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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bi-bi-si specifically demonizes Russian fans

“A deliberate provocation designed to create a negative information background”. These words of the Russian football experts comment on upcoming in Britain, a screening of the documentary “Army Russian hooligans”. One of the heroes of this film in conversation with the newspaper LOOK directly denied that he is credited with British journalists.

As announced in the British Guardian newspaper, TV channel Bi-bi-si, on Thursday evening, intends to show a documentary film “Russian Army bullies”. The purpose of the pictures is to warn British fans, that the 2018 world Cup they are with “absolute assurance” will turn into the target of aggressive fans who intend to turn the home world Cup in a kind of “festival of violence.

“The reason for the massacre at Marseilles became insolent provocation of the British trampled the national flag of Russia, what was silent all the Western media”

According to the announcement, in his belt British journalists seriously believe that the riots in Marseilles that took place in Euro 2016, “sanctioned by the Kremlin” and Russian football fans “sent by Vladimir Putin to conquer Europe”. In support of his thesis, the reporters use the words of the leader of the Gladiators – fans of FC “Spartak”, St. Basil (the Killer), which says that “football hooliganism gave him principles and courage.” The authors of the “Army Russian hooligans” conclude that this person is remotely supervised the riots in Marseille – not without “the participation of Putin”.

VIEW newspaper managed to contact by Vasily Stepanov Killer – indeed the former leader of the Gladiators. However, fighting skirmishes for Stepanova has long been in the past, now this person lives the life of a large father and an Orthodox activist.

“To lead the riots in Marseille, I could not, by definition, because at that time was in the suburbs, where my wife and I were expecting the birth of their fifth child, – says Stepanov. – I am more than convinced that the guests of the championship to be scared of absolutely nothing. Law enforcement agencies are doing everything dependable from them, ensuring that the games pass without incident. In the fan environment, as far as I know, on a serious level is adequate prevention. Russian people have always been traditionally hospitality and welcomed guests with bread and salt”.

In conversation with the newspaper VIEW the member of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Marat Bariev also confirmed that the organizers of the upcoming event are doing everything to ensure that the event “was safe and on a high level.”

“We adopted the law on fans, which exhaustively prescribed security measures during the games, the rules of conduct in the stadium, introduced the concept of stewards and determined the punishment for the worst offenders during the game, up to exclusion from the stadiums, – the Deputy told. – Plus all the fans will be identified due to enter individual card fan, and in the event of an incident, you will know where you were and what you were doing or that person. Afraid of mass clashes during the 2018 world Cup there is no reason. Let them come from all over the world, including the British, and quietly sick.”

Bariev colleague on the Committee, honored coach of Russia, a former coach of “Alania”, Moscow “Dynamo”, Kiev “Dynamo” and CSKA Valery Gazzayev, according to TASS, and all expressed confidence that such infobrowse the British revenge of the Russian football lost the right to host the world Cup in 2018.

“Such statements, appearing in the English media, there is nothing like a deliberate provocation designed to create a negative information background around an upcoming event, – says the Deputy. – I am sure that law enforcement agencies will do everything to prevent any shenanigans. The reason for the massacre at Marseilles became insolent provocation of the British trampled the national flag of Russia, what was silent all the Western media, putting the British in the role of victims. Our country is interested in the fact that the world Cup was a real celebration of sport and not slaughter the bullies”.

For his part, Andrei Malosolov – in the past, as one of the leaders of the fan movement, the ex-press attache of the Russian football Union (RFU), journalist – told the newspaper OPINION, why such a sensation British TV journalists personally, it is not surprising.

“I repeatedly went to the Western media, especially after a summer of aggravation 2016, including the Guardian, Bi-bi-si, as well as the New York Times, and every time I negotiated with their correspondents prerequisite: before you print, they would co-ordinate with me the text of my comment. And believe me, none of these leading Western media, with the exception of the Spanish Publico, this condition is not fulfilled! – recalls the expert. Later I saw his words in a terrible context: spoken those thoughts, what I wanted to convey, and those that wanted to put in my mouth the authors of these publications.”

He Malosolov is confident that, despite the difficult history of relations between football fans of the UK and Russia, the upcoming world Cup will be “the most peaceful in the history of world Championships”.

“There have been incidents when Russia came to “Chelsea”, “Manchester United”, was a mass fight between the two bullies and hooligans from Wales near the hotel “Russia”. Fought a hundred for a hundred. In the end, the British remained only one soldier, the rest fled. But it was in the late nineties – the beginning of zero, – the journalist says. And even what happened in Marseilles, according to the fan environment the concepts classified as “old school”, that is normal, it is an ordinary fight. I don’t think the British and Russian fans are experiencing after the incident, some hate each other.”

In conversation with the newspaper VIEW, the former leader of the fan movement “Phratry”, and now the activist of public organization “forty times Forty” Ivan Katanaev expressed confidence that the situation is similar to the Marseilles, at the world Championships in Russia to repeat simply can not.

“The EU police are limited in their possibilities by law, so I can’t properly follow the rule of law. Russian legislation gives our law enforcement officers the opportunity to be less tolerant – convinced public. And they’ll be fine. Suffice it to recall what a gorgeous level was the final of the Champions League, during its carrying out there was no fight.”


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