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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In Moscow chided trump “incompetence”

Donald trump, trusting the rumors about the placement of Russia cruise missiles in circumvention of the INF Treaty, promised to raise the conversation with Putin the question of revision of existing agreements. The intention to “make America great” in the nuclear field can open the way to a new arms race. In any case before the expiry of the contract start-III is only four years – just in time for the term “turbulent presidency trump”.

Russia strongly opposes the possible termination of the agreement on strategic offensive weapons, in force since 2011 (start-III). About it RIA “Novosti” said the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov.

“Seems to be coming true most pessimistic forecasts. I don’t think Donald trump has special expertise in the field of strategic offensive arms”

So the Senator commented on the statements made on the eve of Donald trump. The US President expressed dissatisfaction with the new start Treaty. From the same reports indicate that trump intends at the meeting with Vladimir Putin to raise the issue of compliance with another Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). According to Reuters, the US President said that he would discuss the violations, which allegedly made to Russia.

In an interview with Reuters trump said that Russia allegedly placed cruise missile in violation of the INF Treaty. Thus, the President of the United States trusted the rumors, publicized last week, the American media and Senator John McCain. The statement about the deployment of “combat-ready units of cruise missiles” turned out to be unsubstantiated – what Washington pointed out to then in the foreign Ministry.

The same Reuters previously reported, citing leaks from the White house: trump believes the start-III Treaty, which “was concluded in favor of Russia” and was “one of several bad business deals by the Obama administration”.

We will remind, start-III enclosed by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev in 2010 and enacted in 2011, provides for reduction of strategic delivery vehicles to 700 units and 1,550 nuclear warheads. The contract is valid until 2021. In turn, the INF Treaty, operating since 1988, is perpetual. This Treaty embodies an obligation not to produce, not to test and not to deploy ballistic and cruise missiles, ground-based medium (from 1 thousand to 5.5 thousand km) and small (from 500 to 1 thousand kilometers) range.

“Just on the turbulent period of the presidency of the trump”

As said Ozerov, start-III is “fundamental to world security”; the contract was designed so that none of the parties were not restrained in the rights – and therefore, Russia will insist on its extension.

In addition, the Senator added, the rejection of the contract may be a bad example for other countries seeking to possess nuclear weapons. “If the U.S. is going to ignore the start-III, it will open the floodgates to the DPRK and some other countries,” warned lake.

Outrageous statements trump misplaced, said Ozerov, first Deputy Franz Klintsevich. “Seems to be coming true most pessimistic forecasts. I don’t think Donald trump has special expertise in the field of strategic offensive arms. So someone from the new administration, it is likely that Herbert McMaster, recently appointed adviser to the President for national security – has managed to convey to trump his point of view, one of the most difficult issues in Russian-American relations and, apparently, convinced him” – quoted Klintsevich portal “United Russia”.

“This is pretty weird. The impression that Donald trump is still in the thrall of his election rhetoric, while continuing to make outrageous statements, which, in its current state is totally inappropriate,” said the Senator. He stressed that start-III is a subtle matter, and “so, with a swoop and do any conclusions, at least not professionally”.

In turn, the head of another Committee of the Federation Council international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev has reminded that the contract does not imply automatic renewal. Why, said the Senator needed an early start of Russian-us consultations on its further fate. “Time (to 2021 – approx. OPINION) there’s not much left. Less than four years, at the current term after a turbulent presidency trump,” – said Kosachev.

A continuation of the trend

Kosachev reminded that the new start Treaty based on absolute parity of nuclear forces of Russia and the United States, and its purpose is to prevent the “superiority in the nuclear field” of any of the parties. “Campaign slogan trump’s “Make America great again” (“to Make America great again”), if this refers to “the superiority in the nuclear sphere,” the world will return to the worst days of an arms race in the 1950s and 1960s, when the warring parties tried to ensure national security by achieving military superiority over the enemy,” warned the Senator.

Quantitative and qualitative parameters of the limitation of strategic offensive arms Russia and the United States in contracts SNV-1 and SNV-3Ревизию agreements reached at the time of the USSR and the USA, the Americans began long before the arrival of the trump. As noted in comments to the newspaper LOOK military expert, a Professor of political science and sociology REU them. Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev, “the United States already had one, so to speak, bad thing, coming in 2001-2002 from the 1972 Treaty on the limitation of missile defense systems”. It happened, recall, when George Bush Junior.

As for the Treaty on strategic offensive weapons (the INF Treaty), then its detonation had a hand already Barack Obama. As previously explained, the Russian defense Ministry, a clear breach of contract was the placement in Eastern Europe, the American launchers MK-41 and ground-based missile defense systems Aegis Ashore. These launchers and missile defense systems already deployed in Romania and are planned to be deployed in Poland and again the decision was made to trump.

Training to deal

“If trump intends to withdraw from the start Treaty-III (clearly stating the rules in the system of nuclear parity), it will cause serious damage to nuclear safety,” – said Perendzhiev. According to experts, a new arms race will put Moscow before the need for the rapid buildup of the nuclear Arsenal, modernisation of nuclear weapons and their means of delivery.

As noted by former chief of General staff army General Yuri Baluyevsky, Russia will take retaliatory measures if the United States will begin to build up nuclear forces. “We will seek an asymmetrical response, including nuclear forces,” Baluyevsky was quoted by RT. The General says that Russia will have as many nuclear weapons as necessary to guarantee deterrence.

However, if trump and critical comments about start-III, it does not mean that I will go to practical revision of the Treaty. “The question is, how intentions trump real – much of the information here resembles the game” – said Perendzhiev.

According to him, we can assume that the statement trump is an offer to bargain for the revision of the start-III on more favorable US conditions. “Trump, being primarily a businessman, considering the contracts as trades and before to conclude a bargain, its “news coverage”, – said the source.

Cheaper to sign a new contract

The former head of the 4th research Institute of the Ministry of defense (responsible for the scientific development of SRF and RSF), major-General Vladimir Dvorkin believes that the US is unlikely to come from start-III. In comments to the Agency “Interfax”, the expert expressed the hope that “trump’s still waiting”. “Both Republicans and Democrats at the time approved start-III and will not go to denounce it. Trump can give any rating, but such actions he commit not be”, – predicts Dvorkin.

According to Dworkin, it would be logical not to renew start-III, and to conclude a start III-IV and to reduce their nuclear forces to 500 warheads and deployed delivery vehicles. A military expert explained: “Now the contract allows us to have 700 deployed delivery vehicles, and we have a 508”. In the case of an SNV-IV of Russia do not need to increase – “we are profitable and cheap.” In all current contracts to reduce Americans have, and we all happens naturally – we don’t have time to fill obsolescent weapons”.


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