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Monday, March 19, 2018

“The Ukrainian Trump” instead of the Crimea offered the moon

Monday has come “hour of triumph” Ukrainian MP Andrey Artemenko. The Deputy, according to the article in The New York Times, offered Donald Trump a plan for the phased abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, which then received the comments of the Kremlin, the Russian foreign Ministry, lawyer trump and even Oleg Lyashko. What can explain the strange proposal “to hand over Crimea in the lease of Russia” together with the dirt on Poroshenko?

“It is difficult to comment, because myself to rent anything is possible”, – the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said on the “plan of lifting the sanctions against Russia” which the Deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Artemenko allegedly sent to Washington and Moscow. According to the Ukrainian MP, the “plan” including implied rent of the Crimea (Ukraine). “These plans give, on the one hand, manilovism, and on the other, show that the system will continue to attempt to rewrite the rules of the game”, – noticed Lavrov. Previously surrounded by Donald trump and the Kremlin – which, according to Artemenko, were allegedly the recipients of the “plan” explained that don’t know anything about the proposal of the Ukrainian deputies.

“It is clear that Artemenko is unable to negotiate with anyone at a high level, but Western media still typing”

Giving the absurd story that brought “15 minutes of fame” to the ordinary member of Parliament from the Radical party Andrei Artemenko, began yesterday with publication in reputable American publication The New York Times.

Former adviser of the mayor of Kiev, after the Maidan – “financial Manager” leader “Right sector*” Dmitry Yarosh, now a member of the party Lyashko Andrey Artemenko in recent times have sought to draw attention to himself. So, last week, he actively gave comments to the Ukrainian media about the death of his assistant, the public activist Alexander Tikhon Artemenko claimed that the “poisoned by salts of heavy metals”. This time the Ukrainian MP, who recently frequent in the USA, managed to attract the attention of the world press.

Khlestakov on the world stage

In an article published by the New York Times, claimed that a week before the high-profile resignation of the adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn to him, through intermediaries was transferred to the normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the New York Times reported that among the documents contained proposals for the lifting of sanctions with Russia, as well as some evidence of the corruption of Petro Poroshenko.

The newspaper explained that the report was submitted to Flynn, through counsel, Donald trump, Michael Cohen and businessman Felix Setera close to the entourage of the new President of the United States.

New York Times reported: the author of the plan is “Andrey V. Artemenko Ukrainian legislator, who sees himself as the leader of the future of Ukraine in the spirit of trump.” The article is illustrated with a photo from Facebook – the future “Ukrainian trump” against the Capitol. “In fact, the plan Artemenko implies the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Eastern Ukraine; the fate of Crimea should be resolved by the Ukrainians in a referendum. Also consider the possibility that the Crimea will be leased for 50 or 100 years” – quoted from the American edition of the Ukrainian portal Strenia.

Later Artemenko made a comment already and that the Ukrainian media, where he confirmed that he gave the plan to the priest and Seteru that information went to Moscow. Artemenko told that the initiative is not his personal plan, but an expression of the perspective of the whole group of deputies. In addition, the MP said that the leader of his faction Oleg Lyashko “in General terms” in the course of its activity. “But about the details with him still talk,” added the author (or coauthor) sensational sentences.

“Take your own mother to hire a traveling circus”

Expected Artemenko, it is difficult to say, given the reaction which soon followed Lyashko.

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko responded quickly to the page on Facebook: “regarding the “peace plan” Andrey Artemenko writes about the NYT. It is only to his own position, which neither I personally nor our command of the Radical party are not supported. Crimea is Ukraine! And any talk of legalizing the annexation of the Russian Federation (and the “rent”, and all others), the lifting of the embargo for the sake of “peace” is absolutely unacceptable. Lease the Crimea to the Moscow occupiers – is the same as rent traveling circus mother. Russia, get the hell out of Crimea and Donbas!”.

Lyashko has promised to discuss “the strange behavior of colleagues” at the next meeting of the faction. But without waiting for a meeting have demanded from the party to hand over the Deputy mandate and to leave the party.

The Deputy was sent to the moon

“You might as well offer to rent out the moon for someone. It’s all useless and unworkable proposals,” commenting on “plan Artemenko,” remarked the Vice Premier of the Crimean government Georgiy Muradov. The reunification of the Crimea with Russia legally justified from the international legal point of view, said Muradov. He added that “the Crimean people to protect themselves from destruction” when the Republic is under threat of ethnic cleansing by the nationalist authorities in Kiev.

He added that “in this case there is no subject we know nothing about any plans.” “There is a General understanding that there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements and the understanding that if and can be reached by politico-diplomatic solution of the Ukrainian problem, it is possible only on the basis of the Minsk agreements”, – concluded the representative of the Kremlin.

What, in this case, it is possible to explain the occurrence of sentences such as “plan Artemenko”?

“No one to call”

The crisis in part of the Minsk agreement, to be aware, now virtually everyone, including Moscow – after the decree of the President of Russia is obvious – bringing to life a different kind of proposal, believes Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

“And it’s a good time to be advertized on some proposals, especially if they seem extraordinary, as, for example, offer to take the Crimea in the lease. When a person says it, of course, I had to say that he agreed with Putin that he agreed (to take Crimea) in rent, but it is clear that no such agreement and there can not be. This is nothing more than a PR this person,” he said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

Himself Andrew Artemenko – “no one could call him”, said the Ukrainian expert. “What he reports, says that with some assistants of the Russian President have agreed to – lies. This man is nothing with whom to coordinate at this level,” said Pogrebinsky.

Two tasks American media

As for The New York Times, picked up a statement Artemenko, as noted Pogrebinsky, we already know the “high standards” of the Western press, the same New York Times or the Agency Euronews – “they never check”. Clearly, Artemenko “is unable to negotiate with anyone at a high level, but they still printed it,” he added. The expert cited “the number one news Agency Euronews” which, “it would seem that the model of objectivity and impartiality” – that smokes trump, with the assurance that it quotes Carl Bildt, who was named Prime Minister of Sweden, although he was Prime Minister there about 10 years ago, said the expert.

The American Newspapers “are now two main cases: wet trump and come with some ideas about how to still handle this kind of situation, if we are talking about Eastern Europe and on Ukraine in particular”, said the source, adding that, thus, they peck at any suggestions on this, especially if the person says that I already agreed with Putin’s aides.

He reminded that earlier also published different proposals of Henry Kissinger and other prominent Western politicians. “And then the sentence: “let’s lease surrender”, it is not meaningless, in the West, such proposals were voiced, say, you have to find a way to legitimize the Crimea is Russian, everyone understands that Russia is not going to give the Crimea, but you need to end the crisis, for example, a hundred years to pay rent, and in a hundred years and the Shah will die, and so on”, – concluded the expert.

“The US has all the documents”

In the context of the strange story with the “plan Artemenko” you should pay attention to the fact that the Ukrainian Deputy allegedly (or actually) introduced the Americans some dirt on the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

As for the statements about the involvement of the Ukrainian President to corruption, “Poroshenko is involved, you know that, and before that it was known”, says the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin.

“The US has all the documents. The fact that Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Azarov or Leonid Kuchma – children compared to him, it is also known,” – said political scientist newspaper VIEW. Moreover, according to him, Yanukovych began, and Poroshenko “just plunged Ukraine into a bloody mess”, he said and recalled the recent events, when the third anniversary of the events on the Maidan turned into a riot and mass protests. “He (Poroshenko) was ordered to beat the patriots on the Maidan, to pour the blood of the Maidan again, and the violence and the arrests were” – said Soskin.

“So nothing we have not heard. There just confirmations, receipts, bills, that is documented dirt”, – concluded the analyst.

Are out of date plan

Regarding the plan of lifting the sanctions against Russia, which said Artemenko, he has “irrelevant”, says Oleg Soskin. “So you can do. And I suggested that it was possible to make the Crimea a free zone under the joint control of Russia, Ukraine, EU. The Crimean Peninsula was developed as a free zone. Sevastopol could be the port. All this can be easily done,” said the source.

Donetsk could be “to give us the border, those who would be afraid to be under the Ukrainian government, was to freely cross the border and go to Russia or where they will go,” he added.

“But after the adoption of the decree of Putin, after these passports now do not know how to put it, why was it necessary to raise this level of escalation?! To support the bandits, to admit of their papers official documents. The decree was wrong, of course. And so, it could all work out”, – said Soskin.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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