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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Brother, Kim Jong-UN was killed with a weapon of mass destruction

Became known, the poisoned brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Nam. According to Malaysian police, it is a powerful nerve poison. In some countries it is even considered to be weapons of mass destruction. At the airport of Kuala Lumpur where the attack occurred, decided to conduct a complete disinfection of all premises.

Two minutes and the man narrowed pupils, four appear sweating, and excessive salivation. Within ten minutes the poisoned convulsions, then paralysis. Another five minutes and the person dies. A highly toxic chemical known as nerve agent VX, the world is weapons of mass destruction. VX — fosfororganichyeskii a chemical warfare agent nerve agents. Has no color and smell. The most toxic ever artificially sintezirovany substances used in chemical weapons. Prohibited under the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, which entered into force in 1997.

VX was created in the middle of the last century in the UK on the basis of amitone – substances, which was originally developed as a pesticide. But because of the high toxicity used in agriculture. At the same time to the experiments of chemists drew the attention of the military. Outdoor after amitone VX was ten times more toxic than its predecessor.

According to the head of the Department of toxicology and emergency medicine SSMU them. I. I. Mechnikov Viktor Shilov, 70 percent of poisonings are fatal. If the dose is chosen so as necessary, to survive is almost impossible.

In the First world warring sides as a chemical weapon widely used colorless gas phosgene. Even with VX they belong to different groups of substances, but the comparison suggests itself: the poison that killed Kim Jong-Nam, is 300 times more toxic than poisoned opponents of each other on the battlefield 100 years ago.

As has told the expert of Department of forensic medicine of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Marina Shilova, the substance is quickly absorbed into the mucous membranes. If the poison got into the body of Kim Jong-Nam through the face and the mucosa, then death had to occur after 15 minutes.

But as the poison ended up in Malaysia? According to the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons, stockpiles of VX to be destroyed. So, it’s either illegally produced in the state or imported into Malaysia.

“In other countries illegal stocks too. The same AUM Shinrikyo at the time used the sarin and VX gases. Small stocks were in Syria and in Iraq. But this substance obtained from the West”, — said the former adviser to the UN Secretary General on the issues of biological weapons Igor Nikulin

Criminals took a matter of seconds, and then for all of them did VX. One of the women involved in the murder have drawn the attention of Kim Jong-Nam, the other at the time struck VX on his face. So the poison immediately found themselves in the mucosa, causing maximum damage. And if the killers had just enough to wash your hands with baking soda or soap, the brother of North Korean leader did not have time to get to the hospital. He died in the road.

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