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Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia is trying to expand the number of buyers of its weapons

A new study of the world market arms trade has confirmed traditional second place Russia. This is an integral indicator does not take into account several factors – both positive and negative – on the sales of Russian military-industrial complex. But at least the quality of service was improved.

The leader in arms exports, according to the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI), predictable are the US, 2012-2016 33% of global arms exports accounted for Americans. At the same time Russia, according to research by the Swedes, during the same period was in second place – which owns 23 per cent of world exports. Third place in the report given to China (from 3.8% to 6.2%), followed by France and Germany (6% and 5.6%).

“Aviation equipment accounts for 45-50% of Russian military exports, followed by defense, then equipment for ground troops, and 10% of naval equipment”

“Of course there are some discrepancies with the information of the Swedes, but it’s more detail – commented on SIPRI figures given by the newspaper VIEW military expert, retired Colonel, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski. – In General the last four years Russia steadily ranks second in the matter of arms exports, and this applies to all segments: direct deliveries of arms and spare parts, and service”.

At the same time, according to the editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov, the Swedish data do not take into account a number of indicators:

“For example, it is difficult to calculate the contribution of great Britain, – the expert considers, – because the British “defense” is tightly integrated into the defense program of the United States. And there is the largest Corporation of “Amay systems”, which produces military planes and ships, and the company “rolls Royce”, producing aircraft engines, including for military aircraft. The export consists of two components: the volume of deliveries and the number of contracts. So if you do not take into account the UK, it turns out that Yes – the supply we second. And last year, on contracts we probably lost to France, in 2015 we are on the second figure came out somewhere in the amount of $ 20 billion, this year, are unlikely to emerge”.

According to Frolov, the reason for the reduction in the number of contracts on export of Russian military equipment lies not in its quality or in a difficult international environment.

“It’s simple – these are the laws of the market, – says the chief editor of “arms Export”. – Customers can’t buy weapons with constant regularity. But, by the way, it is worth noting that in October 2016 during his visit to India Vladimir Putin signed an agreement for the supply of arms on 11 billion dollars. There is agreement, but no contracts yet. So if this year they will be concluded, we will be able to get the required amount, thereby offsetting a slight fall in the past year.”

At the same time head of the Russian delegation at the military exhibition IDEX-2017 (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov clearly expressed in the way that this year the volume of Russian arms exports will not fall. According to RIA “Novosti”, the Minister said that “in 2017 the supply of Russian military products will be approximately the same as last year – to the tune of 14 billion dollars.”

Approximately the same volume of annual sales of Russian weapons – 14-16 billion dollars, which is observed here for several years, not falling, but not growing. The only consolation for producers is fallen twice the rate of the ruble, which respectively increased their revenues in local currency.

As if to confirm his words Manturov said that Russia has signed a major contract for the supply of tanks T-90MS in one of the countries of the Middle East, another contract is to be signed. According to earlier reports, we are talking about a contract with Kuwait – that he had previously expressed interest in the Russian tanks.

Also the SIPRI report reported States buying weapons from the major suppliers. So, according to the Institute, 70% of the exported weapons, the United States sent to the middle East, while Russia 70% of production directs to India, Vietnam, China and Algeria.

“In fact, our largest customers are Algeria, China, India, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, – says the Swedish data report, Andrey Frolov. – If to speak in more detail about the structure of Russian defense exports, 45-50% is aircraft, followed by air defense, then equipment for ground troops, and 10% of naval equipment.”

In turn, the military expert, retired Colonel, chief editor of the magazine “military-industrial complex-the courier” Mikhail Khodarenok told the newspaper OPINION about the areas that are beginning to learn Russian.

“In the work of Rosoboronexport, a clear trend towards the expansion of markets, – the expert believes. – There is a dense work with the Arab countries, Southeast Asia and Latin America who are also starting to catch up to us.”

According to Hadareni, Russia had eliminated the backlog of American competitors concerning servicing of military products, and can now compete with them on equal terms for new markets.

“The US could replace its customers unserviceable engine from, say, the F-16 literally within days, – says the chief editor of “military-industrial complex-the Courier”. Now we can do the same. Some countries, such as India, are often asked to produce work on assembling and repairing equipment in existing production facilities, we are also going at it.”


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