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Friday, January 19, 2018

Peres does not become a “democratic trump”

The democratic party of the United States for the first time headed by a Latino. Tom Perez, the former labour Minister and outspoken opponent of trump, already promised to become the worst nightmare for a Republican President. After the era of Obama and Clinton passed the position of the Democrats is significantly lacking fresh charismatic leaders. Whether Peres to revive the party after debacle in the elections?

On the eve of the USA was chosen as the head of the National Democratic Committee (DNC). 55-year-old Latino, ex-Minister of labor Tom Perez in the struggle for the post bypassed a member of the house of representatives from Minnesota, a black Muslim Keith Ellison.

“Now in the Democratic party – at lower levels, on average, a lot of ardent supporters, and loyal activists, but a major brake upgrade is it party leadership”

Tom Perez has the support of key employees of the Obama administration, including former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. He was voted 235 to Committee members with the necessary 218, reports RT with reference to the Hill.

Ellison supported the same forces within the party that stood for Bernie Sanders in a presidential race. The election of a new leader of the party, they pointed out that Perez is not the best candidate for the Democrats in opposition to US President Donald Trump.

We will remind that the former Chairman of the national Committee of the party of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign in connection with the scandal around the actions of the Committee against Sanders in the primary election during the presidential campaign.

Perez and trump exchanged pleasantries

The President of the United States Donald trump is already jokingly congratulated Tom Perez on the win, writing in his Twitter that “it is impossible to wish the best for the Republican party”, apparently referring to the weakness of the new leader of the Democrats.

At the same time, trump said in his Twitter that he believes his victory is unfair. “The struggle for the chair NCDP, of course, was unfair. The guy who supported Bernie (Sandersed.), like the Bernie, never had a chance. Clinton wanted Peres”,quotes the American President TASS.

Tom Perez, in turn, did not remain in debt. He promised, along with the Democratic party to become Donald trump’s worst nightmare. However, before Peres was known as one of the most vocal critics of Donald trump, openly accusing the American President in relations with the Kremlin and calling democratic senators to block a trump candidacy to the post of commander of the Armed forces of the United States.

The party gerontocracy reigns

The analyst, americanist Dmitry Drobnicki, commenting on the newspaper VIEW, the election of the Chairman of the DNC, spoke about the serious staffing problems in the Democratic party.

Obviously, the expert believes that the democratic forces should undertake significant efforts in order to rectify the situation after the elections.

“Elections 2014 and 2016 for Democrats were, to put it mildly, bad. Clearly it was in 2014, when Democrats lost the majority of gubernatorial elections and elections to the legislative assemblies of the States”,said Drobnicki.

He recalled that Hillary Clinton twice vied for the presidency in 2008 and 2016 that, in his opinion, deprived of opportunities to make a career in the party of many prominent politicians. Interfere with them to gain experience by taking part in primaries and the presidential race. The party is a deficit, charismatic, and bright leaders. The crisis, said the expert, of course, the most noticeable impact on the centrist wing of the party, but to a certain extent had an impact on the left wing.

“I recall that it left in its time was nominated for President of the United States Barack Obama, but now the situation is completely different. In 2016, the left was only saved by the surprisingly good performance in the primaries Bernie Sanders subsequently supported the nomination of Hillary Clinton. In General, the major personnel problem of the Democrats is that the old party leaders are in no hurry to leave their posts and give way to young, and it applies to both center and left wing of the party”,summed up Drobnicki.

The fact that too much in the party is under the control of the same of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, according to experts, prevent the Democrats from moving forward.

“In addition, the top Democrats now is still reeling from the election scandal, when publishing by WikiLeaks of official correspondence of the top of the National Committee was forced to resign the head of this Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz”,said the americanist.

Perez was the best of the worst candidates

According to Drobnitch, the election of Tom Perez to head the Democratic national Committee says just that in the top of the party is not ready to change. “Let’s start with the fact that usually this kind of positions occupied by people with experience of work in the party, party activists. This was, in particular, head of the national Committee of the Republican party, current head of the White house, the Raines Pribus. He made a career in the party, without taking up any administrative posts. Actually, the American President, and included him in my team as a connecting link between himself and the Republican party, where, as you know, a strong domestic opposition to Trump. Former Secretary of labor Tom Perez without much experience of party work as head of the National Committee of the Democrats looks to put it mildly, strange”the analyst believes.

However, added Drobnicki, given the personnel crisis in the party, the choice was not from anyone. “I watched his performance in the electionsall the candidates were of the same rhetoric, all talked about how the Democratic party will once again turn the wheel of fortune in their favor and win back lost seats in the States and in the house of representatives. Perez just said the same thing loudly and more emotionally. Apparently, because it was chosen. Although I doubt that Perez, like its rivals, is able to understand the reasons for the fiasco of the election campaign of 2016, and to revive the party,”said the expert.

According to americanists, the voters clearly gave the Democrats a clear signal, making it clear that in order to mobilize the electorate, they need to go to the left, populist agenda and to build it on a charismatic, young, bright leaders. “Peres also unlikely to become “democratic trump””,believes americanist.

Thus, according to Drobnitch, our party has a bright policy. “Recall the infamous Ms. Gabbard Congresswoman Tulsi, which during the election campaign actively supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. As the leader of the party, she would be a wonderful symbol of renewal and rebirth of the Democrats. But, apparently, the national Committee has not made necessary conclusions from the current unfavorable for Democrats in the political situation. Now in the Democratic party at lower levels, on average and many ardent supporters, and loyal activists, but a major brake upgrade is the party leadership”,he believes.

In addition, Drobnicki believes that Peres, symbolizing the aging of the democratic elite, not even his Latino origin.

“Speaking for the Democrats was so fundamentally politically correct to appoint the head of the National Committee, in this position much more vividly looked to be a former Minister of housing and urban development, USA Julian Castro, he is brighter and more popular, but this step from the party leadership did not have the courage. Besides mentioned above, Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi Hindu and served in the marine corps what is not politically correct candidate. Perez even politically correct national origin to mobilize voters and rebuild the party will not help”,he believes.


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