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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The part of the Russians of Latvia moved to the side of the nationalists

After the torch March in Riga in honor of the Waffen SS and with slogans like “we – Latvians!” the authorities against the NTV channel, comparing Latvia with Nazi Germany on the example of this promotion. There is another nationalist scandal. The first year of Latvians and Russians intentionally vented along ethnic lines, however, many Latvians defending Russian and Russian often go to the nationals.

In the modern world the ideology of nationalism is shared by the representatives not only of the ethnic groups to which a particular nationalism is appealing. A very good example in this sense is Latvia, where people with Russian names and surnames are in the ranks of the Latvian nationalists, but ethnic Latvians often act as advocates for the rights of Russian.

“The Russian people – our advantage”

“I can only rejoice that the Crimea is gone from Ukraine – in the context that if he stayed in her composition, throughout Europe have long blazed would be a full-scale war”

Within these topics, I can not remember Alfred Rubiks – man’s awesome destiny. Heading in Soviet times, the Communist party of the Latvian SSR, he was one of the few who refused to leave the “sinking ship” and remained loyal to the Soviet ideals in a period when many functionaries of the Communist party quickly turned into nationalists and anti-Soviet. It turned out for him six years of prison, in fact, he became the first political prisoner in post-Soviet Latvia. The popularity that resulted from its inflexibility in 2009 led Rubiks in the chair of the MEP from Latvia, from which he continued to defend the ideals of socialism and national equality, protecting people who find themselves in the status of non-citizens. I can’t say that our efforts are fruitless – during the four years that I was in the European Parliament, managed to mitigate some of the limitations for Latvian “non-citizens”. For example, the EU lifted restrictions on their movement. However, it remains political inequality, due to the fact that non-citizens are denied the right to vote. But here we refer to the example of Estonia, which have allowed their citizens to vote at least in municipal elections. Unfortunately, these arguments do not convince the Latvian politicians,” said Rubiks in an interview with the author of this material.

Currently, Alfred Rubiks retired from active politics – advanced age (81 years) affects. But his sons Arthur and Raymond are members of the Saeima of Latvia and listed in the ranks of the faction of the opposition party “Consent”, advocating for national equality. There is also such a colorful personality as Janis Adamsons. Called during service in the border troops of the USSR in the far East, Captain Shark, in the mid-90s, he headed the Ministry of interior of Latvia, but the notoriety he received as a member of the parliamentary Commission on investigation of paedophilia with the participation of senior officials. Right from the rostrum of the Saeima Adamsons accused of pedophilia then-Prime Minister, Minister of justice and Director General of the tax service. The ruling circles did everything possible to hush up the results of the investigation and in 2006, after a long chain of litigation Adamsons sentenced to pay a fine in the 11700 lats (about 15 euros).

It is, however, not reassured in subsequent years, the Captain of the Shark not once scored a rebellious (from the point of view of the Latvian political mainstream) statements. So, he argued against the presence in the territory of Latvia military contingents of other NATO countries, accusing lobbyists of the American military-industrial complex in the growth of international tension, and about the reunification of Russia and Crimea, stated the following: “I can only rejoice that the Crimea is gone from Ukraine – in the context that if he stayed in her composition, throughout Europe have long blazed would be a full-scale war”. Like Rubiks, the Adamsons are among politicians protecting the interests of Russian-speaking population.

Even more striking way did Imants Kalnins from a respectable Soviet composer laureate of the State prize of the Latvian SSR to the radical Latvian nationalist, and then to a sincere friend of modern Russia. There are few in Latvia as honored figures of culture, as Kalnins. He is the author of operas, oratorios, symphonies, choral songs, music for plays, films and cartoons. In the late ‘ 80s, the composer enthusiastically joined the struggle for an exit of Republic from the USSR, joining the most radical forces. In 1990-1993 he was a Deputy of the Supreme Council of the popular front of Latvia, and later was selected in the ninth Saeima of the ultra-nationalist party TB/LNNK. Now an honorary member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, winner of the prestigious award biggest Music prize and the Chevalier of the chief state of the order of the Three Stars States: “In cooperation with Russia, I see Latvia more positive Outlook, than with the European Union”.

On its previous position Kalnins says the following: “Not against Russia, I struggled. I fought for Latvia as an independent state. It’s a big difference. But seeing all the bad things that are now Latvia’s happening, I begin to look for alternatives: how to survive and find a different path of development. I see a chance for Latvia to survive and grow, working with the East side.” Pointing to the ills that brought Latvia’s accession to the EU, the composer mentions the deprivation of control over their own economy and a great cultural decline, emphasizing the need for Latvians to establish good relations with the residents in the country are Russian-speaking. “The Russian people, who live here, are a huge advantage, allowing you to communicate with that huge and, in my opinion, a very interesting country – Russia. You see, I have no prejudice against Russia, which, obviously, suffers from a significant part of Latvians, due to not fully overcome the past. And I don’t know why for so long we dragged the tail of the crocodile, with which are associated all the wrongs and evil that Latvians have lived during the Soviet regime. I have no such feeling. I am able to look at the country without the severity of that Stalinist Empire at the time were imposed on Latvia,” – says Kalnins.

Was Yudin, became Judah

There are, however, examples of the opposite properties: the ethnic Russians fighting to Latvia was exclusively Latvian national state. The most famous of them – Igor Shishkin, who, however, himself refers exclusively Igors Siskins. He is so radical Latvian nationalist, that even in Latvia is considered a “sistemskim”.

For the first time his name was flickering in the press in June 1998, when the steles of the monument to Liberators in Riga was rocked by another explosion. It was already the third attempt of blasting of a monument, but a special drama this attack gave the death of the two bombers, who failed to run far away from their own infernal machine. Ear and a fragment of the foot was then found at a distance of several dozen meters from the stele. Later employees of the Prosecutor General announced that the attackers have made from household chemicals 70 kilograms of explosives, the recipe of which is known from a school course of chemistry, and premature explosion occurred due to the Chinese remote korunovska from shaking while walking. When the court began to investigate the case, was that earlier “fighters against Jews, traitors and invaders” repeatedly tried to blow up the city heating main and parked on the street cars. Soon the dock was the ideological leader of the squad Igors Siskins. However, the term, which he eventually did, a little.

Now Siskins the head of the organization “Centre Gustave zelmira” (on behalf of the leader of pre-war Nazi organization “Perkonkrusts”) and organises regular pickets and processions in honor of the anniversary of the entry of Nazi troops in Riga, for the “de-occupation”, which is understood as the expulsion of Russian from Latvia, against sexual minorities and “Zionist lackeys in the government.”

Siskins is the most extreme but not the only example of this kind. At the time a lot of fuss about the “Letter of the Latvian speakers”, signed by the member of the ultra-radical party “Everything for Latvia!” student of Mr. Mironova. It called for the Russian inhabitants of the country to go under the banner of the “national state”. Those who do not wish to join the construction of a “Latvian Latvia”, Mironovs sternly warned:

“People with colonial thinking and arrogance chauvinist frankly, taking care of your emotional and politically-economic well-being, the advance warning! Your fear is reasonable. We’re going to win. We will escort you to where you will be more happy!”

In recent years, the party “All for Latvia!” changed the status of street outcasts to the position of a respectable parliamentary forces, part of the ruling coalition, and have teamed up with the aforementioned TB/LNNK. In addition to these radicals, the coalition includes the national liberal party “Unity”, until recently, were the most influential in the country. In your faction it contains two exemplary demonstration of the “Russian right” – Alexasa of Loskutovs (by the way, his father at the time was a high-ranking Communist functionary, in a new reality received the status of non-citizen of Latvia) and Andrejs Judins. They are sometimes used as official initiators of the legislation, which may be negatively perceived by the Russian community of the country. In particular, Yudin (evil tongues call it “Judah”) were among the authors of the initiative be put in jail for “public denial, justification, glorification or offensive contestation of the occupation of Latvia the USSR or Nazi Germany,” as well as “trivialization of the occupation”. He also proposed to prohibit public display of Soviet symbols and spoke strongly against to grant the Russian language official status.

Recently, there has been a new trend – some representatives of the Russian community of the country, not trying to be called Latvians claim that they are “Russian” that has nothing to do with Russia and “Putin regime”. The founder of this direction became Riga teacher and publicist Igor Vatolin, announced the creation of the “European of the Russian movement in Latvia” and accused the Kremlin of funding the “subversive activities in Latvia”. While opponents accuse the Vatolina that his “roof” of state security forces. Like it or not, but he founded the “movement” no success – “European Russians” in Latvia has appeared once or twice and obchelsya.


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