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Thursday, March 22, 2018

What marine Le Pen is ready to sacrifice for the post of President of France

Before the presidential election in France is a little less than two months. And the current company has already become a race of surprises. The rise and fall of françois Fillon, the rapid rise of Emmanuel Macron… And the specter of nationalism in the face of marine Le Pen. Recently on the website of the French Institute of public opinion IFOP published the ratings, according to which, if elections were held on 16 February, MS Le Pen would have received 26% of votes, while Fillon is 18.5%, while the macron is 19.5%. For the French leader of the National front, wants to become a new Joan of Arc and Marianne in one person. Many Russians see it as hope for good relations with Europe. But who is she really?

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Fathers and sons

Policy from the earliest years was part of life, marine Le Pen, in some sense, even fate, inevitability. Her father and founder of the National front, Jean-Marie Le Pen has long played the role of a cartoon villain of French politics, taking advantage of the reputation of a racist and anti-Semite. Just scared they are not kids, and voters are about to come to power, Le Pen and bring in France’s fascist orders. On such fears were founded victory in 2002 Jacques Chirac, the President with a mixed reputation. Le Pen suddenly broke through to the second round, and in the country spread the slogan “Better a thief than a fascist” and “vote with a pinched nose.”

Due to such a controversial reputation building Le Pan was like a besieged fortress. Jean-Marie had three daughters, Marie-Caroline, Yann and Junior Marin. At school they are faced with persecution: they were called daughters of fascist. When marine was eight, on Halloween night, the family received an unusual “gift” from anonymous — the window flew a homemade bomb. Fortunately, none of the family members were not injured. But since the girls lived in fear for their lives. And in 16 years, Marin has experienced another shock — her parents with the scandal divorced. All three sisters remained to live with his father and not with mother model of Pierrette LaLanne.

Iron discipline in the house of Le pen and the difficult nature of the policy did not please his daughters. The oldest of them, Marie-Caroline, is growing up, ran away with her lover. And not with the first comer, and with the disgraced member of the National front, Bruno Maigret, of which Le Pen was expelled from the party, suspecting that he is trying to remove him. Jean-Marie expected dubbed the daughter of a traitor and more with her did not communicate.

The second fugitive was Yann, which altogether went to Mauritius to work as a animator in a hotel. But after a failed marriage she returned to the family castle. Today one of her daughters, 27-year-old Marion Marechal, almost second person in the party, which designate the role of the successor to Marin.

And what Marin herself? Unlike her sisters she never wanted to escape from the family, but on the contrary, was very loyal to his father. After graduating from the University of Paris II panthéon-Assas with a master’s degree in law, she almost immediately began to participate in party life.

The young marine first announced his candidacy in the elections to the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) in 1993, but the victory wasn’t won. And passed her further political career: perpetual second and third places. And when victory seemed so close at the last moment she slipped away from Marin.

Her personal life also was not straightforward. Married twice and divorced twice, and now Le Pen seem to have become disillusioned with marriage and with his current companion, Louis Alliot is in no hurry to walk down the aisle.

Not already daddy’s girl

The elder Le Pen was the first who believed in the political talents of Marin. He personally introduced her to the governing bodies of the National front, because of great popularity among its members, it is not used and the internal party elections inevitably would have failed. Le Pen earned a reputation as a liberal among the old party of the nationalists. It was enough to speak out against anti-Semitism and to condemn abortion and homosexuals.

And yet, over time the “national front” began to realize that the future of such as Marin. As a result, when the elder Le Pen has decided to retire, his daughter still managed to get the most votes and be elected to the post of party Chairman in 2011. Her dad had invented a special position of honorary President. Thus, formally left the party, but he’s not directing, he began to play the role of a sort-the-box feature, which unexpectedly spoiled the plans of daughter’s controversial statements in the spirit of good old nationalism.

Becoming the leader of the movement, Marin immediately began the process of daemonization party, which had long dreamed of. For the posts of party Vice-presidents, she led an independent of politicians. This distinguishes it from the father, who could not bear next to a competitors. One of her deputies was Florian Filippo intellectual with a brilliant education and an openly gay man. Opting Filippo showed that the front national is no longer a homophobic organization.

Another Deputy was Louis Alliot — companion Marin. It’s probably just a coincidence, but ALLO grandfather on the maternal side was an Algerian Jew. The politician has repeatedly mentioned his origin, when he was accused of anti-Semitism. Appointing him Vice-President, Le Pen took this argument into consideration.

Grumbling under old members of the party “national front” is rapidly varied, departed from ardent nationalism a La Jean-Marie Le Pen and has really ceased to be perceived by many as the demon of French politics. But father Marin seemed to be specifically inserted her stick in the wheel for his harsh statements. Perhaps he knew that without reforms daughters party would have dragged out an existence on the margins of the political ring. But to keep my mouth shut still could not.

So, in April 2015, Le Pen once again reiterated its old statement that the gas chambers — it is “only a detail of the war”, and supported the collaborationist regime of Petain (a French Marshal long-established label of traitor and ally of Nazis). Marin, which by this time seems to have ended with the patience, strongly condemned the words of the father. She stated that he “went into a spiral between scorched earth policy and political suicide,” and raised the question of his expulsion from the party.

After Jean-Marie Le pen, the front national wanted to show that finally distanced himself from his negative image. By the way, not only marine supported the resignation of honorary President. The elder Le Pen, of course, such resentment could not resist and fell out with the party leader. And no wonder: the most faithful of daughters betrayed him. Surely, this decision has given Marin a hard time. But between family ties and the lust for power she made a choice in favor of the latter.

Although the ideals of the National front, she still remained true to the end. After all these years, nothing prevented her to join the more promising party, for example, the center-right “Union for a popular movement” (now the “Republicans”). But to go to power, Le Pen chose their own way.


Yes, unlike the father who was satisfied with his modest place in politics, Marin wanted to ascend to the throne. And with the baggage of anti-Semitism, homophobia and fascist tendencies in the Elysee Palace today will not enter.

The goal is to win the love of the French, Marin has adopted several textbook female images. The first of them is Joan of Arc, the defender of the nation. Her dad previously and he was trying to sow in the minds of voters analogy with the Holy character. “Jeanne has received more than a mission to liberate France from English occupation, marine is here to liberate France from the yoke of Brussels,” said one, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

One of the key points of the program of Le Pen — the struggle with the Islamization of France, for the preservation of national culture and traditions. Loyal attitude to migrants is a threat to the country, she says, exposing themselves to the one who is ready to defend the Republic from turning into a Caliphate. In light of recent terrorist attacks migration from Muslim countries has gained not only cultural, but also very real, physical danger for the citizens of France, and marine Le Pen also uses it in creating the image of a defender of the nation.

The second image is a symbol of great French revolution and of the Republic, Marianne. Marine Le Pen says that she literally stormed the Bastion of power to get her to listen to the voice of the citizens of the Republic. “My opponent is the system that deceives us for 30 years, and a lie that serves it best a crutch”, she said in an interview with newspaper Le Figaro, stressing the revolutionary character of his ideas and the proximity to the interests of the voter.

But with the image of a demagogue and a populist, Marin inherited from her father, she tries to fight. “We are no longer just the party of those who protest against the establishment, we are a real party. And people vote for the front national that we had in life our ideas, that we won the election, not just out of dissatisfaction or despair, as they try to present our political opponents,” she said.

However, if you look at the program of the National front, Le Pen, in fact, is a populist, almost trump a woman’s appearance. A lot of them have in common: protectionism in the economy, dislike of migrants, opposition to the establishment. Although a long way to coveted power, full of winding turns, unrealized ambitions suggest a comparison rather with Hillary Clinton

Jean-Marie Le Pen also lured the electorate for popular slogans: fight against illegal migration, with the establishment, a return to traditional national values. We can say that the ideological platform of the party under marine Le Pen has generally remained the same. Changed the price of this program. When Jean-Marie she was tall. It was a politically incorrect and racist remarks gave rise to a fear of turning the country into a fascist state and persecution of national minorities (Jews and blacks). This price to solve the problem of migration and unemployment, few were willing.

While marine Le Pen seeks to convey to voters that if its leadership does not have to go to such costs. For this she paid the price, expelling from the party the father is the main personification of electoral fears. But is it really so changed the front national, or Marin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which sacrifice some ideals of the far right only for the sake of power?

About the best friends

Really all we are talking about marine Le Pen just after the regional elections in 2015. Elections to General Council departments — local authorities — in March 2015, brought the party success in the first round (second and 25% of the votes) and a complete failure in the second. But on a more important regional elections in December in the first round of the “national front” and all broke in the first place (almost 30% of the votes). But the second round again brought a resounding failure: the nationalists received a majority in any of the regions. The victory that seemed so close, again slipped away from Marin.

The leader of “National front” is considered to be a friend of Russia. She not only recognized the results of the Crimean referendum 2014 almost immediately after the counting of votes, but has repeatedly urged European leaders. In addition, Le Pen has admitted to liking the current foreign policy of Russia and personally Vladimir Putin. By her expression, “national front” “from the beginning, welcomed the arrival of the authorities, which took control of the apparatchiks and engaged in the formation of the economic patriotism.” In France, a suspect has already become a legend Russian hackers will actively play along with Marin. Especially since the hype around the alleged Russian interference in American elections has not yet subsided.

Suspicion was added and the unclear financial ties of the “National front” with Russian banks. In 2014, the party received a loan of 9 million euros from the “First Czech-Russian Bank”, which then went bankrupt. Marine Le Pen claimed that the Russian Bank appealed, because all the French office refused her the loan. However suspect, that her kind words addressed to Russia are pronounced for a reason. Attention to this case added the investigation of financial irregularities in the party.

The essence of the charges is that in France there is a ban on funding from abroad electoral campaigns of the parties, and if it turns out that at least some of those 9 million loan from a Russian Bank went to the election campaign, the party is waiting for trial. But to prove it was difficult. However, lawsuits (for example, allegations of racial discrimination) Marin enough.


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