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Monday, March 19, 2018

The scandalous match in Arkhangelsk: “he Spat on the Russian hockey”

Pass, it would seem that the match is not the most popular sport of the Russian hockey may go down in history as the most shameful game of all domestic team sports. The teams scored all the goals in his own net. Versions about the causes of the incident, has called a “mockery of the fans,” is quite clear.

Held on Sunday in Arkhangelsk in the framework of the championship of Russia on hockey the meeting between local “the water-transport worker” and Irkutsk “Baikal-Energy” has ended with the score 11:9 in favor of the guests. The most productive player of the match was striker loser “Vodnik” Oleg Pivovarov – the thing is that the balls in that game were scored by the hockey players solely in his own net.

“I wanted to annoy the Federation, but in the end he spat on the Russian hockey, humiliated themselves, humiliated fans”

The scandal caused an instant reaction of fans, who in the mass had left the match, as well as professionals – colleagues, journalists and experts. Interestingly, on the video channel team VODNIK Arkhangelsk TV commentators could not conceal her wonderment of what is happening, calling the game “bullying” to stop calling her and admitting that such in the history of Russian hockey is for the first time. No less discouraged looked and mentors of both teams, which was evident in their behavior in a brief postgame press conference.

“The more absurd the situation, (than that) which happened on the field, it is hard to think of,commented the head coach “Baikal-Energy” Evgenie Erakhtin.First, we did not start, we did not need that from the point of view of result. We wanted to work out some tactical scheme, but when we started this whole circus began to hit their target… I am in no means trying to accuse the coaches and the guys. I think that this is probably from the leadership team.”

In turn, the chief coach of “Vodnik” Igor Gapanovich and not found the answer about what was happening on the ice: “I was probably the first time in my life without review. Here to talk just about anything”.

This talk was about, and even in such unsportsmanlike behavior of the players could see the logic. As reported in postnation the release of the press service of the their “counterparts”HK “Baikal-Energy”, “the fact that the home team was not set up to fight in this match, it became clear an hour before the game when Vodnik submitted technical bidit was missing almost all the leading players of the club and in reserve except the goalkeeper was the only player.”

The expectation is that the Federation of bandy of Russia (fhmr) ignore the incident, have not been met: preliminary meeting of the control and disciplinary Committee took the decision to annul the result of the match. Replayed on a neutral field. “The control and disciplinary Committee after careful consideration of the situation will take strict measures”,said the President fhmr Boris Skrynnik.

For his part, commenting on the situation TASS, the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov called it “the wildest case”:

“Of course, is a blow to the development of bandy in Russia,says the head of Department.A very unpleasant story, but I hope that the leadership of the clubs, and the heads of the regions and the Federation will give a proper assessment of what happened yesterday at the Playground… In the framework of regulation the two teams would be considered sanctions. Of course, the players at some point forgot that playing for the audience, for their fans. In my opinion, all who participated in this circus should be punished so that in the future this is not repeated.”

What is the reason of such behavior?

According to one version, it can be assumed that the Arkhangelsk club, who played in the last meeting in a draw with the leader of the championship Khabarovsk “SKA Neftyanik”, now did not want to meet in the playoffs with a more powerful player Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei”. On him he went out in case of winning the meeting.

In addition, when the scandal became public, as in social networks spread information of the same content, blaming the incident solely the fhmr leadership, in particular President Boris Skrynnik. Author of review unknown.

“This man allocates space in the championship before it began marketing under the scheme, the extent of benefits, gifts from teams,stated in the message.There are teams that are held in high esteem (“Baikal-Energy”the clearest example), there are teams on which he openly spit in because they do not have sufficient cash handicap or a handicap game (“Start”, “homeland”), and there are three teams standing in the throat of our Lord. “SKA Neftyanik”unsinkable money bag, “Yenisei”the best school in Russia, Vodnik is somewhere in between these two clubs. From “Oilman” he got rid, when I realized that it died. “Vodnik” with “Yenisei” is sued throughout the current season. In the final round of the season was as ever a good layout: it is possible to bump heads in the quarterfinals of the “Vodnik” and “Yenisei”, and then in the semifinals, “the oil industry worker” with the winner. For this it was necessary to win the “Vodnik” in the last round, but with a difference of no more than five balls as favourite “Baikal” in this case is shifted from second to third place. Rather, the goals an own goal – not that other, as a protest of the “Vodnik”.

Such conspiracy theory has been disproven, the former world Boxing champion and now a member of the Executive Committee fhmr, popularizer of Russian hockey, a member of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Nikolay Valuev, commenting on the incident sports portal “the championship.”

“You always have to understand who it can be profitableis convinced the Deputy.We must start with the “Vodnik”. Apparently, “Yenisei” too strong a team, and “Ural trubnik” is preferable. The whole team is involved in such nasty things, this is a conspiracy. This is the position of the club, to which all the players and the coach are dependent people. But this does not absolve them of responsibility. Against the perpetrators of this match should be applied the most severe sanctions. Both teams are to blame. As for the judges that didn’t stop this game, they will be asked questions.”

Words Valuev confirmed the official position of the “Conductor” appeared in a news article on the website of the hockey club:

“Guest of the outcome of this match had no tournament value. In any case, they remained in second place. “Vodnik” in case of victory in the quarterfinal to defending champion – Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei” in case of defeat his opponent will be “Ural trubnik”,stated in the message of Archangelsk.The management of the hockey club, the team apologized to the fans.”

In conversation with the newspaper LOOK the deserved master of sports and Merited coach of the USSR and currently the sporting Director of the hockey club “Dynamo” and “Baikal-Energy” Vladimir Janko has expressed regret that had not had the opportunity to lead the team with a controversial match.

“Sorry I wasn’t there, I haven’t seen happening with my own eyes,shared his emotions the athlete. – Would have been – led the team off the ice. It’s a shame that Vodnik has fallen to such depths”.

His assessment of the act of hockey players, as well as accusations against the leadership of the Federation of the newspaper VIEW gave the acting Director of competitions fhmr, the head coach of the men’s team Sergey Maus.

“I wanted to annoy the Federation, but in the end he spat on the Russian hockey, humiliated themselves, humiliated fansconvinced sports figure. – You need to realize – either we act in the legal field, within the rules of the Federation or as the wind in the field. Fall within the fhmr we collected representatives of all the Russian teams had twenty of them discussed the format of the championship, decided to make it four, with completion in the format of the playoffs. Of course, when the Prince Vodnik coming to the final stage with three points is his, of course, is not satisfied. We in the Federation are not saints and may make mistakes, but let us pluck up courage, wait for the completion of the championship and decide the format of the championship the future based on the opportunities that we have!”

According to Maus, adopted on Monday the decision of the disciplinary Committee fhmr – preliminary. On Tuesday in the Federation are going to hear representatives of both teams and then make the final decision, which in any case “will be tough”.


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