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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Amnesty International proposed to deal with the situation in the US and the EU

Human rights defenders Amnesty International in its annual report once again trying to prove the catastrophic situation with human rights in Russia. Earlier, the organization mentioned overtly politicized and biased reports. Is there a chance that the views of Amnesty will become clearer with the coming to power of trump, who is not accustomed to use human rights as an instrument of pressure on other countries?

International non-governmental organization Amnesty International published the annual report says that in Russia last year increased the pressure on freedom of expression. “Tightened restrictions on freedom of Association and peaceful Assembly”,quotes the report Agency “Interfax”.

“The activities of the public so-called human rights organizations like Amnesty International throughout the world is largely dependent on its donors. Amnesty is no exception”

“We note that the amendments to the anti-extremist legislation is, in many ways contrary to the obligations assumed by the Russian Federation in the framework of international law”,said at the presentation of the report of the head of the representative office of Amnesty International in Russia Sergey Nikitin.

In addition, Amnesty expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in the registry of foreign agents for the year 2016 were made to dozens of existing Russian NGOs, including the international “memorial” society, “one of the leading non-profit organizations of the Russian Federation, which has a long history”.

The author on stage.

Amnesty International is an international organization with headquarters in London, established in 1961 and made efforts for the emergence of other international structures, in particular the International criminal court in the Hague. One of the trademarks of the organization – the status of “prisoner of conscience”, the criteria of which, however, is still not determined. In particular, in 2011, “prisoners of conscience” was declared Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his co-defendant on “the process of Yukos” Platon Lebedev. In 2012, Amnesty International awarded the same status as Alexei Navalny. Later, AI has been active in support of Pussy Riot.

The stated goal of AI is to”undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending violations of the rights to physical and psychological integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom from discrimination in the context of its work to promote human rights”. In 1977 the organization was awarded the Nobel peace prize.

Stated that the organization exists through the voluntary contributions of individuals, including their members and supporters (of which there are seven million).

However, from the document itself Amnesty International implies that among the contributors there is such a structure as the us national endowment for democracy (NED). This Fund, established under Ronald Reagan, funded by the U.S. Congress within the budget of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID). In 2011, the WikiLeaks has published data showing that the NED supported the Arab youth movement, which later took an active part in a series of “color revolutions” in the Middle East and North Africa. NED was the first organization, whose work was recognized in Russia undesirable – this decision was made in 2015, the Prosecutor General of Russia.

In addition, among the supporters – Fund “open society” of George Soros and the Ford Foundation, who were also deemed undesirable in Russia by the decision of the Prosecutor General.

Amnesty International has offices in many countries around the world, including in Russia. Note that from 2012 to 2013 as Executive Director of the Department of AI in the U.S. took Suzanne Nossel, who previously worked as assistant to Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of state) on matters of international organizations. In particular, on account of its drafting of resolutions on “human rights violations” in Libya, Syria and Iran. Nossel is known for his support of the participating Pussy Riot and participation in the development of the first of the US-proposed UN resolution on the rights of sexual minorities. In addition, Nossel is the author of the term Smart Power – smart power.

As the United States controls the entire software of the same name planetof an article published in the journal Foreign Affairs in 2004, said: “Progressive politicians should turn to the great mainstay of US foreign policy twentieth – century liberal internationalism.” “Washington, in theory, should offer aggressive leadership – diplomatic, economic and not least military to promote” liberal values, says Nossel.

“To add fuel to the fading fire of the conflict”

In Russia, the reports of this organization was often referred to as politicized and biased, the authorities repeatedly had to refute the claims of Amnesty at the official level.

So, in early February, Amnesty released a report stating that in the prison of Sednaya, Damascus in 20112015 was hanged 13 thousand prisonersmostly “civilians”. “I saw the report. It is regrettable appearance in the present moment, such a crucial from the perspective of the Syrian settlement, report on the alleged mass executions of opponents of the Assad regime in the Syrian military prison,”said in response, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, quoted by TASS.

According to her, the purpose of provocationto”add fuel to the fire fading” of the conflict thus forced quiet passion, and the Syrians are forced to “hate each other” even more. She called the report a “surge”, “fake”, the authors of which do not mind’s “own recognition that given their astronomical numbers of victims are the result of some arithmetic calculations.” These calculations are based on the evidence not named in the report. According to her, Amnesty International as a highly respected organization needs discerning and responsible approach to “fantasies of his Lebanese office”.

In November NTV channel released the film-investigation “the Amnesty of terror”, which tells about the relationship of human rights activists of Amnesty International with the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Istanbul and in General about the Institute the protection of rights as a tool of political games. The film was released in the framework of the program “PE. Investigation.”

Changed the customer, will be replaced and methods

“The activities of the public so-called human rights organizations like Amnesty International throughout the world is largely dependent on its donors. Amnesty is not an exception,says the Chairman of the Board of the Russian public Institute of electoral law Igor Borisov.The one who funds and provides resources for research in the field of human rights, wittingly or unwittingly affect the activities of the organization. It is not necessarily clearly in the instructions accompanying the grant and the terms of reference. Amnesty International has been working for a long time, and its leadership at the level of Executive Directors is well aware of what to expect from them, the grantor”,the expert believes.

Borisov suggests that with the change of government in the United States the activities of the organization may change dramatically. “This is evidenced by a somewhat different vision of the new American administration world order and a more pragmatic approach trump to solving current problems. The new American President is first and foremost a business, knowing how to count money,”he explained the newspaper VIEW. “As you know, no effect of this organization on the territory of Russia States is not yet received,”Borisov admitted.

Let him now be engaged in by the United States

Director General, Institute of foreign policy studies and initiatives Veronica Krasheninnikov suggested that with the coming to power of Donald trump from Amnesty International, there are many stuff at home. “So far none of the American presidents not so boldly trample upon the rights of Americans. Policies of trump beats all who disagree with him: Muslims, migrants, particularly Mexicans, and that is especially sensitive, according to the American press. Never in American history, the President did not call the American press is the enemy of the people”,said political scientist newspaper VIEW.

In addition, says Krasheninnikov, Amnesty International will do in the European Union. “The refugee situation is contrary to all the principles of human rights, then establishing in Europe post war. Crimes motivated by hatred, tyranny of the policeall this should become the object of attention of human rights”,she explained. The situation with human rights in Russia, according to Krasheninnikova, now quite calm and doesn’t deserve so much attention from defenders.

If you want to be the dictator of principles, it is impossible to swear to the parties, said earlier the columnist for the newspaper VIEW, Sergei khudiev. “Organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UN Commission on human rights or the OSCE, maintain a certain credibility that upset both sides of the conflict, emphasizing what we say, not for those, not for these, we have principles”,he wrote, commenting on another area of the activities of Western human rights activiststheir propaganda associated with the war in the Donbass.

“Of course, absolute neutrality does not exist – all are human, we all have our likes and dislikes – but everyone knows that a picture is necessary as-that to balance, so these organizations offer is not a rosy picture of the actions of Ukrainian government troops. People are committed to one of the parties to the conflict, not defending the principles and, quite expectedly, his – in this case, the crimes of the enemy have been highlighted, their crimes are ignored with discretion. And everyone knows that this is what should be expected”,noted Hudiev.


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