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Saturday, March 17, 2018

DNA “told” about the political structure of the ancient society

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania with the help of DNA analysis have found that in the complex society of the Chaco canyon elite status was passed down through the female line. Description and results of a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

In the course of work, scientists conducted DNA analysis of the remains of nine people from the graves of the Indians of the Chaco region. According to scientists, these burials belong to the people with high social status and their direct descendants. DNA analysis showed that these people were a common mitochondrial genomes. This suggests that they are relatives on the maternal side. Burial covered a period of 330 years, buried people, representing several generations. Available scientists data suggests that social differentiation existed in the society of Chekanov at the beginning of the ninth century, social status was passed down through the maternal line until the decline of this civilization around 1130.

The Indians of Chaco canyon – the nation that created one of the first complex societies in North America. Their settlement with a huge multi-room buildings located on the territory of modern new Mexico.

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