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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The US wants to say goodbye to the HRC

The United States plans to leave the Council for human rights of the UN. This international organization has been repeatedly criticized for bias and incompetence, including Russian politicians, especially after last October, when Russia was not included in the HRC. However, a very likely move Washington threatens to further undermine the authority of world law.

USA can leave the Council for human rights of the UN. This was announced by the publication Politico, citing us administration.

“The United States has made a significant contribution to the discrediting of international law, if they begin to openly ignore the international institutions, the consequences can be, to put it mildly, unpleasant”

As the main argument sources in the US administration cite the fact that the human rights Council includes countries with a strong tough ruling regime. In addition, according to them, is questionable and the overall efficiency of the body, reports TASS.

However, sources Politico noted that while not talking about the imminent withdrawal of the US from the UNHRC. Administration officials say that the final decision will depend on U.S. President Donald trump, Secretary Rex Tillerson, as well as the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley.

Politico, meanwhile, notes that Tillerson also expressed doubt in expediency of stay of the US in the UNHRC, and trump has made support for Israel, which the HRC condemns.

The publication stresses that a possible US withdrawal from UN human rights Council should alarm the international human rights defenders.

Biased and incompetent Institute

However, the US is not the first state, which questioned the impartiality of the Council for human rights. Russia has repeatedly criticized the organization for the confrontation.

So, in November 2016 at the General Assembly of the United Nations, Deputy head of the Department for humanitarian cooperation and human rights Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory lukyantsev said that the UN Council on human rights “instead of searching for the “unifying themes” increasingly there is a political struggle and attempts to make confrontational topics.”

Lukyantsev stressed that “the UN bodies mandated to deal with human rights, should not interfere in the competence of other bodies of the organization.”

The representative of the foreign Ministry also noted that Russia are alarming, “the persistent attempts by the individual States instead of searching for the unifying stories to introduce the HRC deliberately confrontational topics.” “The latest example is the Council resolution on the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity and establishment of a post of the independent expert. It works not to improve the human rights situation, and to create additional dividing lines in the Council”,stated lukyantsev.

In addition, previously, the objectivity of the UNHRC doubted Iran. So, in October, Iran’s Deputy foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi declared that the election of Saudi Arabia to the UN Council on human rights “can be considered politically motivated, as the country does not meet the criteria to participate in this body”.

“I believe that the participation of certain countries, such as Saudi Arabia, clearly demonstrates that the international instruments of human rights protection are used only in accordance with political objectives,” Araqchi was quoted by RIA “Novosti” with reference to Iranian news Agency Fars.

The Minister expressed surprise at the fact that Saudi Arabia was held in HRC under the banner of advancing women’s rights, which, according to him, in the Kingdom “is given the least importance.” He also recalled that Saudi Arabia is waging a military campaign against Shiite rebels in Yemen, the victims of which are civilians and children.

Recall that in October the Russian Federation was not included in the new Board. The head of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov said that at the UNHRC, there is rotation: that Russia has not received the required number of votes, it’s a shame, but it’s not a disaster.

As noted by the newspaper VIEW, just before the vote at the General Assembly, a group of human rights organizations opposed the re-election of Russia in the UNHRC.

The administration of the tramp as a threat to international law

The political scientist, member of the Presidium of the Russian Council on international Affairs Fyodor Lukyanov, commenting on the newspaper VIEW rumors of a possible US withdrawal from the Council for human rights of the UN, said that these rumors have a very real basis.

“The withdrawal of the United States of the HRC are quite real. Criticism of this organization were heard from Washington a very long time. Foreign policy, aimed at reducing the importance of the UN, generally characteristic of Republicans”,the expert believes. Lukyanov reminded that when George W. Bush was the period when the rotation turned out that the UNHRC was chaired by Libya that became the subject of ridicule in the international community. In General from the fact that once again the United States will be leaving the Council on human rights, according to the expert, for the Americans, nothing will change. “The importance of this organ and so are not very high. Apparently, in the administration of trump think the UN meaningless bureaucratic institution, membership in which America spends too much money. I believe in the future of the USA as much as possible will limit my participation in this organization”,Lukyanov suggested.

As for the criticism of HRC from Russia, Iran, Israel, other States, as noted by the analyst, such dissatisfaction is typical in General for all international organizations that defend human rights. “There will always be those who accuse them of bias. Everyone loves to use human rights defenders in the struggle against their foreign rivals, but don’t like it when human rights defenders themselves pay attention to them is in the foreign policy of a universal rule”,said Lukyanov.

However, in his opinion, the return of the tendency to disregard the UN in the United Statessomething quite disturbing. “Despite all the well known obvious shortcomings, the UN has no alternative, a similar behavior in General undermines the credibility of the international legal organizations. If you take this route, you can go very far. The US has already made a significant contribution to the discrediting of international law, if they begin to openly ignore the international institutions, the consequences can be, to put it mildly, unpleasant”,explained the expert.


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