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Friday, March 23, 2018

Russia relies on the change of government in Germany

The West accuses Russia of meddling in its internal Affairs. The Kremlin allegedly influenced the referendum in Britain, the US election, climbs in France and Germany. The visit of one of the German parties in Moscow became a significant sign of change: Russia begins to behave with the West the way the West behaves towards Russia.

On Monday in Moscow a meeting of the leadership of the state Duma with the delegation of the party “Alternative for Germany”. The meeting was closed to the press, which appeared in the evening on the website of the state Duma the message had the effect of sensation:

“Welcome Frauke Petry on Okhotny Ryad many changes in our European policy as a whole”

“The meeting of Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin with the delegation of the political party “Alternative for Germany” (FRG) headed by party leader Frauke Petry. The delegation is in Russia at the invitation of the government of Moscow in the framework of the program of cooperation with the regions (Länder) of Germany.

During the meeting they discussed issues of cooperation between regional parliaments, the inter-party cooperation and development of contacts of youth organizations.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for energy, the coordinator of the parliamentary group for relations with Parliament, Germany Paul logjam”.

A short message is of great importance for Russian-German relations and the tactics of our policy towards the West.

What is revolutionary about this event? That the representatives of the party which is now third popular in Germany (and get in the September elections to the Bundestag from 10 to 20 percent of the votes), the party that official German propaganda is still trying to call the ultra-radical and almost extremist, openly talk in Moscow with the leaders of our Parliament. And this is a clear signal of Angela Merkel: Russia is betting on a change of government in Germany. No, that would be Chancellor Frauke Petri, and that Chancellor Merkel will not.

Of the entire German political spectrum only the CDU, and it was thanks to Merkel, is firmly Atlanticist position, continuing to insist that the pressure on Russia. And her party’s Bavarian sister, the CSU, and the coalition partner of the SPD prevail very different mood: it’s time to restore the relationship.

Yes, a potential mate Merkel, Martin Schulz, known as a staunch Atlanticist. But his colleagues, the social Democrats Gabriel and Steinmeier refer to the “understanding Putin”, that is, understanding the interests of Germany. Legalization of contacts with “Alternative for Germany” shows that Russia is not shy about any of those who wants the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Welcome Frauke Petry on Okhotny Ryad many changes in our European policy as a whole. We now do not so strictly adhere to the rules, repeatedly formulated by President Putin to contact only with the authorities, avoiding or not advertising contacts with the opposition, the more anti-systemic. If we absolutely groundlessly accused of trying to influence the election in the West – then why should we have to comply with voluntarily assumed limitations?

What is it?

That Moscow has always very carefully applied to the issues of bilateral relations with Western politicians. We have always emphasized that conducting business with the authorities and not trying to play on political differences, to support the opposition, the more radical.

This demonstrative style was motivated by a desire to emphasize a complete contrast to the Soviet era. Then the West loved to blame us that we “export the revolution”, supported by the Communist party. Although, in truth, no serious Soviet intervention in the Affairs of Western countries after the Second world war, and there – and before this there was no war and good relations with most countries of Europe. After 1945, Stalin and his successors helped the Communist parties of Western Europe, but not only did not give them orders to “take power”, but in principle didn’t want to lead them.

On the contrary, the US and Western intelligence agencies took a huge effort to not give the come to power of left-wing – Communists, socialists. In France and Italy in the 40-50-ies, for example, they were determined to build normal relations with the USSR, which was absolutely not necessary neither local nor American Atlanticists. Therefore, the Communist party and a left-wing declared “Soviet puppets”, and in combating the security services and political elites do not disdain any methods (not only propaganda, but purely subversive).

However, in order not to give the opponents of the building of normal relations between Russia and Europe is even cause for innuendo, Vladimir Putin has always stressed that Moscow is negotiating only with the current leaders. This did not prevent Putin personally to maintain good relations with the former presidents or Prime Ministers – for example, Schroeder, Berlusconi, Prodi. But with the same marine Le Pen, Putin has never met. Not only because it was not his level, but due to the fact that the French political elite believed her to shake hands with. Putin did not think so – but still emphasized refrain.

If Brezhnev, arriving in Paris or Bonn, quietly met with the leadership of the local Communist parties, and it does not interfere with normal relations with the leadership of these countries, then for Putin it is extremely important to emphasize that we have no ideological preferences in the European palette.

And despite the fact that the West almost defiantly interfered in our internal Affairs – support for various “fighters against the regime” to an open condemnation of domestic policy of Putin. The contrast was more than obvious.

It used to be. And now everything begins to change gradually, but quite noticeably. Why? Because we saw that we are still accused of things we don’t. Crazy reports about “Russian hackers” or “the dirt on trump’s” become a critical element of the attack on Russia. With no opposition and refutation of Moscow do not matter – the song is about “Russian intervention” sounds louder and louder, and performers absolutely not important reality. Therefore, it is necessary to change tactics.

Now Russia will maintain official relations with the opposition in the West. Especially in recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in the impact of new counter – antielitnye forces in the West. All these years and so they reached out to Moscow – because they do not like globalization the Atlantic (for them takes the form of European integration), the dictatorship of tolerance and the attack on Christianity. They also stand for traditional values and against the imposed philosophy of post-humanism. European right-wing eurosceptics, many leftists and anti-globalists – many of them believe the right strategic Alliance or just normal relations of their countries (France, Germany, Italy and so on) with Russia.

And for three years put pressure on Russia from the Atlantic elites, the growth of sympathy of these forces to our country has only increased. It is not marginal, not populist – it’s the indignant current policy the EU as a whole and individual countries of the European citizens, including a considerable part of the representatives of the most that neither is elite. They do not like the way in which Europe is heading. They are not Pro – they Pro-German, Pro-French, protalinski. And now Russia will not hide their contacts with them.

A few years ago marine Le Pen took in Ohotnyi Ryad which is the then speaker Naryshkin. Now Volodin talked to Petri. In the future, we can bring the leaders of the Spanish “Podemos”, the Italian “five star Movement” Party United Kingdom independence…

Moscow becomes the new capital, neither the Comintern nor the center of the Assembly conservatives-traditionalists all over the world. We’re just starting to work with the whole palette of the Western political spectrum. Still we are accused of meddling in domestic Affairs, so must at least meet with those who declare our “puppets”. And then it’s gonna be awkward when they come to power.


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