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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“To love again trump”: the attitude of the USA depends on the Russian authorities

In the American newspaper the Christian Science Monitor colleague Fred Weir, a canadian living in Moscow since the 1980-ies, published an article under the title: “20 years ago the Russians loved America. What happened?”. It is generally true analyzes the causes of the shift in the Russian mind from love to hate to America, but to list them in the pages of “MK” hardly makes sense — our readers know the subject much better than readers of the American newspaper. More relevant is another question: what’s next?

The change of power in Washington occurred against the backdrop of unprecedented attention from American politicians and media to Russia. The attention was mostly negative — it was about the hacker hacking the databases of the Democratic party, of alleged attempts by Moscow to interfere in the elections of the President of the United States, on mutual sympathy trump and Putin, “Kremlin compromising” on trump, etc. On the decline of the Obama administration has announced additional sanctions against Russia.

Once in the oval office of the White house reigned trump, the semi-official part of the anti-Moscow rhetoric fell drastically, the current administration, unlike Obama and his Cabinet are not talking about Russia, nothing bad, limited to good relations with Moscow. Nor to intervene in American elections, nor about the Ukraine or Syria are not heard. At least not yet.

But it is in the White house. At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Capitol, lawmakers — especially Democrats — did not forget Russia. They had a lot connected with Russia matters to the former “main oil” Rex Tillerson, when his candidacy was considered in the Senate for the post of Secretary of state. Then Capitol legislators leaned on assistant (former) trump national security, the ex-General Michael Flynn…

But in General, the Russian theme in America clearly subsided. The American media is not up to Russia — they barely manage to cover the first steps of the new administration and fierce resistance to them by the huge number of citizens and organizations, including judicial authorities. Trump churns out Executive orders at a pace that would be the envy of the “mad printer” of the previous composition of the Russian state Duma, and the decrees go far beyond the established practice and common sense. Why is only one “decree Executive orders” — an order trump all ministries and departments to act on the principle: for every new regulation should be abolished two old (which doesn’t matter). He thus wants to reduce bureaucracy…

In connection with the decrees trump again drew attention to Russia Newsweek magazine, he wrote about the absence of Moscow’s reaction to the anti-immigration trompowsky decree that stopped four months refugees from all countries and banned for three months entry into the United States any person (even those with valid entry visa) from seven Muslim States. Unlike the leaders of Germany, France, UK and other countries which condemned the decree of the trump, the Russian leadership does not commented. Newsweek, referring to Russian experts, it explains the reluctance of Putin to provoke trump — let, they say, makes his first steps as he can, and give him a chance to try to improve relations with Russia.

Once Putin has used a similar tactic against the newly elected American President — it was September 11, 2001, when he was the first international leader to call George W. Bush and expressed solidarity with America in the face of terrorism. Bush then worked as President the first year, and he got not the best legacy in terms of relations with Russia — their much ruined the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (over Kosovo) in 1999.

Putin and Bush had a good personal relationship, but it didn’t help. Bush pressed the “neocons” (neo-conservatives) around him — dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and others. In 2002, the US withdrew from the Treaty limiting missile defence, moving forward in the creation of new missile systems without the cooperation with Russia. (Such cooperation was offered to establish experts and politicians of both parties, it would benefit both the USA and Russia, but failed…)

Putin had their own domestic restraints on the part of the concessions America is and the pressure of the security forces, and the use of the instrument of national pride to compensate for the lack of progress in the internal development of the country. Putin’s Munich speech of 2007 marked the beginning of a hard course of Moscow — against a unipolar world, foreign policy without regard to the West. Then it was worse. Under Obama America has reset relations with Russia, not revise them essentially in the direction of greater consideration of the interests of Moscow. And Russia continued to move somewhere over the Ural mountains, away from the West, for the Russian authorities were favorable to such a course.

But one thing — power, and the other people. Or… or not? It is in America or Germany, the attitude of the government to some foreign country — China, say, or Russia — in no way determines the perception of the country’s ordinary citizens. And in Russia once it determines! The government loves Turkey — and we love! The government of Turkey fell out of love — and we go! And then again fell in love — and we are not far behind, again the Turks are our brothers. Thanks to the Federal TV channels on their wonderful news, talk shows and Sunday’s final programs, so people focused on time, whom to love and whom to hate.

Now teleekrany anti-American rhetoric has eased, waiting for go-ahead from the Kremlin, and there we wait, watching the trump. According to some observers, the Kremlin in the first place is waiting for some trompowsky steps to easing or lifting of sanctions and the reaction of the new President of the USA on the murky, unconvincing spy story with arrested hackers and security officers, allegedly working for the CIA. There is a hypothesis that this story is a gift to the Trump, so he can use most of these hackers and the security officers for excuses, blamed on Russian interference in elections — here, they say, the bad guys, who climbed into our database, and Putin will punish them now.

…In America television of the Russian sample can not be — even if trump, for example, wanted to have it. Congress will not allow him to throw billions to the wind, and he himself does not want: being a businessman, he understands that Americans have the blood distrust of any officialdom, and it gives reliable immunity against propaganda. In what doses or feed her people, people hawala will be. In addition, the TV had very few people in America watching — the majority of the population receives news and entertainment programs via the Internet.

Probably, from-for absence in America of television, such as Russian, almost none of our compatriots living in the US has not experienced household Russophobia — how to treat the Russian past and present are. As to any other nationalities, of which there is in America a great many, — without prejudice and even greater curiosity. Just think — from Russia! From India! From Brazil! So what?

And in Russia, meanwhile, waiting for the team — whether it is necessary again to love America. Personally I have serious doubts about the fact that this will be a real reason. Of course, trump, Tillerson and other characters from this team — unscrupulous “opportunists” (this word in America, we call people who are trying to grasp every opportunity — opportunity — to benefit, not knowing the moral obstacles). But their benefit is not always, perhaps even rarely, be the same with the benefit of Putin, the Kremlin or in the country of Russia.

Impulsive trump more than listening to rabid-conservative propagandist Steve Bannon, whom he had appointed chief strategic Advisor than to the experienced professionals of the state Department, Pentagon, CIA, etc. He has managed to spoil relations with China, Japan, Europe, the Islamic world… Why should Russia be an exception?

If suddenly Russia will become the exception, this indirectly confirms the reality of the dossier of dirt on trump. It can be a problem. But the Russian people will appear top authorized and explained the reasons for TV to once again feel the love for the great country America.

Read the story “the tramp sang Russia’s “Swan song”: a novel time to finish”

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