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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Russians have a better understanding of what it means to the army

The defender of the Fatherland day is among the iconic holidays. Because the way people refers to the army, to judge very, very much. Including about the moral health of the nation and about the atmosphere in the society. And, judging by recent polls, value orientations in society are increasingly the norm.

With the fact that the Russian army in recent years has changed, virtually all agree. Even the most hard-nosed “fighters against the regime” admit it at least to the eloquent silence on army theme. The army is no longer afraid nor mothers, nor children, even those in “intelligent” circles, where in the middle of last decade it was a sign of good manners. Yes, the public now prevail much more Patriotic sentiment – but it has changed not only the attitude of the army, but the army itself.

“Respect for military service is one of the most important signs of spiritual health of any society”

The changes were the result of the reforms that was carried out by three defense Ministers was prepared when Sergei Ivanov, held at Anatoly Serdyukov and continues under Sergei Shoigu. The fruits of the reforms are visibleit and restoring order with bullying (this “eternal sickness of the Russian slave mentality”, as more recently taught us fighters against authoritarianism in all its forms), and reduction of service life till one year, and disposal of military training in the cleaning of potatoes or cleaning of the territory and rearmament, and reform of the structure of the armed forces, with emphasis on the creation of an efficient and mobile units, and a decrease in the number of recruits.

Now from 800 thousand the number of Armed forces we have little more than a half – contractors. So not all want to get into the army by conscription could do that. This is especially true of the Caucasian republics. The army was the army – and soldiers are engaged in it from executing their direct duties. Learn to defend the Motherland. And not only learn, but also to fight.

But these changesonly a Foundation. To change the attitudes of society, needed changes in the society. And they did. Through August 2008, through the Crimea and war in Donbass, through Syria, through a tough confrontation with the West – people had a better understanding of what it means for the Russian army.

But it is not only in the realization that the army protects the country from the real and more understandable to each of the threats to return to the mass consciousness the notion of duty, courage and honor. Changed and pragmatic approach to military service. Greatly increased its prestige, understanding that it again becomes one of the options is quite successful career. Moreover, as in the Armed forces and in law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies, whether national guard or FSB.

In addition, although officially the norm, according to which to take the civil service in the government is only supposed to be past the army (or military Department), and was not accepted, yet to those who did not serve (apparently inexplicably) are already more closely.

The army was again his, but it was again natural. This is reflected in the figures of the survey conducted by VTSIOM.

Almost half, 46 percent of respondents said that they feel a sense of respect for our army, 39 percentto be proud of, every fourth feels the confidence in the Armed forces (the question allowed more than one answer). Only four percent said about his distrust and disappointment the Russian army. But the most important were the answers to another item of the questionnaire.

To the question “I would Like to see in the ranks of the Russian army close relatives?” 64 per cent answered “Yes”. And only a quarter of respondents said “no”. If we look at figures from the start of the century, we will see huge changes. In 2002, it was exactly the opposite – only 20 percent said Yes and 70 percent did not want to see their children, husbands and brothers in the army.

Even seven years ago, in 2010, the ratio was not in favor of service – 36 for 50 against. The turning point occurred in 2012 and this was due to the fact that already began to affect the impact of military reform: was 52 for and 40 against. And now we have 64 on the 25 the result is very good.

Confirming that we return not only to normal, natural relation to their own army, but to a normal, healthy atmosphere in society. Because if the citizens do not want to serve in the army, it is bad characterizes not only the authorities but also the citizens themselves. Yes, the army can be bad, uncomfortable, wrong, outrageous – but it is the army of your country, your people.

And the reluctance to go into the service or sent to her relatives, recorded at the beginning of the XXI century, spoke not only about the fact that the army was dominated by bullying, she fought in Chechnya and was dilapidated – but that people did not identify himself with his army, with the people with the state. That is, testified to the disintegration of society, country, civilization. On the death of Russia.

And the fact that we were able to reverse this trend, restore the faith in themselves and their army, their country, is no less important than another fracture in the demographic curve, the growth in the birth rate in our country. If the Russians give birth to children if they want to serve and protect their homeland – so the worst thing we’ve left behind. Overcome, break, gone.


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