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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The most hated politician in South Ossetia sent in resignation

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov sacked the head of administration of Boris Chochiev, which for many years was considered the Eminence Grise of the Republic and the figure is even more influential than the President himself. And cochavim the whole epoch is gone, including in relations between South Ossetia and Russia. But there will come new now?

There are political events which are so long that the sensation of potential output turning into a joke in a Christmas cracker. That the resignation of the head of the presidential administration of the Republic of South Ossetia was waiting for such a long time, locking coming proof of its inevitability that, when it finally happened, no one had the strength left to discuss it.

“What has remained from the time of Boris Chochiev? The strange rise of nationalism, directed in particular against the Russian? Personnel breaking, which led to highly critical statements of Vladimir Putin?”

Boris Chochiev a long time was perceived as the real leader of South Ossetia as a whole and not only to the administration of its President. On this occasion, went not quite correct jokes, where the incumbent President was shown as a person, to put it mildly subordinate. Chochieva believed Ossetian version of Machiavelli, and the farther away, the more he is credited with almost supernatural powers. At some period it was the truth: Boris Lisovicz, in the words of Lenin, “concentrated in his hands the greatest power”. He was an obstacle for negotiations with Russia, as has consistently opposed any candidates for the post of Prime Minister of the Republic, defending his is the worst. He walked through Moscow’s corridors, plotting intrigue, even in cases where nobody was listening. He fell asleep later and woke up earlier than everyone. Walking through the Central square of Tskhinvali, you could always see the lights in his office – he was sitting there and wove their network.

He was put under the control of the electoral system, the media, the formation of political parties. He was brought to Tskhinvali “experts” in PR, which I don’t know where to stick. He personally solved any appointments and manipulated as a mass consciousness, and certain obstinate persons, and manually. At least so it is perceived by public opinion.

But Boris Chochiev fell victim to their ambitions and illusions. Placing yourself on a pedestal of the main demiurge of South Ossetia, he was very surprised that many do not understand self-nominations. A good man in life, in his own way sincere, had lost their brother in a terrible slaughter – ZAR the Georgian militants shot the column of refugees in may 1992, he painfully perceived the various fights on the Internet, carefully monitor not that the posts, but even huskies that head of the presidential administration of the whole country looked strange. He guarded those positions that got elected President, Leonid Tibilov, during which participated. In short, his influence on the political life of South Ossetia became so exaggerated character that he became the main target of criticism of all political forces of the Republic.

In Tskhinvali there is no opposition in the conventional sense of the word. If a couple of groups that wanted to seize power, and what the slogans they use is not important. To argue about the quality of their “political programs” does not make sense, especially since they have repeatedly been discredited by the course of history. The same “main opposition”, the head of the Parliament Bibilov several times publicly stated that through the “five steps” of South Ossetia will become part of Russia, and historical significance of the referendum (or at least a meeting) will be held soon. There were people who swore on the Bible that joining Russia (or at least a referendum) to happen immediately, you only choose Bibilov and his party in the Parliament. Even the exact date was called. Up to the minute. No shame, no conscience.

To say that every time such fantastic ideas were Boris Chochiev, not worth it. He pursued their separate interests. It was his submission was destroyed plans to create advanced programs for the development of the Republic. He was behind the scenes personnel system of South Ossetia, is more reminiscent of “Game of thrones” than trying to get out of the crisis. But he has consistently defended the interests of the incumbent President that a long time had saved him from dismissal, especially Moscow was not so much annoyed as just tired from the constant butting on petty issues – namely, such a tactic elected Boris Chochiev in dealing with Moscow. He was not lazy in every visit to the capital of the Russian Federation consistently around those offices, in which it allowed, and to explain their point of view. Every time people get tired more and more, the number of open doors have reduced, but he was persistent to the end.

Chochiev is a certain age. But all eras come to an end. However, it is not too far from the President Tibilov: in half an hour after the decree about dismissal of the head of administration came another decree on the appointment of the state adviser. Perhaps it is not even in his formal “removal”, and that now the opposition (whatever is meant by this in the Tskhinvali conditions) just don’t attack anyone. Boris Chochiev many years served as a conscious target of criticism that it is difficult to imagine how to lead potential candidates in the upcoming presidential elections, to effectively attack the President Tibilov. To hold on now, just not for anyone.

To head the new administration of President has appointed Alan Jioyev. In South Ossetia this is one of the most common combinations of name, but this particular young man not even born in the Republic of South Ossetia. He was born and raised in North Ossetia, in Tskhinval came under President Kokoity, and what I can offer in this position, is unclear. Until recently he worked as the Minister of justice, and this post is now appointed him quite so young and not yet known to man. Another appointment on the same day, the appointment of Andrew Tskhovrebov, who previously worked in the Embassy in Moscow, first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs. Most likely, the “real” head of the foreign Ministry will now be that he, and not his formal boss and namesake Kazbulat Tskhovrebov.

Any personnel changes in the Republic of South Ossetia to consider in the context not only of relations with Russia, but the upcoming presidential race. In this respect, the resignation Chochieva brings the current President is obvious dividends. Chochiev was perceived as an absolute evil. With him were associated almost all the negative aspects in the life of the Republic, although in most cases he was not innocent. But to believe that this event somehow change the relationship between Tskhinvali and Moscow, not worth it. Even despite the fact that Moscow circles, implicated in the events in South Ossetia, at some moment United to fight against figures Chochiev, perceiving it as an obstacle to the deepening of relations. Not only is this not true, it is also a misunderstanding of the situation inside South Ossetia. Boris Chochiev fell victim to their own demonization. It is not excluded that Boris Elizavetu at some period of time even liked to play Borgia and present Tskhinvali Rome. But such periods are always injected.

And now I have to wonder: what has remained from the time of Boris Chochiev? The strange rise of nationalism, directed in particular against the Russian? Personnel breaking, which led to highly critical statements of Vladimir Putin to the leadership of South Ossetia? Three-year failure to issue economic recovery, when replacement of the sidewalk were substituted by the work “in mind”? Or is it economic growth and strengthening positions of the Russian Federation (even in spite of, not thanks)? Everyone is free to choose according to taste and based on personal sympathy, which in South Ossetia is sometimes crucial.


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