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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ukraine wants to remove the DNR and LC from the negotiations under the Minsk agreements

Kiev once again delays the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. At today’s meeting in Minsk the Ukrainian representatives tried to exclude from the negotiations the DPR and LPR. According to Kiev the contact group, the discussion of the solution of the conflict in Ukraine should be held in the “Normandy format” without the participation of the breakaway republics.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

About the demarche of Kiev at talks in Minsk, said Acting Minister of foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova. According to her, the Ukrainian delegation is trying to stall the negotiation process.

“All the leaders of the “Norman format” and personally Poroshenko agree to work according to the “formula Steinmeier” (it is under the leadership of the future President of Germany compiled the main points of the Minsk agreements, namely: the mechanism of action of the law on the special status of self-government in the DPR and LPR on a temporary basis on the day of the local elections, and continuing, after the publication of the OSCE report on the voting results), and agreed that all appropriate changes will be made to the Ukrainian legislation, says February. — While Kiev said that if their representatives in Minsk will not agree with the opinion of the leaders of the countries-guarantors, the issues will be resolved between the contact groups, and then again it will be submitted to the court, “Norman Quartet”

This formula, initiated by Ukraine, starts the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass in topics, and discussion of the problem at all levels may take several years. The pace of the peaceful sky over Eastern Ukraine can only dream of. Moreover, Kiev believes that Donetsk and Lugansk should leave the negotiating process, and their fate will be decided between Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany.

“Kiev continues to ignore the fact that the refusal to debate and blocking the work of groups directly contradict the Minsk agreements, but it continues to formally declare their commitment to our agreements,” — he concluded February.

Activists of the leftist organization “Other Russia” disrupted the press conference of the OSCE representative Martin Sidiku following the meeting of the contact group. Three men and a woman began chanting: “Stop the Minsk talks” and scattered leaflets in which clarifies that meetings of the contact groups are meaningless, because Kiev refuses to comply with the agreements adopted in the capital of Belarus.

By the way, it is possible the next meeting in the Normandy format will be held in Bonn, Germany uzhe18 Feb.

Despite the desire of Kiev by all means “pull the plug” new Russia, Russian and Ukrainian experts believe that Ukraine will not be able to leave behind the Donetsk and Lugansk.

Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries:

– The Minsk agreements clearly stipulates that the discussions should be involved — the OSCE, Ukraine, Russia, representatives of DND and LNR. Such statements I would call the public relations diplomacy, and it is now very popular among Ukrainian politicians, who claim that they do can not. Thus, they want to show their worth in the decisions of the West and its citizens. However, there was no sense from the desire of Kiev to exclude from the talks with the Donetsk, Lugansk will not.

Konstantin Bondarenko, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics”:

– Statement of Mrs. Nikanorovoj on the desire of Kiev to move on to a discussion of the agreements Minsk in “channel format”, I regard as political. Thus, the DNI and LC are trying to draw attention to their problem. Of course, Ukraine would like to negotiate directly with Moscow, with the deletion of them from the Donetsk Lugansk. However, this is not possible, as in the Minsk agreements of the Republic are both parties to the conflict, and their participation in the negotiation process is necessary.


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