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Sunday, March 18, 2018

WADA is justified for lack of evidence against Russia

Vada on Saturday for the first time not only admitted that the report of McLaren’s evidence is insufficient against Russia, but tried to make excuses. As stated by the Agency itself, the lack of evidence is due to the lack of “samples of doping tests”. However, excuses of WAD remains unclear why in this case, the Agency still decided to rinse mud all Russian sports, and just before the summer Olympics.

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) on Saturday said that an insufficient amount of evidence in the report of the independent Commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren is due to the utilization of samples of doping tests.

“McLaren has made additional requests to the Russian authorities, but they remained unanswered. In relation to some athletes from the report of the McLaren simply can’t be evidence”

“Unfortunately, many samples were disposed of by the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, which means that it is impossible to double-checkis justified by the WADA.McLaren have made additional requests to the Russian authorities, but they remained unanswered. In relation to some athletes from the report of the McLaren simply cannot be evidence. The anti-doping community should clearly realize that it can and cannot receive, based on the report”.

According to TASS, in some cases, WADA allows for the disposal of samples. So, in 2012, the Lausanne anti-doping laboratory was destroyed 62 doping control Russian athletes, delivered from Moscow anti-doping laboratory. Recall, this laboratory was headed by Grigory Rodchenkov, who later fled to the United States and testified to the Commission of McLaren.

WADA accused the Swiss in the instructions are not followed, however, an internal investigation of the laboratory revealed that the organization acted in accordance with the rules of WADA. Sanctions to the laboratory in Lausanne in a result not been applied.

In addition, the justification of WAD remains unclear, the main question if the evidence against Russian athletes and the Russian government is not enough, as it is now recognized, why last summer, it still decided to make heavy controversial accusations against Russia,and a month before the Olympics, that is clearly trying to disrupt the participation of the Russian national team in Games?

Earlier, as he wrote in the Saturday newspaper VIEW, revealed that at a closed meeting Agency WADA itself acknowledges the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that the report of the Commission of Richard McLaren is not enough evidence of the involvement of Russian athletes for anti-doping rule violation. What was said at the meeting, became property of publicity thanks to the letter of the Director General of the IOC Christophe de Kepper, published on the website of the Committee.

“At a meeting of WADA in Lausanne, held on 21 February for consultation with international sports federations on the subject of how to analyze and interpret the evidence, WADA acknowledged that in many cases the evidence is insufficient for a final decision”,quotes the letter of Keppra “Interfax”. In addition, the document stated that the presented WADA with the translation of documents did not meet the requirements for this kind of paperwork requirements, so the Agency asked the official translations.

In a letter to the IOC notes that address all of these issues will take time, but I assure you that we intend to protect clean athletes and to ensure the impartiality of the proceedings.

This seems to be joyful at the news in the sports Ministry of Russia reacted with restraint. The Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov dryly stated that “WADA said in his address”. “And, in principle, we agree with the wording. We continue to work with the organization on the restoration of RUSADA (Russian anti-doping Agency) and bringing it into line with the WADA code”,the Minister promised.

Olympic champion in speed skating, Deputy of the state Duma Svetlana Zhurova (“United Russia”) does not preclude a new attack on the Russian athletes. “An apology is not worth waiting. It’s only one letter, someone could just negatively against us. The whole story is unlikely to end”,quoted Zhurova RT. According to her, vada in their conclusions relied solely on allegations Rodchenkova, which, however, only spoke about specific instances of fraud with doping. “They do not accept private history of fraud and the ability to earn money on this topic. They needed large-scale government approach needed proof”,said the Deputy, noting that Rodchenkov such arguments have not failed.

Optimistic all configured the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov, who said that, “expanding the campaign against Russia, WADA now recognizes the lack of evidence in the report of the McLaren”. “But evidence of the failure of the VAD is more than enough,” – wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

Recall the report of a canadian lawyer McLaren consists of two parts. Published in July first he loudly announced the presence in Russia of a system of falsifying doping tests, which was controlled at the state level. The canadian law Professor did not submit and refused to provide any proof of his accusations.

The second, published in December, it was alleged that the former Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko (nowDeputy Prime Minister) involved in the manual manipulation of doping samples. In total, according to the lawyer, the program involved about thousands of athletes from 30 sports and about 500 tests were actually positive, was concealed by the Russian side. For example, talked about the fraud trial of two Russians from the Olympics in Sochi, as well as six Paralympians with the same Games.

As a result of the scandal, the Russian team was able to participate in the summer Olympic games in Brazil in a truncated part, and the Paralympic athletes were not allowed.

Since IOC there are two Commission on the review of the report. First, under the chairmanship of IOC member Denis Oswald, checks for evidence against specific Russian athletes. Second, under the leadership of ex-President of Switzerland Samuel Schmid (was created before the publication of the report) examines the situation of doping manipulation. This Commission needs to figure out what McLaren meant by “state system of doping” and understand, is it really any Russian organization.

Recall that in mid-January Mutko said that the report has many factual errors, and in early February, hackers have learned about the requirement of the IOC to McLaren to provide evidence against the Russians. In addition, since the scandal continues to retest doping samples all Russians who have performed at the Olympics in Sochi. Kepper said that the samples studied 28 athletes who came under suspicion of doping.


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