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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The liberal radicals have become the least dangerous opponents trump

Well-known liberal activist David Brock has developed a plan to overthrow Donald trump by 2020. By itself, the initiative looks harmless and banal exposes the ineffectiveness of the “liberal intelligentsia”. But the plan of Brock also points to the acute power crisis in the United States since the Civil war: although the electoral campaign ended, the split in society is only growing.

The representatives of the Democratic party of the United States are preparing for the impeachment of Donald trump and even prepared a special plan to achieve this goal by 2020.

“Despite the volume of news, unlikely to seriously be taken seriously this particular initiative”

Its author was the famous liberal activist and staunch ally of Hillary Clinton in the last election, David Brock. Leaflets with a program called “Democracy matters: strategic action plan” were distributed among the investors of the Democratic party in Florida.

Essentially the plan is a program of the fight against trump in the information field: from tracking the smallest mistakes and missteps on his part (and his relatives and team) to counter “the misinformation in conservative media” that support the President. Special attention should be given to work in social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the creation of an online platform Shareblue, which the activists of the Democratic party will communicate directly with voters.

Despite the volume of news, the initiative is unlikely to be taken seriously. Being fairly well-known figure, David Brock at the same time has a specific reputation for lightweight, loudmouth and radical, tend to costly, but ineffective projects.

At the same time, Brock and his associates are precisely the trends of American politics and trying to “ride the wave” and take the financial flows in the fight against the White house. There is no doubt that they have competing teams whose plans just did not get into print.

First of all we are talking about what the election of the President in the slightest degree did not reduce the intensity of bitterness. Trump, being in the White house, is under unprecedented pressure (and in fact persecution) in the media. After the first weeks of his presidency, it became obvious that he also is facing a large bureaucratic sabotage.

Experts argue that this level of bitterness is the first case in American history since the Civil war. It is, in fact, and makes Parallels with the events of the XIX century and wonder, and will be able to cope with such a large scale for almost half a century the internal political crisis and divisions that permeate society from top to bottom.

In addition, the initiative of David Brock, once again exposed the myopia, if not blindness, of the forces whose representative he is.

As you know, the election campaign was accompanied by phenomenal in its intensity antithrombosis campaign, both in traditional press and in social networks. Basic social media actually openly “played” Clinton.

Its defeat because had such an effect that the dominance of the Clinton and hounding trump in the information field wore non-negotiable. However, the election results demonstrated that voters live in reality, not in design for modern media of virtuality, and the choice they make based on this reality itself. The election results showed a severe crisis of trust among the electorate and media.

The published plan indicates that the Democrats (at least some part of them) from the lesson was never learned. Brock’s plan involves working mainly in the media field. While trump already won once, playing on the field reality.

This, of course, does not mean that the position of trump as President is reliably and steadily. On the contraryhe was facing in almost all directions with a massive and stiff opposition, and its prospects are quite vague. Active antithrombosis measures, whether mentioned or sabotage attempts by Congress to tie his hands, show that many of his opponents were just lessons learned from the last campaign.

The story of the plan of David Brock probably speaks to the fact that of all the internal opponents of the current American President the safest are typical representatives of the modern liberal of the creative class.


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