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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Revolution in Montenegro,” is becoming the new anti-Russian stamp

The West has increasingly relied on the anti-Russian propaganda of the Montenegrin map. After the authorities of this small Balkan country has accused Moscow of involvement in a coup attempt, the theme was picked up by the Western media. Soon the word “Montenegro” will be among the main criticisms of Russia together with the Crimea, Syria and “interference in American elections.”

On Monday, the Russian authorities responded to a Sunday statement by the special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje of Katica. The Prosecutor in charge of the investigation of the coup attempt in his country in October last year, said that the investigation obtained new evidence suggesting that the conspiracy allegedly involved the Russian authorities:

“We are dealing with a provocation organized by the Montenegrin secret services”

“Previously we had evidence that the preparations of the conspiracy were the structure of the Russian nationalists, but now that it was involved at some level, Russian authorities”.

Catnic reported that new information obtained by “the intelligence services of friendly countries”, including the US and the UK.

The Prosecutor’s office suspects in preparation for the coup of 25 people, including citizens of Montenegro, Serbia and Russia. October 16, 2016, the day of parliamentary elections, they had to seize government buildings and to kill the Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic – who in various capacities has ruled this country all the years of its independence, gained after the dissolution of the Socialist Yugoslavia.

The accusations against Russia, said the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin. “This is too serious a word, to pronounce them not to support any reliable information. This is at least irresponsible,” Peskov said, stressing that “there can be no question” about the involvement of Russia to some internal developments in Montenegro. Moscow did not intervene, interfere or meddle in the internal Affairs of other countries, Peskov said.

And the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, answering a question of news about Russia’s involvement in plotting a coup in Montenegro, put them on a par “with other unfounded accusations us and our country, including hacker attacks against the West, interfering in the election campaign of most Western countries, about the relations of the administration of the tramp with the Russian special services and much more. None of these allegations any fact we was not charged”.

The buzz around “Moscow’s attempts to kill Djukanovic, to disrupt the accession of Montenegro to NATO” is gaining momentum in Europe and the States for the fourth month, and now we are seeing the release of this story to a new level. Anglo-Saxon media and intelligence agencies have not just “help” the Montenegrin authorities to voice a new level of their claims to Russia, but take the whole campaign itself. In fact, the statement of the Prosecutor of Katnica that “the conspiracy was attended by Russian state bodies,” came after the publication of The English The Telegraph this weekend.

In two articles, one of which was an editorial, and everything is very specific. British authorities believe that the attempt to Djukanovic were trained in Moscow at the highest level. According to sources, The Telegraph, in favor of this version say also the intermediate results of the investigation conducted by the intelligence services of the UK and the USA. According to The Telegraph, to aid in the investigation of the incident, the Montenegrin authorities invited experts from Britain and the United States, which allegedly found some evidence of involvement of the Russian authorities to attempt – phone calls, data from email, as well as the testimony of those who were detained.

The newspaper also published photographs of two alleged “Russian conspirators” – Vladimir Popov and Edward Shirokov (Shishmakova), who played a key role in the “conspiracy” and was declared internationally wanted by Interpol.

“We are talking about a conspiracy, the aim of which is to destroy or subjugate the government of Montenegro. It is hard to imagine that the perpetrators had not received the instructions,” – said the interlocutor of the newspaper of the British government.

So do in the Montenegrin government – defense Minister Predrag Boskovic said that he had “no doubt” that the conspiracy was funded and was organized with the assistance of Russian military intelligence officers.

The publication reports that the conspiracy was discussed at the first meeting of heads of diplomatic missions of Britain and the United States – Boris Johnson and Rex Tillerson. The sources of The Telegraph noted that “the attack was orchestrated so that Moscow could easily deny his involvement in the incident and lay the blame on the nationalists, but “revealed evidence leave no doubt that the operation had support at the highest level.”

A friend is already drafting, material The Telegraph Montenegrin history fits into the global context:

“The world has probably noticed what happened in Montenegro. He didn’t pay it much attention in October of last year when there were reports of an attempted coup. All eyes were fixed on the American election, and Montenegro – the state is small and little known. However, today we can present the plans of this bloody coup, the purpose of which was the assassination of the Prime Minister and the destabilization of the country. In addition, the task of the organizers was to interfere with this sovereign nation to join NATO. According to intelligence sources, the puppeteer was Russia.

All this is familiar. During the last few chaotic years, Moscow supports separatist movements in Ukraine, provides assistance to Bashar al-Assad in Syria; it is accused of killing critics on the territory of foreign countries as well as in funding opposition parties abroad. They say she allegedly even intervened in the American elections.”

So – after Ukraine and Syria, Putin still want Montenegro, no more, no less. Russia intervened in local elections, but not like in America, polygraph desired candidate, but simpler, right through the coup and the murder of the head of state. There is no doubt that in the coming months it is this version of events in Montenegro will have pride of place in the Western list of “crimes of the tyrant Putin.”

There will be an element of demonizing Russia in the eyes of the West, a way to deter any attempts of normalization of relations between Russia and Europe, Moscow and Washington. At least it is possible to predict an accelerated ratification of the agreement on accession of Montenegro to NATO in the us Congress.

NATO membership is really split of the Montenegrin society – focus on Russia this small country has a historical character. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Montenegrins not once resorted to the patronage and assistance of the Russian emperors, one of whom, Alexander III, even called the Montenegrin Prince Nicholas, “his only friend”. Montenegrins are the Serbs, that is, the difference between them and the Serbs even less than that between the great and little Russians. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Montenegro’s beautiful Adriatic coast has become a Paradise for tourists and smugglers. Headed, in fact, was the leader Milo Djukanovic, who wanted to use the situation between Russia and Europe for the enrichment of themselves and their country.

The Russians have invested in Montenegro billions of dollars – and how property buyers and investors, and simply as tourists. But for a long time balance was impossible – NATO was systematically taken away all of Eastern Europe, so that soon it was the turn of Montenegro. Pro-Russian sentiment was strong, but Djukanovic made his Atlantic choice. Despite the resistance of the Orthodox Church and Russophile forces, Montenegro began the process of joining NATO.

The parliamentary elections of 16 October last year and led to the discovery of “conspiracy”. The unwinding of the scandal will lead to serious blow to the opposition in the country. Already deprived of Deputy immunity of the leaders of the two opposition parties, members of the Democratic front for Montenegro: Andrija Mandic and Milan knežević. So far they have not arrested, but that is only until.

What enabled Djukanovic to spin the story of the “conspiracy”? Apparently, we are dealing with a combination of provocation organized by the Montenegrin intelligence services, and the desire of some local Serbian and Pro-Russian forces to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO. Among the local Pro-Russian activists initially was the agent provocateur, who continued coming in and “throwing” them into conversations at the right, that is the most radical direction. It seems that to support the conspirators decided not only immigrants from Serbia, but officers and retirees of the Russian security services do not disassemble nor in the regional specificity, nor in the balance of forces and figures in Montenegro.

In the end, at the hands of Western intelligence could really be wiretapping or recording, indicating the involvement of Russian citizens to the “conspiracy”. Although it is undoubtedly very unpleasant for Russia, neither the Kremlin, nor our intelligence services have nothing to justify.

Not because “everyone is doing it”, but because, judging even on published and leaked to the press materials, the level of training of “operations” was so amateurish that this alone proves the complete innocence of the Russian leadership to “coup plans”.

If a public propaganda campaign against Russia Montenegrin history becomes a convenient “bass string”, it is very important for us to have a conscious and long-term strategy in the Balkans in General. The struggle for influence in the region between the Atlantic powers and the us is more than tough. Moreover, in a number of countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia – there is still more than tense political situation. The Balkans can take off at any moment, and we all remember what are the global consequences of blood spilled in this region.


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