keeping back straight and his gait resembled those of modern penguins. This means that birds of this family, most likely, appeared in the time of dinosaurs.

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