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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A new threat of collapse of the EU comes from Denmark and reminds the top model

To ban the hijab, to remove migrants from the allowance, to withdraw from the EU – with such slogans wins the electors of the Danish party “New right” and its dazzling leader Pernille Vermund, which is often called “Danish Le Pen”. But there is a new division of eurosceptics and specific feature – they offer to detach Denmark from the discredited Germany and go under the patronage of London.

Despite the image of a calm and tolerant Scandinavian countries, Denmark was one of the first to tighten the screws, when refugees stormed Europe. In particular, she became the first in the history of the country temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement – even in 2015, was introduced border control on the border with Germany and Sweden. Then a law was passed that allows you to withdraw from the migrants ‘ values and assets with a value exceeding 10 thousand kroons. The proceeds the state is expected to arrange accommodation of refugees, reasonably believing that it is not the poor migrants have to take in this financial participation.

“The blonde with an almost perfect appearance looks great on the cover of magazines and on television. In addition, she is the winner of the biography, touching, as the tale of Andersen”

In power in the country was the liberal party, in the words of the speakers for multiculturalism and equality. However, the 10 million population of a small country was threatened by the real criminal disaster, and the government tried to prevent it.

The fact that the refugees were accustomed to use Denmark as a corridor for the passage to Sweden. By comparing the social benefits in different countries, they reasoned that Stockholm offers them the highest benefits, better social security and a good chance to write to his relatives to reunite families. “Migrants in Europe choose a country to live like they’re on the shopping” – was indignant then the leader of the conservative Danish people’s party Christian Thulesen the distance.

The majority of migrants came to Denmark from Germany on a regular train, taking advantage of the lack of border controls within the Schengen zone. When the police first tried to check their documents, hundreds of migrants leaped from the platform over the railroad tracks and as melancholy wrote the Danish journalists “ran into the forest.” The same pattern was observed on the Øresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. The border guards tried to check passports, but the illegals again ran, rassredotochit in the country, and then again tried to sneak across the border. In doing so, they willingly helped the locals, for good money transporting people wishing to Sweden by boat. So little Denmark was overrun by the thousands of unrecorded migrants.

Loudly demanded to bring order to the already mentioned Danish people’s party, once considered the most conservative in the country. At some point the Deputy to the Folketing (the Danish Parliament) from the DNP even offered to shoot the boats with the refugees, so they do not come close to the shores of Denmark.

In the end the Danes had violated several provisions of the European Convention on human rights and has threatened that will sue for their right of interpretation of the Convention. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to work with Danish Prime Minister Lars løkke Rasmussen in manual mode, stubbornly coaxing him to open country for refugees.

Another thing is that all of these measures, for which the European press dubbed the Danish guide xenophobes, great success has not brought. Migrants continued to flee into the forest and spoil the criminal statistics. Thus, DNP – the main enemy of the workers – obviously slow down, forming a coalition with the ruling liberals of “Venstre”. But the Holy place is never empty, and the role of the defender of traditional Europe at DNP was quickly intercepted the “New right” (Nye Borgerlige). This is a small political Union in which there is just three thousand people, led by former members of DNP – Pernille Vermund and Peter Sayer Christensen. Their political career from the conservatives is not formed, and today they criticize former members for what they sold to the European establishment, promising the Danes “truly conservative agenda.”

The “new right” managed to collect twenty thousand voter signatures that will allow them to run for the Folketing in 2019, and to act on local elections in November 2017. They maintain relationships with the German movement PEGIDA, the independence Party of the United Kingdom, whose primary victory was “Brakcet,” and nationalist parties in continental Europe – thus “nsinternal”, which his critics call “fainter”.

If Christensen basically delivers fiery speeches at rallies and contacts with allies in Europe, Pernille Vermund became the face of the “New right.” Bright blue-eyed blonde with an almost perfect appearance looks great on the cover of magazines and on television. In addition, she is the winner of the biography, touching, as the tale of Andersen. A few years ago, 41-year-old Pernilla husband left her. A single mother was forced to leave politics (then it was a member of NAM) and to raise three sons. At 41, she realized that more can not be silent, returned to politics and created his own party. In the absence of sponsors Vermont earned party money herself, and recently she was forced to look for jobs in cafes as a waitress part-time.

It is sometimes called “Danish Le Pen”. Who is approving, and who strongly dislike.

“New right” to promote the traditional to modern European nationalism agenda – the cessation of the reception of refugees, a return to traditional Danish values, the ban on the hijab. In addition, they require migrants to work and not live on welfare. But in General, their economic program is much more interesting – the party proposes to end with the Scandinavian socialism in Denmark. In particular, the taxes proposed to be reduced so radically that the state budget simply can not cope with the financing of the social sphere. Vermont offers completely abandon the tax on corporations, that is to turn Denmark into a nice little offshore is the ideal place of residence for large TNCs after the collapse of the European Union.

The main item on the agenda of the “New right” is out of Denmark from the EU and the rapprochement with great Britain.

Historically, this Kingdom was the border States of Germany. Their connected relationship, a little like the relationship of Russia and the Baltic countries. When Hitler Denmark has set a record for speed of delivery the troops of the Reich – the resistance lasted exactly two hours. Despite this, after the war, Denmark was recognized as a victim of the fascist regime and until 1983 was received from German reparations. But that does not stop Danish politicians from time to time from Berlin to demand new compensation “for the suffering of the Danish people”.

Today Germany is the largest economic and trading partner of Denmark. Political influence Merkel in the country is enormous. However, the close ties between the two countries recently played against Berlin – the Danes are horrified to look at the attacks and abuses that migrants are doing in Germany, and I suspect that all of these should be their own future. In addition, if centrifugal forces in the EU will continue to grow, it threatens to weaken the historically “partner number one”.

So, according to the logic of the country-border States, Denmark starts to look for a new patron. And here is the way it turned out the idea, popular among British supporters of the divorce with the EU. Most active she is voiced by Daniel Hannan – the most passionate supporter “of Breccia” in the British Parliament. In his mind, after leaving the EU the United Kingdom will be able to form a “friendly Alliance” with the neighboring countries. Among the candidates for the “special relationship” with London often referred to as Poland and Denmark. Associated economic and political alliances, these countries as conceived by British strategists will have to build a new relationship of Britons with the EU – or what remains of it.

The idea of a new Union of Nations, in which all will lead England, very popular British tabloids, actively campaigned for the “Brakcet”. Today they print a photo of Pernille Vermund in better angles and with sympathy write about the “New right.”

Despite Brodetsky nationalist rhetoric, for Copenhagen party “New right” is a chance if you need to change the cartridge, and for Britain – an opportunity to acquire a vassal.


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