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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sergei Fomchenkov: we All want the liberation of all lands of Novorossia

“The presence of Prilepin shows that the war intellectuals, not “cattle”, “quilted jackets” some”, – said the newspaper VIEW, the commander of the 4th reconnaissance assault battalion of special forces of the Armed forces DND Sergey Fomchenkov. He told how the writer Zakhar Prilepin became the political officer of his military unit and why the war in the East of Ukraine will continue.

In mid-February, news agencies spread around the news: writer Zakhar Prilepin collected in the DNI and his battalion received from the leader of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko insignia of major. He Prilepin said that it is the position zamkombata on work with the personnel – in other words, the “political officer” or “instructor”.

“Zakhar Prilepin has to make sure that those who rebelled in the Donbass in 2014, was, went nowhere”

In addition to the approval of the extraordinary act of the writer, there were also allegations in the desire to attract undue attention. Detractors among colleagues wished him imminent and ignominious death, and the security Service of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings under articles “participation in activity of the terrorist organization” and “financing of terrorism”.

About how the famous writer was in the Armed forces of the DNI and what is its role in the division, VZGLYAD asked his direct commander Sergei Fomchenkova, known under the Callsign “Fomich”.

How was formed this battalion? What are his tasks?

Sergei Fomchenkov: I in 2014 he created the movement “international Brigade” to help the volunteers who wanted to go in the Donbass. Then the border was under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, and people who wanted to help the rebels Donbass, made their way here from Russia with great difficulty. After some time I realized that once I help people to get thereI need to participate in the events. And I in June of 2014 I went to serve in the Lugansk. Was promoted to chief of staff of the artillery of the 2nd brigade of the Armed forces of the LC. When was the debaltsevsky boiler, I commanded the artillery…

Clearly, we are subject to military orders about the truce. But as humans we strive to achieve the justice for which we started to do. And so Zakhar Prilepin has to make sure that those who rebelled in the Donbass in 2014, was, went nowhereto show that the war still continues, we must fight. Talking about volunteers, who came here from Russia, and those locals who took up arms in 2014. And I also wanted to collect in one battalion ideological and inspired by the guys who came to fight not for fear but for conscience. The idea coincided. The male in the summer of 2016 is suggested to create a battalion. Launched to those people that we know. Take only on advice. And in autumn, somewhere in October, the battalion began to start performance of fighting tasks.

OPINION: How you met Mr. Prilepin?

S. F.: I often overlap with the male during your stay at the Donbass. Were familiar with it long ago, before the war. And here, in Donbass, he was in the first months of the conflict came and helped. It is very much help the militia brought. Humanitarian aid first and foremost. We have a lot of people in Lugansk was put on by Zakhar Prilepin. As well as helping us that covered the events that took place hereshowed in the right perspective, because an information war is very important.

OPINION: who is your battalion, and what he does?

S. F.: we Have reconnaissance assault battalion. Our task is to take any terrain, to capture, to hold… We are in many operations participate, but the specific units can not talk in detail.

Guys we have a decent, mostly having training since 2014 past the front LC, DNR. A lot of volunteers from Russia, many of them already felt themselves to be inhabitants of Donbass, now the local has become. They can not leave until the Donbass not be completely liberated. The residents of the DNI and the LC, which we have too many in the battalion, have families, they are grown men, almost all have childrenthey can’t drop everything and go have a peaceful life. The war is not over, and the people who came to us in the battalion, ready to go to the end.

Recently, in Donetsk, in a peaceful part of the city, near the Motel, the projectile came. In my unit is a fighter, who smashed flat. His wife and daughter, 15 minutesand they were supposed to be home. If they got homethe family would have died. That’s where these people go toto lay down their arms or to go abroad to work? They can’t. For such people this is a huge support that we have created such a battalion. We give them hope that the war is not over, we must continue.

OPINION: Where now fighting your battalion?

S. F.: Part of us is in Kominternove is one of the most sensitive areas in the Donetsk people’s Republic. This is the direction to Mariupol, which is now APU and the national guard brought up a lot of energy. There are constant fights. Interestingly, in Kominternovo people live until now. 500 metres from the front line shop. Recently the children went to school. In October, somewhere in there mine came, and after that only children were evacuated. I’ve got a fighter whose daughter went to this school…

OPINION: what is the role of Zakhar Prilepin inside the battalion? What tasks it performs?

S. F.: the male represents the Russian world. Not just somewhere in Moscow sits and says: “Yes, guys, I support the Donbass, cool, you guys”. It’s case proves, and it is a big risk. He’s a political officer in the Soviet army political officer – the person who is with the staff, communicates, inspires them… a lot of walking rumors: “Moscow left us!”, “We are betrayed!”, “We merge!”… And here comes the famous representative of the Russian world, comes and says: “Guys, I’m with you in the battalion will be together!”

He is involved in the daily life of a battalion, is located in the headquarters, doing his job, when possible, of course, because he has a certain number of their cases. But since the active phase of the activities of a battalion of the male most of the time, pays battalion. I don’t even know when he finds time for all his other works, because I see that he is there and acts somewhere, and writing.

Very very noticeable, as the appearance of the battalion touched “dill”. Where we are now, caught on TV news “ukropskie”. There they can not calm down! I think we’ve landed in the right spot. Always they said the cattle, quilted jackets, they were all cattle called, the dead commanders… And then: Bang!coming writer, an intellectual, and says: “Guys, I’m going to fight with you!” The presence of Prilepin shows that the war intellectuals, not “cattle”, “quilted jackets” some. Not those who propaganda “brain washed”.

The LOOK: As the soldiers took Prilepin?

S. F.: For them was a very revealing story when Zach came in Kominternove. Kominternovo demolished on the eve of the heavy fire. There each point in the sweep. And when in this situation comes from the writer, which people only see on TV, the people it inspires. He is calm, is not afraid: he had served in Chechnya were on business trips.

How do you assess the prospects of the war in the Donbass?

S. F.: the War will continue. The war must establish justice. We can’t forgive what occupied our lands, a large part of the Donetsk and part of Lugansk area. I have soldiers who have family there, mother, father, wife on the other side, and they can’t get to them. Those men who started in 2014 with Slavyansk, Kramatorskthey want to liberate the lands that are occupied. There have been referendums, the people have supported the establishment of the people’s Republic of Donetsk, and Kiev seized the land and keeps them by force. People are imprisoned, killed, tortured. These problems still must be solved. Even the mundanelike the one that Donetsk without water regularly remains off the electricity because the infrastructure is tied to those areas that are still controlled by the Kiev junta.

If you take the side of Kiev, a war they need more. The entire regime of Poroshenko rests on the fact that in 2014 the people of Ukraine stated: “Look, there’s a scary Russian who attacked us. Support our power – and then they will not be late”. If the war continues, will not this myth about the Russian threat, the authorities in Kiev will fall.

“Dill,” I want to drown Donbass in blood. They accumulate the force: down equipment, weapons. If you take the southern direction, opposite the divisions of the Republic they have a five-fold superiority in manpower and technology. They are in the same place a lot of force concentrate to hit a wedge. One of these wedges under Mariupol. They want the first chance to break the Minsk agreement. They are, in fact, never observed: and technology have always stood, and tanks on the demarcation line.

But if our demands are fair, their motives to wage wardirty, the motives for personal survival, not caring about the people of Ukraine, the people of Donbass. They only think about how to retain power.

VIEW: How you and men of your battalion see the future of the Donbass?

S. F.: All I want, of course, the liberation of all the lands of new Russia. These are the lands where people speak in Russian, think in Russian, who do not want to live under some ideological principles, brought from the Western Ukraine. Let them in Western Ukraine live how I want, the portrait of Bandera hung… For Eastern Ukraine is quite atypical. We have always considered themselves Russian. This area in 1991 was separated from great Russia and was 25 years old propaganda that we are Ukrainians in Russia is bad… But people in this area still remains Pro-Russian configured. All the land of Russia should be liberated, otherwise, why would so many victims? We have people from Odessa and Kharkov, whose heart aches for their native land. They also write of there relatives that they have going on.


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