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Friday, January 19, 2018

Ukraine increasingly resembles a bad parody of USSR

The interior Ministry of Ukraine has proposed to block the country’s two most popular social networks – “Schoolmates” and “Vkontakte”. The base – they are Russian and “under the control of the security services”. The Ukrainian authorities are not the first to bear the blatant stupidity, but this offer is really shameful.

Former chief rescuer of Ukraine and now a simple adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov Zoryan Shkiryak, known primarily for his amusing journey to Nepal, made a bold, though not original, initiative:

“Ukraine, unlike China and even North Korea, not self-sufficient”

“2017 should be the year of protection of Ukraine’s information space from Russian propaganda. Personally, I am convinced that one of the first decisions should be to block the Russian social network “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, which today is completely controlled and guided by the Russian special services. Of course, I hope that the Ministry of education will join these processes and will explain at least their teachers, psychologists, and teachers about the dangers for our students to be a user of these two social networks.”

Here you need to understand that, despite a declared dislike of official Kiev to Russia, our social network, as before, occupy the leading positions. According to the company Factum Group, “Vkontakte” – the most popular social network in the coverage of the population, “Classmates” take the second place, Facebook is on the third, and the fourth is located another Russian social network “My world” from Mail.ru.

Thus, in that hypothetical case, if the offer Shkiryak will be implemented in practice, the usual social networks will lose tens of millions of inhabitants of Ukraine. Of course, on the background of the catastrophic fall in living standards and the threat of energy collapse, loss of social networks may not be as noticeable. But it could be the opposite: since the days of Ancient Rome know that the crowd, devoid of bread, able to tighten the belt, but the deprivation of spectacles can be dangerous to the rulers.

Note that during the armed coup in Kiev and the first days of the war in the Donbass claims to the network “Vkontakte” was on the opposite side – that is where Maidan activists and the punitive battalions coordinated their actions, and without the slightest opposition from the administration of the social network. If the Russian special services paid attention to the extremism of a community “Vkontakte” just closed access to it from Russia, but in other countries a variety of appeals to deal with the Muscovites were still available.

For “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, Mail.Ru and other Russian Internet projects Ukraine – a common market, as well as for continuing work in this country of Russian banks. Easy rebranding of Sberbank were removed from the name of the word “Russia”, “Bank of Moscow” reduced to the name “BM Bank” – and you can earn further. Occasional acts of radicals outside the offices of serious harm did not cause.

It is significant that against the Russian social networking has not yet protested even radicals – due to the fact that they themselves continue to use them for communication and for propaganda. But the Advisor Avakov, like some Russian politicians, the “great Chinese firewall” it’s not haunted.

Thus, according to formal colleagues Shkiryak – the head of the Ukrainian Kiev Sergey Demediuk to block such sites, as “Vkontakte” or “Odnoklassniki”, the Ukrainian authorities did not succeed. “Now we have no legislative or technical ability to block such resources, even if we were approached by the copyright holder with a complaint for infringement of copyrights”, – he said in an interview ain.ua.

Thus, a strong statement Shkiryak, like his memorable trip to Nepal is just the latest attempt of self-promotion. With the same success – in numerous comments to the articles in the Ukrainian media wrote about the initiative of the adviser to the interior Minister, accolades is extremely small, and swearing in the address of Shkiriak, on the contrary, a lot.

Some users perceptively point out that “Facebook” has systematically failed to block users because in Kiev is considered “anti-Ukrainian propaganda.” In this case, along with the Russian social networks should be banned and the us, since its administration in the ongoing information war refuses unequivocally to take the side of Petliura and Bandera.

However, even if we consider the tendency Shkiryak to self-praise and the technical impossibility of blocking of social networks in Ukraine, the fact that such restrictions seriously put forward by government officials, clearly demonstrates that totalitarianism has taken root in the ranks of the Ukrainian authorities.

Banning Russian and Ukrainian politicians on duty talking about “European values” in Ukraine, quoting Poroshenko, believes more than Europe itself.

But in reality Ukraine more and more reminds of the USSR, the administrative border in the summer so truly love (when cultivated hatred of the Soviet leaders in General). In this sense, the Ukrainian censorship even less than in Soviet – was already “Western voices” and “samizdat”, and that to prohibit the era of the Internet is pretty arrogant stupidity. The relative success of the “Chinese firewall” is not caused by the fact that the Chinese do not know how to work around it, and the fact that they have enough of their own resources. About the equivalent of the Internet in North Korea – on-Site – this is not to say.

Ukraine, unlike China and even North Korea, not self-sufficient either economically, politically or culturally. Therefore, the Ukrainians continued to read, including books, to listen to, including of Russian music, see, in particular, Russian movies and sit in the Russian social networks. At least as long as the Ukrainian state project will not begin to produce its own meanings, and not, as now, just Not-Russia.

However, with the current authorities and their understanding of national interests of Ukraine such is not threatened.


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