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Friday, March 23, 2018

Opened a giant penguin – the age of dinosaurs

The penguins never considered young birds, although in the process of evolution, they significantly lost in size. Now weight biggest penguin – Aptenodytes forsteri – more than 46 kg. At the same time lived about 40 million years ago Inkayasu nordenscheldii weighed as much as 120 kg, and their growth was comparable to growth of the person.

And now researchers have discovered New Zealand new, previously unknown penguin that lived 61 million years ago. So pinguinoerrante probably caught the extinction of the dinosaurs, which began, as you know, at the end of the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago. It is important to note that they are the oldest known remains of penguins. So finding it may turn our understanding of these creatures.

To the right is the leg bone of a king penguin, the largest modern penguin, on the left, found the remains / ©Sciencedaily

Some conclusions about the detected penguin scientists have already presented. Probably, the animals moved, rolling over from one hind limb to the other: something like that we can see the modern penguins. Thus, according to experts, these creatures were more progressive than his relatives. And yet, according to representing Scientific-research Institute of Senckenberg Gerald Mayer (Gerald Mayr), open creatures were extremely large. Penguin, which belonged to the remains, reached 1.5 m in height. So its growth is comparable to growth of the average inhabitant of Asia.

Scientists are unable to speak with confidence about the specific reason for the extinction of the ancient giants. Looks much more obvious reason for the decline of modern penguins associated with human activities. Due to anthropogenic factors of global warming and the melting of glaciers in Antarctica may, in particular, lead to a decline in the population of Adelie penguins more than doubled by the end of the XXI century. In the role of refuge for birds can be a Cape Ader.

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