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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Supporters of a “strong Europe” promised a new world order

Supporters of centralization in the European Union is trying to “get ahead” by tightening the European institutions. So experts comment on the European Parliament adopted a resolution, offering, in particular, to create a single Ministry of Finance and the army of the EU. Despite the fact that the European right gaining more power, not less often heard demands to turn the EU into a “United States of Europe” – a single, strong and independent of US.

The European Parliament yesterday voted in favor of the former Prime Minister of Belgium, guy Verhofstadt, the resolution on the centralization of the European Union. According to Verhofstadt, the resolution (including asking you to enter a post of the Minister of Finance of the EU) are directed against “nationalists-protectionists”. It is significant that former Belgian Prime Minister Verhofstadt is now appointed as the representative of the European Parliament in the negotiations with London on Brexit – in fact, he oversees the “civilized divorce” of Britain with the European Union.

“Set on edge by the bureaucracy of the European Union, from all of its excesses and absurdities big enough”

No less significant that the author of the resolution has said that the EU should cease to seek the consent of all members countries. He called to make a decision by majority. The European media interpreted the statement Verhofstadt as the actual proposal to deprive EU member States the right to disagree with decisions of the majority.

The resolution also proposed to create a common EU army. This is not the first (and likely not the last) call of this kind. Suffice it to recall the statement made in March last year, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. On Sunday, the Minister of defense of Italy Robert Pinotti proposed the idea of “defence of Schengen” due to the “strengthening of the cooperation between Italy, France, Germany and Spain.” However, experts are skeptical about the prospects of “euroarea”, noting that in fact the EU has no resources on its own military bloc.

The views of the MEPs regarding the centralization of the EU were divided almost equally – voted for the document 283 of the MEP “against” spoke 269 and 83 abstentions.

Vice-President of the European Commission, former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Frans Timmermans said that the implementation of the project Verhofstadt is not a priority. But, nevertheless, the proposal made to guard many of the “nationalist-protectionists”, increasing its representation in the European Parliament and at the level of individual EU countries.

“Unless you consider the EU a prison…”

Soon, in March, the home of Frans Timmermans in the Netherlands will hold parliamentary elections. And, as observers believe, great chances in this election are just nationalists – conservative “freedom Party” of Geert Wilders. Deutsche Welle before, not without fear stated that the Dutch eurosceptics could gain a majority of votes. Supporters of Wilders, are also represented in the European Parliament, advocating for a referendum on secession of the Netherlands from the EU (referendum Nexit – similar to the British “Brexton” and the English word next – next).

As before noted the newspaper VIEW, in Denmark, a country which first began to “tighten the screws” in the issue of refugees is gaining popularity of party “New right” (Nye Borgerlige). Their leader Pernilla Vermont, which is often called “the Danish marine Le Pen”, calls translate Denmark under the protection of Britain, has departed from the EU.

The leader of the French National front marine Le Pen on the eve promised that in case of its victory on presidential election on may 7 will restore relations with the UK. “What is the point to punish the country? It’s pointless, unless you consider the EU a prison and expect punishment in case of escape,” – said Le Pen, which (it seems, not without pleasure) quoted the London Daily Telegraph.

Le Pen predicted that 2017 will be the year of the great return of the nation-state, border control and currencies. She also expressed hope that France, like Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries will jointly oppose the Eurozone led by Germany. “The Euro is a powerful tool used by Germany in the implementation of continuous monetary dumping,” – said the leader of the French Euro-skeptics”.

“Russia is our neighbor, whether you like it or not”

“The national front has set itself the goal to destroy Europe. It has become a real threat,” said Vice-Chancellor and new foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel in an interview he gave on Wednesday, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The head of German diplomacy urged not to prevent the victory of Le Pen in the elections in France.

While a social Democrat and a supporter of a unified, updated and “stronger” Europe Gabriel admitted to the post-war world order comes to an end. Now the Europeans must gradually take on more responsibility in terms of ensuring its own security, stated the head of the German foreign Ministry.

In particular, Gabriel highlighted the relations of the United Europe with the new American administration and with Moscow. “First and foremost, Russia is our neighbor – whether you like it or not,” stated Gabrielle. As explained by Deutsche Welle, we are talking about the geopolitical neighborhood. The German foreign Minister added, Europe can make Russia seriously if it is to demonstrate “unity, strength and confidence.”

Germany – the last of those interested in the collapse

The fact that Germany was among the first advocates for raising the question of the centralization of Europe, not surprisingly, said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin.

“The main beneficiary of the combined economies of the European Union is the German economy, no wonder it is called the motor of the EU. The collapse of the European Union for Germany means the loss of markets that are currently open for German entrepreneurs. Germany – the last of those who might be interested in some kind of disintegration”, – said the Russian parliamentarian.

“Yes, the history of Greece shows that Germany is not ready so just endlessly pay for someone else’s debts”, – said the Deputy. “But, on the other hand, the same story with Greece once again shows that Germany, despite all their claims to the EU partners, interested in preserving the Euro zone and the EU as such”, – said the MP.

“Of course, some countries do not experience such pleasure from the EU, because they believe that their own future will bring much more dividends,” he added, Recalling that the UK has gone down this path. In France, the debate on this issue has also not been completed, and “against the background imperfections of the European Union, its bureaucracy and so on eurosceptics gain votes,” said Zatulin.


A possible British exit from the EU referendum was the main topic of the main European media. In particular, the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicted the parting of London with the EU as the return of men from his wife to the old mother, which symbolizes Queen Elizabeth Do, over the years, the EU has held “administrative, bureaucratic, economic and any other structure”. “I don’t foresee some kind of entrance, the triumphal procession of disintegration and that in country after country begin to fall away from the EU. But the EU is experiencing a crisis,” said the source. According to him, in this crisis Germany is trying to achieve more stringent rules, to all sisters on earrings, to the contribution of each was estimated in real terms. “It was beneficial to Germany,” – said Zatulin.

“But other countries, e.g. southern Europe or even France, not so interested in this respect. And a compromise between one and the other for the sake of the EU should be achieved. I don’t think so, on the threshold of the idea of centralization of the European Union will be supported by all in the EU, for the mouth from the bureaucracy of the European Union, from any extremes and absurdities big enough and high,” – summed up the MP.

The Eurozone is in danger

The German political scientist, programme Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr in an interview with the newspaper VIEW recalled that the resolutions of the European Parliament are Advisory in nature. They still can’t change or force to change national law and the national interests of States.

“However, the problem is that the Eurozone is in danger. Southern European countries still live in underdeveloped economies, they just don’t keep up with the economic successes of Northern Europe”, – said the source. Hence the “two opposing concepts in Europe”: how to build the future of the overall financial system. North Europe wants European countries save money and cut costs, while the southern countries, primarily France, which in this respect belongs to the South of Europe require, on the contrary, increasing spending, printing money to boost the economy through an increase in consumption of goods within the Euro area, said Rahr.

“The Finance Minister of the future European system will have to find a compromise. But, again, the decision – to spend or not to spend money and what is the strategy for further development, take the national parliaments, – the expert reminded. – Attempt to control other States will lead to the fact that not only England, but other EU countries will be sympathetic to the idea of distancing or withdrawal from the EU”.

“Leave everything as it is impossible”

While Angela Merkel and other European leaders see no alternative, says Rahr. “Leave everything as it is impossible. EU loses the idea of solidarity among its members, everyone begins to do what he wants and refugee issues, and in Finance and in foreign policy. So now the leaders of Europe, who still want to save the EU, have put forward the idea of a “run forward” and to tighten the European institutions”, – said the analyst.

So this idea is pushed through the European Parliament, in order to create three large posts at the head of Europe in Brussels – the presidency of Europe, which can counteract the Trump in conflicts, “which are now between Europe and the United States,” said the source. They also want to strengthen the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, who is currently Federica Mogherini. Another important direction is the creation of the post of the Minister of Finance of Europe, said the expert.

According to him, the European leaders, Merkel and others now offer the rest of the European countries a way out: who wants to build Europe, which was built in the last 70 years, he stands in the same line and supports “the idea of a United States of Europe with strong institutions in Brussels”, and who doesn’t, he goes on the same road on which there is Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom to secede from the EU, not to be part of the process of European integration and not to get all these benefits. “Which one of these trends in the future will win – the big question”, – concluded the expert.


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