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Friday, March 23, 2018

The issue of bandits Moscow expects Ankara reciprocity

The state Duma adopted an important document that gives a legal basis for the mutual extradition of criminals with Turkey. Really hope that Ankara will give Moscow dozens of gangsters and terrorists, long sought by Russia, as well as a suspect in the murder of the pilot of the su-24? It seems not so simple.

The state Duma on Friday ratified the Russian-Turkish Treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition of criminals. Initially, the document was signed in Ankara in December 2014 and made by the Russian President for ratification to the lower house of Parliament in October 2015.

“Turkey is unlikely to extradite its citizens, rather it may be located on its territory of Russian and foreign citizens who have committed crimes have”

In anticipation of retaliatory action

“Under the crimes extraditable offenses are acts that are in accordance with the legislation of both parties are criminal and punishable by deprivation of liberty for a minimum term of one year or more serious punishment”, – said in an accompanying note to the bill.

Then quickly put the end in question was prevented by the exigencies of Russian-Turkish relations. Now the Russian Parliament approved the document unilaterally, expecting a similar move from the Turkish Parliament.

“Turkey has not yet ratified the Treaty, but in the course of the hearings, speaking before the deputies, the Deputy Minister of justice reported that negotiations with responsible representatives of this country, who said I don’t see any obstacles to ensure that the document has been ratified and they have,” – said the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Anatoly Karpov.

The MP noted that without signing the Treaty, Russia has actively cooperated with Turkey in the issue of “legal assistance”, although Turkey has such zeal in this matter was not observed.

“We brought them everyone they asked for, except for one person who is in Federal search, – has told the Deputy. – They, at our request, gave only one offender. I hope that the ratification of the Treaty will change this situation.”

Indeed, the transformation of Turkey into a kind of refuge for the perpetrators of serious crimes on the territory of Russia has occurred not yesterday. Even during the two Chechen wars on the territory of this country was treated and was just hiding from the Russian law the militants, who fought with the Federal army.

Have not heard Ivan

Not by chance in December 2016, after the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, turned to his page in Instagram to Ankara with a call to give all the bandits and terrorists who had taken refuge on Turkish territory.

“Especially dangerous criminals, the terrorists and their leaders, involved in numerous terrorist attacks in Chechnya have found refuge in Turkey, wrote the Chechen leader. – Some of them detained. I repeatedly asked the Turkish leadership to give these bandits of Russia, to conduct an investigation, install, and other perpetrators to prosecute”.

A month before the portal of the head and government of Chechnya has been posted appeal Kadyrov personally to Recep Erdogan with a request to give the detainees in Turkey fighters:

“Also taken into custody mahran are made Saidov, Vadalov Aslanbek and Tarkhan Gaziyev. These names are well known in Russia and around the world. They are the leaders of the terrorists operating in Chechnya. There are reliable data that each of them was organized and performed numerous acts of terrorism, assassinations of military, police and civilians. All this was accompanied by extreme cruelty…”

Even earlier, in July 2016, the head of Chechnya again on a personal page on Instagram posted a whole list of sheltering in Turkey’s terrorists:

“If the Turkish authorities the necessary data about the terrorists, once again call them. Record! Tarkhan Gaziyev, Ahmad Umarov, Ahmad Pateev, Shirvani Basayev, mahran are made Saidov, Rizwan and Osama > Yakubov, Aslanbek Vadalov, Movsar Chatayev, Hadi Alaskhanov, Rustam Norbaev, Shirvani Basayev, their ideological mentor Movladi Udugov. They feel at ease “Turkey’s coast”.

It should be noted that none of these appeals from Grozny, the official reactions of the Turkish side was not followed.

A request for bandits and terrorists also remained unanswered

No attention left Turkey and Russia’s request for exclusively criminal case of the leader of the group “fixers” valida (Validol) Laromaine, who was detained in April last year in Istanbul with documents in the name of Alexander Smirnov. Then the Turkish authorities were quick to call the detained “Russian spy”.

According to the UK, Nurahmed have organized the murder of businessman Mikhail Lanin in France and Michael Ozirna in Turkey and attempt to businesswoman Tatyana Balzakova in Ukraine. In February of this year, the Agency sent to Turkey’s request for the extradition of the criminal, but still got no response.

Is no less important for Moscow and the question of citizens who fought or going to fight in the banned terrorist organization ISIS*, which usually moved to Syria and back to Russia through Turkish territory. In particular, although taken in January of this year, the request by Interpol regarding the extradition of the detainee in Turkey and suspected of links with ISIS a native of Tatarstan Aydar Suleymanov, Turkish authorities were quick to release it, making sure it has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in Istanbul. Also the Turks have released under a subscription and detained for the same reason the Dagestani Wahhabi of Kamaludin Babayev.

The killer pilot is unlikely to give Russia

But perhaps the greatest resonance in the background ratified by the state Duma of the Treaty takes on the case of the suspect in the murder of the Russian su-24 pilot Oleg Peshkov – the field commander of an armed gang Turcoman fighters of Alp Arslan Celik. Last deliberately flaunted his participation in this crime by writing a relevant video but in the beginning of April last year, was arrested by Turkish authorities in Izmir for illegal possession and carrying of weapons. After the arrest çelik changed the tactics of behavior, stating that he personally didn’t shoot Peshkova and ordered not to fire their subordinates, however, as the commander of the battle group claimed responsibility for his murder. Subsequently, the Izmir Prosecutor’s office cleared him of murder charges Russian pilot “for lack of evidence”.

“Theoretically, the Chelik may be extradited to Russia, – commented on the situation TASS, Deputy Minister of justice Maxim Travnikov, representing the agreement of the deputies of the state Duma. But the document also provides for the possibility that in case Turkey refuses to extradite the suspect, Russia may be asked to bring this to criminal responsibility in this country.”

It is symptomatic that immediately after the ratification of the Treaty by the Russian side the possibility of transferring Celik, Russia, said his lawyer Talkin Kangal: “the Law in the current situation does not provide for the issuance of Celik. He did not shoot at the Russian pilot didn’t kill him. There is no evidence. This is all written in the materials of the investigation”.

“I don’t think that even after the ratification of the Treaty for its part, Turkey will be given Celik Russia, – commented the newspaper VIEW first Vice-President of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Mikhail Emelyanov. – Document specific commitments for the issuance is not registered, each party reserves the right to make a decision.”

Solidarity with this point of view in conversation with the newspaper OPINION was expressed by the President of the information analytical center “Religion and society”, the orientalist Alexey Grishin.

“I don’t think Turkey will extradite its citizens, rather it may be located on its territory of Russian and foreign citizens who have committed crimes we have, – says the expert. And the people who killed our pilot – the citizens of Turkey”.

While Grishin noted that a positive aspect of ratification of the Treaty for the fight against international terrorism: “the Document first appeared for the sake of Russia and Turkey were able to establish a constructive cooperation on the extradition of criminals associated with ISIS. Because their way to Syria and Iraq is through Turkey. It is important that these people either before the court or after you were sent to serve their sentences in Russia.”

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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