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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The experiment of the Deputy of the state Duma: alcohol substitutes are trading at home

After the mass poisoning from liquid baths, “Hawthorn”, when in Irkutsk, killing 75 people, the Federal service 27 January issued a decree banning the sale of non-food alcohol-containing products in the country for another 60 days. (With the exception of stekloomyvateli and perfumes). But as it turned out, the cheap surrogates, known among drinkers of citizens as “futurity” or “venturecam” through intermediaries can be freely bought at any time of the day. How does the criminal chain, told “MK” the Deputy of the state Duma Maxim Ivanov.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

– After the tragic events in Irkutsk, we began receiving signals that trade in the “Hawthorn” of shops has moved into apartments and houses, – tells the Deputy Maxim Ivanov. And the precinct that does not interfere with. We decided to conduct an experiment. My assistant wore old, faded things, I gargle alcohol, chewed a clove of garlic and went “on business” in the October administrative district of Irkutsk.

Find a company local alcoholics was not difficult. During the confidential conversation, he said “to Drink hunting. Where to get “Boyarka”?” I heard that because of the raids of the CPS trade covered, but there is a solution… Should give a special “runner” money, who for a small bribe will get you a “medical brandy”, as they call the tincture of hawthorn.

We found that the chain works. There are wholesalers who deliver the goods, and also suppliers and intermediaries. It’s already well-oiled machine. My assistant brought these “futurity” for 25 rubles. You can order 10, 20, 30 and 100 — ml vials. The exact same system before the spread of drugs.

The question arises: “If we could do it, why police do not conduct such experiments and do not reveal these points?” We have prepared and sent the relevant request to the CPS, since we are including messages about the shops and stalls, where from under the counter trade “Hawthorn” and in law enforcement.


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