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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Russian arms manufacturers have strengthened positions on the world market

In the ranking of the hundred largest world producers of weapons there are three new participants from Russia: NGO “Precision complexes”, “RTI Systems” and “United instrument manufacturing Corporation”. Other Russian companies have improved their performance. This comes against the backdrop of falling production of weapons in other parts of the world. Experts predict that in next year’s ranking of Russia’s position will not deteriorate.

Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) has published a new report on arms production in the world, where the situation was analyzed in 2013-2014. The document States that the industry as a whole in the world is declining, but there are exceptions.

“Military spending this year increase, we can expect the same results as in the past”

So, the leader of the list of 100 world’s leading manufacturers of us Lockheed Martin, holding that position is not the first year, increased sales to 37.5 billion dollars.

On the second place among world producers, like last year, settled the Boeing company, the third – the British BAE Systems.

The largest share of the world market – 54,4% is occupied by US companies. Overall, however, the sales for the period 2013-2014 the American companies fell by 4.1%, stated the authors of the reports. In Europe, the drop is even more is 7.4%. Growth showed only Germany (9,4%) and Switzerland (11.2 percent). In Germany, in particular, by 29.5% increase in the sales unit of ThyssenKrupp, producing sea-going vessels.

Database of military industries was established in the Institute SIPRI in 1989 and contains financial and employment data in global companies engaged in military production. Under the sale of weapons experts mean the sale of military goods and services to customers in the domestic market and for export. Since 1990, statistics on arms manufacturers included in the SIPRI Yearbook.

New members

The report notes that Russia, despite the difficult economic situation, continued to increase sales of arms. The number of Russian companies included in the top hundred has increased from 9 to 11, and their total proportion in total sales for 2014 amounted to 10.2%.

New participants of the rating were NGO “Precision complexes”, who finished in 39th place and concern “RTI Systems”, located on the 91st line. The recently created “United instrument manufacturing Corporation” (DIC) was changed to the 24th place of the concern “Sozvezdie”, which, together with other companies included in the OPK.

Integrated structure of “NGO “Precision complexes” specializiruetsya on high-precision systems and weapons systems tactical combat zone and in the field of operational-tactical and tactical rocket complexes for Land forces, man-portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. Is part of Rostec.

Concern “RTI Systems” established in 2000. Specializiruetsya in telecommunications, aerospace and terrestrial control systems and power engineering. In the structure of the group consists of JSC “Radio engineering Institute. The academician A. L. Mintz”, JSC “Scientific-production Complex “Scientific research Institute of distant radio”, JSC “DMZ-Kamov”, JSC “Yaroslavl radio plant”, JSC “uralelektro”, JSC “Saransk television plant”, JSC “MTU Saturn”, JSC OKB Planeta and a number of other enterprises.

“United instrument Corporation” – a Corporation, established in 2014, Rostec, specializiruetsya in the field of systems and means of communication, automated control systems, electronic warfare and robotic systems and products for civilian and dual-purpose.

“Russia has a good budget, – told the newspaper look Director of the Center for political studies of Russia Vadim Kozyulin. These three corporations are among the leaders on the cutting edge of military technology. I must say that the defence budget is distributed unevenly, not all noticeable that it is increasing, but in some sectors this is happening, and not just in these sectors, these three corporations.”

The expert predicts that by the end of this year the positions of Russian enterprises will fall, “Military spending this year increase, we can expect the same results as in the past. Given the fact that the ruble great dipped in monetary terms defence spending is not increased, but in the meantime it’s still one of the main items of expenditure in Russia. Last year was gained some momentum, and defense industry – the mechanism which takes a long time to disperse. So, I think we should expect the same results as last year,” he suggested.

The editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski recalled that last year was the increase of Russian exports to 15.2 billion dollars. “Major companies that have increased exports, just in the top 100 and enter. I think it will continue. Now we know the major contracts, which will be reflected in the next year: the supply to Iraq, a contract for s-400 with China. At the end of this year, I think, will rise slightly. At least the volume will not be less than 15 billion by the end of 2015. And by the end of 2016 will grow more” – he said the newspaper VIEW.


The most successful Russian enterprises was concern aerospace defense “Almaz-Antey” – 11-th position, the sales volume grew by 23%, and Uralvagonzavod – the largest growth (72,5%).

“United aircraft Corporation” ranked 14th, “United shipbuilding Corporation” – the 15th, the company “Helicopters of Russia” – 23-e, the Corporation “Tactical missiles” and “United engine Corporation” – 38-e, JSC “Concern radio-Electronic technologies” – 45-e, “Uralvagonzavod” is at the 61st position.

“Russian companies were on the crest of the wave of national military expenditure and arms exports. The first hundred is now 11 Russian companies, while the cumulative increase their income in 2013-2014 was 48.4%,” – said senior researcher of the SIPRI Simon Wezeman.

In last year’s ranking of four Russian companies ranked in the top 25. “Almaz-Antey” was at the 12th place (in the ranking of 2012 on the 14th). United aircraft Corporation then has occupied 15-e a place (18th place in 2012), from 19th to 17th in 2013 rose United shipbuilding Corporation, and “Helicopters of Russia” experts moved from 26th to 25th place.

The authors of the report noted a serious decline in sales of arms by Ukraine. The leader of the Ukrainian defense industry concern “Ukroboronprom” – 58 place which it occupied a year earlier, fell on the 90s. its sales Volumes fell by 50.2%. The second Ukrainian company included in the list of 100 leading manufacturers, “Motor Sich” – this time did not hit him.

“A marked decline in sales of Ukrainian companies was largely caused by the disintegration due to conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the loss of the Russian market and the depreciation of the local currency,” explained Wezeman.


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