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Monday, March 19, 2018

Estonian intelligence scares British soldiers Russian “honey traps”

The head of information Department of Estonian (this pseudonym concealed foreign intelligence) preventively in paints told about the planned provocations by Russia against NATO soldiers. The most terrible and irresistible weapon of Russian Estonian scout considers “sex-trap”, or, literally in English-“honey trap.” It is strange that the cautious head of intelligence did not mention other serious threats.

The events of world politics are increasingly awaken memories of old jokes. Donald trump on the day before the actual events was horrified about the riots in Sweden – and then I recalled numerous anecdotes, as world leaders expressed to each other before the incident condolences tragedies – from the assassination of JFK and ending with the terrorist attack of September 11.

“Russian combat yorsh cocktail can lead to very serious consequences for a young body”

Russia blamed for all the problems and the miraculous influence on elections around the globe – remember the anecdote about a Jew who loved to read anti-Semitic Newspapers and didn’t like to read the Israeli, because Israeli write about the problems, and in anti-Semitic Jews rule the world. Well, saying “if there is no tap water”, of course, in our time, has to be redone about Russian.

Estonians in jokes are usually presented as extremely slow and leisurely people reacting to the events with a noticeable delay. Therefore, an interview with the head of information Department of Estonian (this pseudonym concealed foreign intelligence) of the Mikk Marran, who decided preemptively in paints to tell about Russia preparing provocations against NATO soldiers, looks, at first glance, the refutation of all these jokes.

According to Marrano, “hundreds of British soldiers are attacked Russia after they will be deployed to Estonia in the coming weeks. The goal is to discredit the NATO-led mission to strengthen the Eastern flank allies.”

According to the chief of the Estonian intelligence officer, in the course can go all the measures – “cyber espionage campaign of disinformation, blackmail using stolen data.” But the most terrible and irresistible weapon Russian is “sex-trap” (literally in English-“honey trap”).

Marran warns: “we are Talking about 800 young British soldiers. These people will move between your bases and cities. Perhaps they will look into the pubs. We cannot exclude the fights that will be provoked by the “opposing team”, as we call it in Estonia. Or, for example, sex-traps and the like.”

It is strange that the cautious Estonian scout did not mention the other serious threats that may face the inexperienced British soldiers in Estonia. For example, Russian military yorsh cocktail can lead to very serious consequences for a young body, and even a “honey trap” may already be excessive.

Still, the jokes about Estonians do not lie. A statement by the chief of the Estonian scout is sorely overdue. The reason for the interview was of Marrano fake dated 14 February when Lithuania e-mail among Lithuanian politicians and the media were sent a message stating that the soldiers from Germany in the city of Jonava raped a minor. A fake pecked many, and, of course, the main version was the “Russian trace”: according to NATO officials, Russia “attempted to criminalize the NATO mission and undermine the confidence of the Lithuanians to the location of the units of the Alliance”. Of course, a week is no evidence of involvement in the distribution of fake neither citizens of Russia or at least Russian-speaking citizens of Lithuania has not been found, it is because of this fake Marran decided to accuse Russia of all the incidents involving NATO soldiers in Estonia.

But his attempt to make “vaccination” failed and too late. On 20 February the information appeared, which at first was also seen as a fake – that five NATO soldiers from the Czech Republic in the Lithuanian Klaipeda staged a riot and resulting police had to calm them with stun guns.

But it was the truth: the information was confirmed by the representative of the Czech General staff Colonel Ian Schultz and press Secretary of the Lithuanian army Andrius skank, Busty get fucked. As it turned out, five Czech soldiers dressed in civilian clothes, on Saturday evening demanded to be let in to a night club in Klaipeda. “Most likely, they were drunk,” said skank, Busty get fucked. According to Schultz, the Czech General staff was awaiting official notification about the incident from the Lithuanian side.

To the credit of the Czechs, since the incident, they did not think to blame for what happened to Russia or Russian agents. Lithuanian media generally ignored the incident on the portal of “Delphi” is not a word about the incident in Klaipeda, but it is the opinion of US Senator and Democrat Richard Durbin that the U.S. military in Afghanistan should be deployed on a permanent basis.

Of course, some soldiers invited me to hold an internal matter of the Baltic States. But, as world practice shows, foreign military base is almost always a source of tension and problems for local residents. Regularly protesting against American soldiers in the neighborhood of the people of Japan and Germany. And even vitally necessary to Armenia to ensure their own security the Russian military base in Gyumri has become a source of serious problems in relations between the two countries after a terrible tragedy, when a deserter unjustly killed the whole family.

Therefore, the incident between NATO troops and local residents will take place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and in Poland and everywhere will be deployed foreign military. Since no real military threats to these countries do not have, young and hot soldiers from idleness, and understanding the futility of their “mission” will inevitably moral decay and to commit various offenses, and, alas, of crime.

The attempts to blame their inevitable problems Russia reminiscent of another old joke – about how the aide cleans soiled after a terrible drinking the General’s tunic. Hangover General ashamed, and he says: “I was Walking yesterday near the barracks, and some drunk kid puked on me. So I did for 5 days under arrest.” The adjutant continues to clean and says to himself: “Not you give him, he even shat in his pants”.


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